2018-10 Palomar Mtn

SDMRT Operations Report 2018-10 Palomar Mtn

SDMRT 2018-10 Palomar Mtn

August 2, 2018

author of report Will Pisarello

SDMRT Responders: Bill McNaul, Dennis Peck

SDMRT ITC: Richard Yocum

Other responding organizations SDSAR (4)


  • Type of callout: Limited (Bill & Dennis)
  • In-county
  • Type of search: Rescue
  • Environment: Rural (State Park)
  • Location
    • Command Post: 35899 Canfield Rd, Palomar Mountain, CA 92060
  • Operational periods, if applicable
    • Earliest time of activity: callout time, 2149 August 2, 2018,
    • Ending time: 2349, 2 hours
  • Information about the subjects:
    • Number/names of subjects: 2
    • Age / Gender: 19 yo/male, 12 yo/male
    • Level of fitness and experience:
    • Mental status: No impairments
    • Injuries: Unknown
    • How were they found: Helicopter
  • Any rescuers injured: none
  • Aircraft used: ASTREA helicopter, long line

Descriptive Report:

Sgt. Duey received a call from Valley Center Units reference stranded hikers on Palomar Mountain at about 2100 hours, on 8/2/18. A 19 year old male and his 12 year old cousin were camping and decided to look for water. They hiked off trail and became stuck in the thick chaparral.

The two were able to make a cell phone call and relay their location to the sheriff’s office. ASTREA was notified and quickly located the pair. ASTREA attempted to guide the them out, however the pair could not cut through the brush. Sgt. Duey responded with 6 SAR/MRT Members to assist. The deputies contacted a nearby homeowner, who stated it would be impossible to cut through the thick brush. In an attempt to mitigate any injuries, Sgt. Duey called for rescue Copter 1 to long line the pair out.

Copter 1 was able to long line both subjects out just after midnight. The pair were evaluated by Paramedics and released to the 12 year old parents.