Board Meeting – April 2018

SDMRT Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Monday 2 April 2018, 1830 at Strategic Operations, Board Room

Present: Richard Yocum, TJ Tischer, John Hatala, Francisco Villa, Will Pisarello, Melissa Rexilius, Hugo Bermudez

Review, corrections, and approval of prior board meeting minutes from Mar 2018


Treasurer (TJ Tischer)

  1. Mar 2018 reports

3/1/2018 – 27,108.28

Cash receipts 21.00 A

Cash disbursements (459.11) B

3/31/18/2018 – 26,670.17

Pager deposits (400.00)

Net Team Cash 26,270.17

Cash receipts

Stores Revenue 21.00

21.00 A

Cash disbursements

Reimbursement to Dennis Peck for PLB Battery Replacement 134.63

Reimbursement to Hugo Bermudez for 2018 MRA Recertification Lodging 218.40

Reimbursement to Hugo Bermudez for A/V Cables & Pouch 56.00

Verizon 50.08

459.11 B

  1. Venmo or other alternative to PayPal
  2. 501c3 filings due in April
    1. To be filed before deadline, 4/17/18.

Operations (Will Pisarello)

  1. Reports of operations and non-operations
  • 2018-04 San Marcos 3/10/18, Vi Fleming
    1. Report posted to
  • Nonoperations – none

Training (Hugo Bermudez)

  1. Training Committee reports
    1. Planned meeting 4/11/18 or 4/25/18. Contact Hugo for details.
  2. Tracking new recruits to field qualification
    1. Secretary to email new recruits for status & to remind of the 4/25/18 deadline.
    2. Board is in favor of extension for Chris Hill to complete WEMT by 6/11/18, pending submission of proof of course registration.
  3. Facilitating long-term trainee advancement to Rescue Member status
    1. To be discussed at training committee meeting
  4. Soft Snow replacement field training
    1. Condensed training at Mission Trails. Discussion based.
  5. SDSDSR All-units training 3/24/18 at Mission Trails Park
    1. Debrief pending from SDSAR
  6. Upcoming Hard Snow field training
    1. Discussion in progress re lack of snow. Consider mobilizing to have Personal Rock that weekend instead, of simply cancelled the training and the Baldy Ski Hut reservation. Decision will be finalized by 4/8/18.
    2. Locating snow in southern California proving difficult.
  7. Binational training with TJ Fire Department
    1. No Update
  8. USAR Training – new appointee from SDSDSAR
    1. No Update
  9. Idea for tech rescue FOG (field operating guide) – Bill, Adam, & Hugo interested
    1. No Update


Resignations: Ken Hodge 3/20/18, Kiana Nakamura 3/27/18

LOAs: None


  1. BSA Flag Retirement ceremony, 3/24/18, 1700, Lakeside Rodeo Grounds
    1. Debrief unavailable at this time.
  2. SDSDSAR/Reserves annual appreciation dinner 4/21/18, rsvp by 3/15/18 – SDMRT attendees and award recipients – Hugo
    1. SDMRT will have a table, seating 10-12.
    2. One spot remaining. Contact Hugo.
    3. Three SDMRT members to be recognized with awards.
      1. Board approves funding up to $150 for construction of awards.
  3. MOU between SDMRT and Cleveland National Forest of USFS – updates – Richard
    1. Richard is in process of completing the agreement, which it turns out was
      executed with an incorrect expiration date, and now requires a DUNS number and a notarized letter.
  4. SDMRT Facebook pages – John and Eitan
    1. No Updates.
  5. HPWren status update (Mark Kenny) – next SDC Fire Authority meeting with UCSD, Monday 4/2/18 @ 9:30 am in El Cajon
    1. Bill McNaul & Dennis Peck coordinating with San Diego County Fire Authority (SDCFA), to attend the High Performance Wireless REsearch Network (HPWREN) coordinating meeting
    2. Field testing may begin by late April 2018
  6. Cal OES out-of-county license for VHF SDMRT radio channel status update (Dennis, TJ)
    1. No Update
  7. Fundraising offer from Mitch’s wife- John Hatala
    1. No Update
  8. Outstanding returns of Sheriff ID cards: Michael Fisher, Ken Hodge
  9. Medical certifications for EMTs.
    1. Under discussion in Training Committee.


  1. Team PLB service
    1. Completed by Dennis.
  2. Attendance 1Q2018
    1. Posted to
  3. Padres Game 4/16/18
    1. Stadium offered to display message on stadium mediatron for SDMRT. Typically ‘Welcome SDMRT’.
    2. One ticket remaining.
  4. MRA Membership Cards
    1. TJ to contact Kayleigh.
  5. Expired IDs
    1. You must renew before your ID expiration date.
    2. Hugo to provide latest roaster to SDSO.
    3. Contact Hugo for the latest renewal procedure.
  6. IDs Not opening the COC gates.
    1. Hugo is coordinating with Sgt. Duey.
  1. CRMRA scholarship for spring conference in Canada, 6/6-10/2018
    1. Richard received one scholarship.

Adjourned 19:55