Board Meeting – April 2020

SDMRT Board of Directors Meeting Notes

1 Apr 2020

Present (via Video): John H, Nick M, Alicia T, T.J. T, Melissa R, Roland S, Tony R

Training Leader Brief: N/A

Board Approval of Previous Month Minutes: Melissa motioned, Alicia seconded, approved

Treasurer Report (TJ Tischer):

  1. Assets: $35,850.50
    1. Cash Receipts: $488.84
    2. Cash Disbursements: $(352.08)
  2. $600 wifi account cancellation?
    1. We mainly use for Search training and Recert, maybe this $$ would be better to go to SARTopo
    2. We do want interned at Search/Recert, but maybe an annual subscription isn’t the best
    3. Will let them know we’ll be dropping coverage for now
  3. $500 SARTopo Purchase (VOTE)
    1. Was critique of team at Recert that we didn’t use it
    2. Most teams using for their planning and mapping
    3. Can do all the planning on it, print assignments, etc.
    4. Pro account gives all levels, unlimited downloads
    5. Comes with 100 pro licenses for team members
    6. Tony motions purchase, seconded by Melissa, approved
  4. Notes:
    1. Pager deposits ($300.00)
    2. Team tax filings and renewal of CA Registry of Charitable Trusts due in May
    3. Insurance policy expires 6/27/20, (renewal in 2019 was $661.00)

Operations (Tony Rolfe)

  1. Recent Operations:
    1. Freeman 3/24
    2. Von Horn 3/28
    3. Attendance for these will be extra credit, not counted against due to current situation and to not penalize those who are isolating/quarantined
    4. Recert attendance
      1. Won’t award double for those who went to the search
  2. Future Operations
    1. Sgt. Vengler has sent out guidelines about responding to callouts

Training (Tony Rolfe):

  1. Certification Extensions?
    1. Thinking about extended deadlines for various items in the first year process
  2. Schedule re-shuffle outlook
    1. Wait and see, training committee to lead
    2. April 15th personal rock to be cancelled May TBD


  1. Resignations: None
  2. LOAs
    1. Mitch McKnight 7 May 20
    2. Sean O’Grady 1 May 20
  3. Mountain Rescue Member candidate: Jeff Oxford pending vote; Marshall on horizon
  4. Field Qualified status for new trainees

Old Business:

  1. Medical Qualification policy change complete, pending review by board in Ma
  2. ITC training for Marshall and Steve
  3. Awards/Recognition meeting cancelled, reschedule TBD

New Business:

  1. MRA Type 1 designation and qualification of SDMRT members
    1. Matching MRA Alpine Type 1 to our trainings/certifications
    2. It’s an MRA recommendation, but not bylaw
    3. More formalizing what OLs do now
    4. Maybe only update every 6 months?
  2. Zoom Team meeting 8 Apr
    1. New Zoom account upgrade for the team allows for unlimited time meetings

Adjourned 1948