Board Meeting – August 2018

SDMRT Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Monday 6 August 2018, 1830 at Strategic Operations, Board Room

Present: Richard Yocum, Melissa Rexilius, Francisco Villa, Will Pisarello

Non-Board Members Present: Sharon Fields

Absent: TJ Tischer, John Hatala, Hugo Bermudez

Review, corrections, and approval of prior board meeting minutes from July 2018 – approved


Treasurer (TJ Tischer)

July 2018 reports

7/1/2018 26,599.43

Cash receipts 0.00 A

Cash disbursements (783.34) B

7/31/18/2018 25,816.09

Pager deposits (400.00)

Net Team Cash 25,416.09

Cash receipts

0.00 A

Cash disbursements

Payment to VFIS for General Liability & Management Liability policy renewal 648.00

Reimbursement to Terra Miller for Mt. Morgan trailhead camping fee 25.00

Payment to US Postal Service for PO Box rent 102.00

Payment to Verizon 8.34

783.34 B

  1. Verizon service change, mobile hotspot suspension, and anticipated rate increase
    1. Team’s hotspot suspenson will be ending in July, hence July payment of $8.34
    2. Possible rate increase above $50.08/month in august, will keep track.

Operations (Will Pisarello)

  1. Reports of operations and non-operations
  • Operations
    • 2018-08 Vista, 7/22/18, Francisco Larios, limited to those contacted by SDSAR
    • 2018-09 Spring Valley, 7/22/18, Charles Panerosa
    • 2018-10 Palomar Mtn, 8/2/18, 2 “stranded hikers,” limited to 2 north county SDMRTs
  • Nonoperations
    • 7/23/18 Ramona, Richard Stewart, 19 min duration
    • 7/29/18 Spring Valley, Donald Carvell, 14 min duration

Training (Hugo Bermudez)

  1. Training Committee: Wilderness component required of everyone’s training? Should any of the on-line MRA courses be mandatory for SDMRT? Training calendar for 2019. Terra resignation. Status of missing certifications, making sure all members current.
    1. No updates on above subjects.
    2. Greg DuPraw signed up for a 8-18-18 WFR.
  2. Facilitating long-term trainee advancement to Rescue Member status (Sharon)
    1. No updates.
  3. Tracking new recruits to field qualification (Will)
    1. Waiting on response from Chris about DSW
    2. Nick has not received his DSW.
  4. Mountain Climbing field trainings – Debriefs and lessons learned
    1. No updates.
  5. Personal Rock field training – Debrief
    1. Training plan was not submitted to Sgt. Duey
      1. Event was not covered by DSW.
    2. In order to prevent future communication breakdowns of this type, the board suggests all future training plan correspondence with the Sheriff copy the board of directors.
    3. ‘How to be a training leader’ document will be updated with a note that the it is the training leader’s responsibility to ensure the plan was approved.
  6. Upcoming Desert field training – John Hatala
    1. Ocotillo Wells
  7. Search Training – September
    1. Palomar Mountain availability is TBD. Sharron is in touch with ranger.
    2. Mission Trails is backup location.
  8. Tech rope rescue courses (RRT-I and RRT-II) 8/18-26/18
    1. No Update
  9. Binational training with TJ Fire Department.
    1. No Update
  10. USAR Training – new appointee from SDSDSAR
    1. No Update
  11. Idea for tech rescue FOG (field operating guide) – Bill, Adam, & Hugo interested
    1. No Update


Resignations: Terra Miller 7/12/18

LOAs: Suhkyung Shin 4/26 thru 10/25/18, Grayson Hough 5/27 thru 8/17/18, Eitan Zur 7/10 thru 10/1/18


  1. 7/28/18 SDSDAR All-units training/Smedley search, Harvey Moore Trailhead, Cuyamaca- Debrief and attendance credit; need for ops report?
    1. No operation number or report required, but attendance will be credited as ‘bonus’ to those members who came out.
  2. 9/24/18 Monday SDSDSAR team business meeting followed by presentation “Managing an Unplanned Encounter of a Suicidal Subject” by Dave Hendron (consider asking Dave to present to SDMRT team meeting)
  3. SDSDSAR ham radio license training, 11/3/18, 0815-1915, Vista United Methodist Church
    1. Sign up on sheriff’s mission manager
  4. MOU between SDMRT and Cleveland National Forest of USFS (Richard) – Update
    1. Current MOU expires in December. Richard is working to have it extended for 5 years. Awaiting response from Forest Service
  5. SDMRT Facebook pages (John) – Updates
    1. No Updates
  6. HPWren status update (Dennis Peck) – Update
    1. No Updates
  7. Cal OES out-of-county license for VHF SDMRT radio channel (Dennis, TJ) – Update
    1. No Updates
  8. Outstanding returns of Sheriff ID cards: Brenda Stevens
    1. No Updates
  9. New member recruiting for 2018-2019 (Erin) – Updates
    1. No Updates
  10. Reminder agreement with SDSAR that SDMRT Board, or at least president, needs to be informed about limited callouts
    1. Richard was informed of 2018-10, but not 2018-08.


  1. Overdue filing of Form SI-100 Statement of Information
    1. Filed by TJ before due date
  2. NTSB recognition letter for Volcan Mountain plane crash operation – Richard
    1. Letter to be read at wednesday’s meeting
  3. SAREX El Dorado County, Sept 7-9, 2018 (TJ, Adam, Dennis attending)
    1. Requires approval from SDSAR coordinator. Hugo to confirm with Sgt. Duey.
  4. Make-A-Wish San Diego Trailblaze Challenge, May-June 2019
    1. If interested in participating, contact Adam K. or the Board
  5. Consider risk assessment/decision-making process for SDMRT ops (e.g., http;//
    1. Differed detailed discussion to next meeting when a larger portion of the Board is present.

Adjourned 1947