Board Meeting – August 2020

SDMRT Board of Directors Meeting Notes

5 August 2020

Present (via Video): John H, Nick M, Tony R, Alicia T, Melissa R, Roland S, T.J. T

Board Approval of Previous Month Minutes: T.J. motioned, John seconded, approved

Desert Training Leader Brief (Lindsey Sweeney)

  1. Might be site access issues with primary location (4WD required?)
  2. Teams break up Friday and hike out, ELTs and signal mirrors
  3. Sun shelters and done by EOD Saturday
  4. Medical
    1. Was 119 in Anza recently
    2. 4WD extraction vehicles, large coolers with ice and rags
    3. Need rapid access and rapid cooling to any team
    4. Make sure teams are all self-monitoring to catch problems early
  5. 4 non SDMRT will be there (3 SDSDSAR and Dr. Pineda)
  6. Cell coverage may be an issue, may be able to reach HPWREN site

Treasurer Report (TJ Tischer):

  1. Assets: $34,415.74
    1. Cash Receipts: $0.00
    2. Cash Disbursements: $39.00
  2. Notes:
    1. John H is due reimbursement of $59.61 (van rental) and $47.17+$41.65 for Dennis
    2. PO Box was renewed for 6 months at $65.00 on 8/4, box ownership needs to be changed to T.J. T. Sr.
    3. No hard copy of the new insurance policy yet
    4. Still missing postcard for California Registry of Charitable Trusts (TJ on the case)

Operations (Tony Rolfe)

  1. Recent Operations: 28 Jul Evidence Search, Carlsbad
    1. John H to do the trip report
  2. Outstanding ops reports
    1. Clevenger 3/24
    2. Chula Vista 3/28
    3. Carlsbad 7/28 (John H)
  3. Future Ops Reports, ITCs will select and assign writing of the ops report to one of the members who responds: Tony motions, John H seconded, approved

Training (Tony Rolfe):

  1. Mountain Climb After Action (Nick)
  2. SDSDSAR participation in future trainings (Tech 2 and Personal Rock)
    1. With Covid will there be more pressure to keep training numbers from getting large? (maybe 5?)
  3. Desert Training, Anza Borrego SP (Melissa)
  4. Tech II Training (Alicia)
  5. RRT Training at Ridgehaven Oct 3-4, 6, 8, and 10-11 Oct
  6. Melissa taking over as point-of-contact for helicopter trainings


  1. Resignations: None
  2. LOA: Sean O’Grady 1 Oct 20
  3. Military Deployment: Justin Wallman Dec 2020

Old Business:

  1. Status of ITC training for Jeff & Roland
    1. Training done, good to go
  2. Medical Director way ahead
    1. Discussed the next steps
  3. Team Jackets
    1. Subsidizing may be limited by IRS 501(c) gift limits
      1. Covering setup, tax, shipping is easier (team account)
    2. Order size would likely be 20-25 right now
    3. Board asks Nick to reach back out and see about size samples, get order form
      1. Prepare to gather firm interest
  4. Website construction
    1. Dax has draft, framework looks good as starting point
    2. TJ to give Dax team card for Microsoft Azure account ($3500 credit)
      1. Either add limit to debit card or add team credit card to account for layer between bank account (TJ)
      2. Tony motions, Roland seconds, approved
    3. Dax will be admin, set up access for new people
      1. Secretary to get admin control level
    4. Wiki still in process

New Business:

  1. Dennis injury
  2. Recruitment way ahead for 2021
    1. Working on new recruitment form
    2. Will be fillable PDF on website, they’ll likely have to email to us
    3. Need to define dates (open application period)
      1. May-July?
    4. Further discussion of next years recruiting extended to next meeting

Adjourned 2050