Board Meeting | Dec-2016

December Board Meeting 12/5/16 at Strategic Ops

*Note: new board has agreed upon meeting time of 1st Monday of the month at Strategic Ops

Meeting called order by Richard Yocum at 18:33

In attendance were Board members Richard Yocum, Hugo Bermudez, Lori Rigsbee, Sean O’Grady, and John Hatala. Also present John Wehbring (who left after Training Committee report) and Nazli O’Grady (who left after Old Business Item #1).

Board members Kiana Nakamura and TJ Tischer were unable to attend.

The prior board meeting minutes from 11/2/2016 were approved by motion, second and vote by Richard and Lori, the only Board members who attended that meeting, with the following corrections: A silent auction is under consideration but decision is pending, and this effort is not being led by Lori.


Treasurer’s Report: (Lori Rigsbee)

Annual dues to NASAR have been paid. Annual due to MRA pending end of year SDMRT roster based on members paying SDMRT dues. 47 members paid dues on time, and letters were sent to 22 members, of whom 5 have since paid. Lori will submit dues with roster to MRA. The Treasurer’s report was approved.

Checking & PayPal accounts

11/1/2016 – 25,043.78

Cash receipts 2,238.09 A

Cash disbursements (1,103.63) B

11/30/2016 – 26,178.24

Pager deposits (400.00)

Net Team Cash


Cash receipts

Donations – AmazonSmile 14.09

Donation – John Wehbring 65.00

Team dues 1,670.00

Stores revenue 389.00

Pager deposit – McNaul 100.00

2,238.09 A

Cash disbursements

Canopies 823.45

Dues – NASAR 185.00

Trailer lock/keys 45.30

Verizon 49.88

1,103.63 B

Operations Report: (John Wehbring for Kiana Nakamura)

#17: 11/19/2016 Operation/Training Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, continuation of Operation 2016-12 from 7/31/2016, for 81-year-old Leonard Duguay. Approx. 30-40 searchers attended, including from SDMRT John Hatala, Jesse Ma, Bill McNaul, Dennis Peck, and Brian White. Neither the subject nor any clues were found.

# 18: 11/26/2016 Sloan Canyon in Dehesa request for rope rescue members for 3 hikers (Isaac Hernandez, Braxton Aldama, and cousin) hypothermic and stranded in cold rainy weather, one with TBI and other injuries. All 3 successfully lowered pick-off style down a 300’ pitch. Participating from SDRMT were Adam Kimmerly, Bill McNaul, Jesse Ma, Grayson Hough, Mark Kenny, Mitch McKnight, and Steve Herman.


11/28/2016: San Marcos for missing autistic 12-year-old boy Alexander Barsoumian, quickly found. 10-22 came 17 minutes after callout. Responding was John Hatala.

*Note: Brett Stanley will complete ESRI reporting of SDMRT ops stats to MRA for 2016, and then hand off this responsibility to Kiana.

Training Committee: (Hugo Bermudez)

  1. The Training Committee for 2017 is comprised of Hugo (Chair), along with Steve Herman, Melissa Rexilius, and Sharon Fields, all hereby appointed by Richard to that task.
  2. The goal of facilitating long-time trainee advancement to Rescue Member status will continue under leadership by Sharon, to address all trainees accepted beginning 2014.
  3. The 2017 Calendar has field training leaders assigned for all months except Desert, Tech II, and SAR Ops (Sharon and Steve my co-lead this).
  4. Plans for re-cert in March 2017 were discussed, including accommodations and travel. One room (6 people, 3 queen beds) has been reserved for the CP team to prepare, and assure fully charged and dry equipment. The rest of the team is expected to camp on BLM land at Stoddard Valley (no reservation, no fee), or drive up early morning from San Diego. No reimbursement for accommodations. Members encouraged to carpool. Gas receipts for travel to and from will be reimbursed only if members feel they need reimbursement.
  5. Field qualification tracking: Cheyanne Abolt’s background application extension to 12/31/2016 drawing near. Hugo will use the tracking sheet used last year to track this year’s new trainees. SD Sheriff seems to quickly processing background checks, with at last 3 new trainees already passed.
  6. Helitac field training, led by Steve, will be 12/17/2016 at ASTREA base, with medical portion to follow at County garage parking lot located at 1840 Weld, El Cajon.
  7. Search field training led by Erin Rist and Michelle Bearmar will be 1/13-15/2017. Search classroom training in two parts to follow Team meetings in Dec and Jan.
  8. Venue reservations for Tech I in July discussed. Various options explored, but reservations for group campgrounds in appropriate area cost at least $300. Tentatively holding Shady Grove campground near Big Bear for $360, pending possibly discounts through military (e.g., Jonathan) or senior pass (e.g., Bill).
  9. Amateur radio operator licenses earned by Jessa Ma, TJ Tischer, and John Mou last weekend. Hugo will arrange other course next November, possibly earlier if there is sufficient interest.
  10. Hugo will look into setting up another ITC training.
  11. Hugo will look into setting up OL training.


Resignations: Mark Marchessault 11/15/2016, Celeste Pack 11/26/2016

LOAs: No new requests. Current: Amy Mann until 12/31/2016, Corinne Hard until 4/4/2017, David Hixon until 5/31/2017.

Field Qualifications: No none since last meeting.


  1. Team Holiday Party 12/17/2016 at 19:00 hours, hosted by Nazli & Sean. Info regarding BYOB pending.
  2. Team 50th Anniversary Party, 4/23/17, Stone Brewing Liberty Station, and other events – no updates at this meeting from the party planning committee.
  3. Timing of DSW swearing-in relative to background checks and need for liability releases for each field training were discussed, including possibly having prospective new members undergo background checks during July-Sept, prior to recruitment interviews and MultiSAR. No decision reached.
  4. Mentor program discussed, and current Board in agreement with past Board, that effort to maintain program not justified by level of use. Trainees can contact many experienced Rescue Members willing to help. President and Board will let others know if they receive too many inquiries.
  5. UCSD HPWREN high speed data network and draft MOU in process discussed, being pursued by Dennis Peck.
  6. Policy 201 MOU revision (citizen volunteer vs. associate agency, citizenship requirement), has been reviewed with Frank Motley, then passed to Sgt. Duey 9/15/2016, response pending. Will be pursued by Richard.
  7. Medical exams for trainee background check applications, $80/exam by US Healthworks needs team’s email and phone number. Will poll members next meeting as to level of interest.
  8. Expired DSWs and med certs need to be tracked and updated. Hugo will confer with Tony.
  9. Archiving of credentials (DSW, med certs, NIMS, background checks, etc.). Hugo will confer with Tony.
  10. SDMRT Facebook new administrator, John Hatala, has been active and reported that site activity has increased substantially.
  11. EZUp canopies (3 bright orange) procured for $823 have arrived, but with some damaged parts. Dennis working with EZUp to rectify. Board approved up to $55 for materials for seam sealing and labeling of supports and bags, labor to be graciously provided by Dennis. Also, discussion regarding possible lettering on canopy fabric, but no decision reached.
  12. For SDMRT meetings at COC, the county has relaxed the requirements for access, previously requiring key pick-up by 17:00 and then drop-off, but now can reserve the room up to 4 months in advance and can leave the key in the podium. Sean, who works close by, has volunteered to take over this responsibility from Hugo, previously by John Wehbring.
  13. Outstanding returns of Sheriff ID cards being pursued by Richard: Scotty Powel, Mark Marchessault, and Celeste Peck.


  1. Attendance recordkeeping – website spreadsheet currently being maintained by Tony Rolfe. Discussion about possibly re-assigning to Kiana.
  2. Heads up for upcoming review of 2016 attendance and discussion of member who may require probation status.
  3. Due to progressive failure of current SDMRT website, a new website is being built by Adam. Kiana and Richard will meet briefly with Adam to review the process for posting of documents.
  4. Prodeals now managed by Roland Sosa, after hand-off from Mark Marchessault.
  5. Weld team trailer now has combination locks on both front and back. Needs inventory and house-cleaning. TJ has volunteered to lead this effort.
  6. Mitch McKnight has volunteered to arrange for a SDMRT jacket order.
  7. New PR person needed to replace Celeste Pack. Will seek volunteers from team to meet with Celeste for hand-off.
  8. Out-of-county license for a VHF SDMRT radio channel is being pursued by Dennis.
  9. The PO Box key for SDMRT mail key reportedly went from John to Dennis. John had been picking up once per month. Richard will check with Tony who do mail pickups.
  10. The SDMRT inventory of team hats and training t-shirts is very low. We will look into options for hats that are more color-fast and options for red training t-shirts.

Meeting adjourned at 20:56 hours.