Board Meeting – December 2018

SDMRT Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Monday 3 December 2018, 1830 at Strategic Operations, Board Room

Present: Kyle Albertson, Tony Rolfe, T.J. Tischer, Nick McGuinness, Kristin Kuhn, Kevin Litwin

Absent: Jeff Oxford

Review, corrections, and approval of prior board meeting minutes from November 2018.


Treasurer (TJ Tischer)

Treasurer’s Report November 30, 2018
Checking & PayPal accounts 11/30/2018 31,926.66
Cash receipts 2158.22 A

Cash disbursements (299.74) B

11/30/2018 31,926.66 Pager deposits (400.00)
Net Team Cash 31,526.66

Cash receipts

Donation (minus $2.50 PayPal fee) 97.50

Membership dues 1875.72
Team stores receipts 185.00

2158.22 A

Cash disbursements

Payment to Verizon 50.28

Reimbursement to Erin Rist 249.66

Cash disbursements (299.74) B

Operations (Tony Rolfe)

  1. Operations Committee (Tony) – next meeting date TBD
  2. Reports of operations and non-operations
    1. Operations
      1. 2018-13 Mutual Aid Butte Co, limited in size and by gear, Paradise Fire
        1. Report Pending
        2. Question about credit for those who volunteered but were later notified of the limited status
          1. Board discussed
      2. 2018-16 Mira Mesa, full callout, 11/17/18, Martha Carrington
  3. Report complete, not yet posted
  4. 2018-17 Mutual Aid Idyllwild, Type II, 11/28/18, David Bradish
    1. Report complete, not yet posted
    2. Type II out of county very unusual
  5. Down to 5 MRT4 Ops Leaders, should add more soon
    1. Ops committee or board will nominate for a full vote

Training (Tony Rolfe)

  1. Training Committee: Next meeting ??
  2. Facilitating long-term trainee advancement to Rescue Member status (Sharon)
    1. No update
  3. Tracking field training 11/16-18/18 (Greg Gates)
    1. Many people left early
    2. No need to change policy, need to reiterate policy on time spent at training to get credit
  4. Supplemental Helitac training with USCG 12/1/18 CNF Helispot (Steve Herman)
    1. Toured base with fire fighting team and their helicopter
    2. Coast Guard flew in and teams were rotated on board to strap in and stow gear on hot loading
    3. Blue card helo component has issues, to be fixed
  5. Upcoming SAR Ops training 12/15/18 (Hugo)
    1. Lesson plan being finalized
  6. Autism Training 11/28/18 – 1.5hr condensed version of 8hr course
    1. Brian Harriet (Autism Cop) at classroom training
  7. Upcoming Soft Snow field training 1/12/19 (Melissa)
    1. Melissa planning to have training plan in place 3 weeks ahead
    2. Current 1st choice is Forsee on Gorgonio, Onyx is a potential backup
    3. SDSAR Alpine unit may be invited
  8. Recert 3/2/2019 Snow & Ice, Douglas County SAR hosting
    1. Heavenly Ski Resort?
    2. Team lodging being investigated
      1. Plan to get rough estimate of attendance by next board meeting for estimate of cost
  9. Supplemental Tech trainings
    1. See Sheriff’s side of mission manager for dates
    2. Likely paused for academy
  10. USAR Training
    1. SDSAR USAR4 classroom 3 hrs Tue 3/5/19 and field training Sat 3/9/19
    2. Open to SDMRT
  11. Idea for tech rescue FOG (field operating guide) – Bill, Adam, & Hugo interested
  12. Website wiki
    1. Used to have, should we bring back?
    2. Andrew G may have backup of the wiki
  13. Do we want to encourage team trailer rendezvous before field trainings?
    1. 1st years will be required to go
    2. Other members will be strongly encouraged to attend


Resignations: Andrew Gordon, Monica Graves

LOAs: None


  1. DSW cards
    1. Renewal applications must be sent to Amanda Patmon at the Sheriff’s department before card expiration.
  2. New recruits status
    1. 100% compliance with background application submission by 11/2, need to ascertain which health provider releases are pending
    2. Brian Rau and Erika have not yet completed DSW
    3. Access to prodeals to start Jan 1
    4. 1 Recruit resigned (Greg Mills)
      1. Dues to be refunded
  3. SDMRT demo for UCSD wilderness medicine students 10/10/18 (Lee)
    1. Went well
  4. SDSAR amateur radio license training, 11/3/18 (Richard)
    1. Call-sign list will be posted to
  5. Board member elections 11/14/18
    1. Kyle Albertson – president
    2. Tony Rolfe – vice president
    3. T.J. Tischer – treasurer
    4. Nick McGuinness – secretary
    5. Kristin Kuhn, Kevin Litwin, Jeff Oxford – members at large
  6. Written job responsibilities list for each Board officer position from outgoing Board
    1. Completed
  7. MOU between SDMRT and Cleveland National Forest of USFS (Richard) – Update
    1. No update
  8. SDMRT Facebook pages (John)
    1. Melissa added as curator
  9. SDMRT members-only page (Eitan)
    1. Now membership restricted
  10. HPWren status update (Dennis Peck) – Update
    1. No update
  11. Cal OES out-of-county license for VHF SDMRT radio channel (Dennis, TJ) – Update
    1. No update
  12. Outstanding returns of Sheriff ID cards: Andrew Gordon and Monica Graves
  13. Ops manual updates – Melissa
    1. Seeking a paper copy of old manual
    2. Melissa plans to continue this research regardless of board position following the election.
  14. SDMRT trailer new location at Strat Ops
    1. Move completed
  15. Proposed revisions to Policies 100 and 401
    1. Needs update to remove letter suffix to make compatible with future revisions
  16. Operations Manual on
    1. Drop-down menu link will be clarified (Richard)
    2. Melissa working on it
  17. Allocation of anonymous $250 donation for “Please use funds to help one or two newbies get equipment, team attire.”
    1. Still in discussions
  18. New digitized team archive on Google Docs (Will)
    1. Digitization on going. Documents 1967-present.
    2. Archive to be maintained by the Secretary
  19. Maintenance of current status of credentials on both sides of MM (Richard)
    1. In process


  1. Should dues for those with >20 years be free?
    1. Agreement of the board yes
  2. SDMRT domain?
    1. Adam investigating
  3. Verizon Hotspot
    1. Discussion of whether or not we need
  4. Does the ITC list need revision?
    1. Discussion of potential options
  5. Holiday party
    1. Check for volunteers, possibly get a location if none