Board Meeting – December 2019

SDMRT Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday December 4th, 2019 1830 SOC

Present: Nick M, Alicia T, Roland S, Tony R, John H, T.J. T, Jeff O

Absent: None

New board

Last month’s minutes: T.J. motions, approved

Treasurer: TJ Tischer

Treasurer’s Report November 30, 2019

  1. Checking & PayPal Accounts: $35,153.24
  2. Cash Receipts: $2,680.80
    1. Donation from Amazon Smile Foundation: $26.30
    2. Team Stores: $260.00
    3. Membership Dues: $2,394.50
  3. Cash Disbursements: ($639.77) B
    1. Payment to Verizon ($50.08)
    2. Reimbursement to Tony for Orange Rope 61Mx3 ($526.57)
    3. Reimbursement to Dennis for Spare Radio Battery ($21.65)
    4. Reimbursement to Tony for Blood Pressure Monitor ($41.47)
  4. Notes:
    1. Member notes include a $0.50 overpayment by Eila Miller
    2. Some members still have not paid dues and have been sent email reminder: December 1st was deadline, 1 month notice to December 31st
    3. MRA dues to be paid by end of December ($1000?)
    4. Quickbooks/Gmail linkage issue for sending out receipts: T.J. working on it, may use Cox email
    5. Check written to Tony for a bunch of tech gear (last gear approved)
    6. Donation just received for $20 on Paypal just now
    7. Facebook donations on Giving Tuesday: Melissa to send Facebook thank yous
  5. 12/24 month spending plan
    1. For future discussion on 1/7 board meeting
    2. T.J. to look at spending by category to estimate how we spend

Operations: Tony

  1. 2019/11//21 – Lemon Grove – Report Posted
  2. All current operations (20) posted to CalOES website

Training: Tony

  1. Calendar fixed
    1. Still need soft snow and tech 2 training leaders
    2. MM updated to March, Tony working on it
  2. SAR Ops – December: Still waiting on training plan from Hugo
  3. Tech II
    1. Jeff at board meeting, sent plan as well
    2. Location: Chris and Vance on board, going to show as well
      1. 12 Sherriff SAR people coming
      2. Vortex to be set up for guiding line
    3. 26 SDMRT planning to attend
    4. 2 stations in morning, afternoon high angle/steep angle
    5. Everyone building and operating systems
    6. Finalizing coordination with Hugo on instructors
  4. All Units, Pine Valley (SDSDSAR)
    1. Can add to calendar
    2. Can we send rookies?
      1. Don’t think they care (they send those who are out of academy)
      2. Tony to reach out
  5. 5 January 2020 Helitac
    1. Training plan submitted
    2. At Sycamore Canyon
    3. Limited to 15 people, Steve to select
  6. Med Examiners Tour
    1. 2/27
    2. New SDSDSAR people attend
    3. Hugo to get count of how many we can send: New people and those who haven’t gone
  7. Trailer Rendezvous Policy
    1. Before, not going to the rendezvous was an exception, now a lot of people are skipping…
    2. We should firm up the verbal policy
      1. Exception not rule to skip
      2. Strongly discouraged to skip unless you live far away
      3. 1st years should be required
      4. Not formal written policy but strengthen verbal board expectation
  8. Policy 105
    1. Draft is readied, similar to what has been discussed before
    2. Nick motions to be sent to the team for a vote
      1. Unanimous vote
      2. Tony to send out to team, to be voted on in December team meeting
  9. MRA Type 1 qualification standards
    1. Do we want to add a tracking location for who is recent on all skills
    2. MRA has their list of what a Type I Rescuer should be able to do, so does FEMA which is adopted by CalOES
      1. We are certified by MRA at least
      2. There is a lot in MRA bylaws
        1. Reaccreditation, must bring 5 of what your team considers MRA rescue members plus other members
        2. Goes into details of what a Type 1 Rescue member should be able to do: Tech rescue, snow, and search operations from ICS to tactics and line searches
      3. At end of the day, the OL makes the call at SDMRT
    3. Postponing discussion to March board meeting
  10. Medical Policy
    1. Wilderness med required even for med professionals: Draft of the medical policy proposal to be readied: April target
    2. Training committee meeting: 11 Dec before team meeting


  1. Resignations: Paige Topole
  2. LOAs:
    1. Justin Berg– military deployment to 31 Jan20
    2. Mitch McKnight – to 5/7/2020
  3. Recruitment 2020
    1. Melissa tasked with developing Plan of Action and Milestones for discussion
    2. Training committee to discuss as well

Old Business

  1. Debit Card for Chase Account: To be done this month
  2. Old Slide Digitization
    1. Digitization done
    2. $240 for additional 600 images we sent (we paid for 1000 photos, sent 1600): Motioned to reimburse, unanimous vote
  3. Training plans and slide shows stored for reference
    1. SDMRTarchive
    2. Repository of documents
    3. Not yet at critical mass, est. live in March
  4. Technology Improvement
    1. Jeff in charge, working with Kristin, target September
    2. Working to identify person to design it
    3. Microsoft to host
    4. Professional Petzl team account: Tony set up, deal is only 20% (not better than can be found on other suppliers)
  5. Weld trailer cleanup
    1. Kevin is lead
    2. Complete date by 31 Jan
  6. Team Jackets Ordering (Mitch)
    1. Pushed out to January so new people can focus on important gear
    2. Should we standardize team jackets better? Keep it red/orange only
    3. Mitch working with Outdoor Research on colors (since OR discontinued the old jackets)
  7. SDSAR comm channel nomenclature revision
    1. SDSDSAR waiting for a list from us (for VHF/UHF)
    2. Dennis lead, Adam helping

New Business

  1. Logo
    1. Policy describes orange cross in logo
    2. Red cross is highly protected by Red Cross org, so red color can’t be used
    3. Not likely an issue on patches, but is an issue on digital media/email signatures
  2. Peak Rescue Training Scholarship
    1. We should send someone/multiple people
      1. About $1500 for the week
      2. There are a couple scholarships that we should qualify for
        1. Board could consider scholarship for 1 or 2 people
        2. To be revisited by board
    2. Taught by industry leaders, cutting edge
    3. Amazing, professional training that could benefit the Team
  3. Christmas Party
    1. Adam hosting
    2. Open to all
    3. Night of 12/14, time TBD
    4. To be added to MM and lister sent out
  4. Training Manual
    1. Melissa has put together a short intro doc (10 page)
    2. The full Ops Manual is still a work in process
      1. Was an electronic wiki, but website broke/was migrated and it was lost
      2. Now the old one is scanned in, OCR’d
        1. Currently being fixed
        2. Then will require wiki’ing and linking in the new page, will take quite a while
  5. MedEvac vs. Risk Management
    1. Training medical plans need clarity and distinguish between prevention and evacuation
    2. Coms plans for issues should be strengthened
    3. We should conduct risk management; training leaders to identify and plan for likely hazards. Justin sent “GAR” plan (green, amber, red)
  6. New SAR coordinator Sgt. Daniel Vengler
    1. John to prepare briefing for him
    2. We should think about any changes we want to see/concerns we have
  7. SARTopo has phone app (CalTopo): Complementary account for SAR folks (reach out and apply for SARTopo

Adjourned: 2053