Board Meeting – February 2018

SDMRT Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Monday, 5 February 2018, 1830 at Strategic Operations, Board Room.

Present: Richard Yocum, TJ Tischer, John Hatala, Hugo Bermudez, Francisco Villa, Will Pisarello, Melissa Rexilius

Review, corrections, and approval of prior board meeting minutes from Jan 2018. Board of directors voted to approve previous minutes.


Treasurer (TJ Tischer)

  1. Jan 2018 report, including donations

January 31, 2018

Checking & Paypal
1/1/2018 29,454.68
Cash receipts 440.00 A
Cash disbursements (1,282.29) B

1/31/2018 28,612.39
Pager deposits (400.00)
Net Team Cash 28,212.39

Cash receipts
Donation to Team (Denis Trafecanty) 400.00
Dues (Mitchel Mildbrandt) 40.00
440.00 A

Cash disbursements
Dues (MRA) 1,000.00
Reimbursement to T.J. Tischer for Team copy of Quickbooks Pro 200.31
Reimbursement to Tony Rolfe for coffee at 2017 MRA Re-Certification 31.90
Verizon 50.08
1,282.29 B

    1. Report approved by board vote.
  1. Venmo or other alternative to PayPal
  2. 501c3 filings due in April, TJ intends to complete early

Operations (Will Pisarello)

  1. Reports of operations and non-operations
  • 2018-01 Valley Center 1/27-28/18 Rosemarie Flores
    1. Ops report posted to and MRA
  • Nonoperations – 1/23/18 Vista, Carl Komer, 14 minutes
  1. Status of ESRI on-line reporting of ops stats to MRA
    1. Up to date. Aided MRA in troubleshooting their 2018 system.
  2. Op Comm- next meeting 2/7/18

Training (Hugo Bermudez)

  1. Training Committee updates
    1. 1/24/18 was 2018 kickoff meeting. Terra, Lee, Steve, Sharon, Hugo.
      1. Beginning 2019 training scheduling. Emphasis on snow & ice.
      2. Sharon heading advancement. A number of members being evaluated / encouraged.
      3. Reviewing medical training requirements. Sufficiency of PA, EMT, MD, etc. without wilderness aspects. Recommendation pending.
      4. Review of weekend training medical lessons. Exploring options for more in depth trainings.
      5. Committee requests training leads provide lesson plans at least 2 weeks prior to training to allow Sgt. Duey extra time to review, particularly if he is out of town.
  2. Tracking new recruits to field qualification spreadsheet – review of delinquencies for 90-day deadline 1/24/18)
    1. Board voted to terminate the following trainees due violations of attendance policies and failure to respond to contact attempts:
      1. William Buckley
      2. Mitchell Mildbrandt
      3. Doug Piller
    2. These trainees will be notified, and removed from team roster.
  3. Facilitating long-term trainee advancement to Rescue Member status – (Sharon) – Greg D, Will D, Eitan are next up
  4. 12/16/17 SAROps field training – Debrief, online survey results, plans for next year
    1. Coordinate instructors agendas earlier.
    2. Seeking ‘situational awareness’ participation exercise.
    3. Increase hand-on aspects to interrupt sitting time. Trailer tour, radio work, etc.
    4. Improve curriculum for ‘sar activation’.
    5. Setup 2 tracts for at least part of training. One advanced, one first year trainee.
  5. RMRU Winter Workshop on Tech Rescue Sat, 1/20/18 Indian Cove Campground, J Tree – Debrief
    1. Extremely well attended. 100+ attendees, 16 teams.
    2. Adam Kimmerly taught traditional climbing anchors in rescue scenarios.
    3. Morning was hour long lessons.
    4. Lunch: Geological lesson.
    5. Afternoon: 2-hour long sessions: Dual MPD & Highline.
  6. Supplemental tech training 1/31/18 at Ridgehaven- Debrief
    1. Successful. Well attended.
    2. Reminded that uniforms are required at Ridgehaven and for ALL SDSAR trainings.
  7. Upcoming 2/16-18/18 Tech II field training, Valley of the Moon (Steve).
    1. Lesson plan approved.
    2. Training will include meeting of technical rescue leaders for recert discussion.
  8. MRA Recert 3/3/18, Alabama Hills – Status of preparations, policy for non-field qualified member
    1. Team registration complete.
    2. Non-field qualified trainee’s seeking to attend must:
      1. Have attended Tech 1 & 2 field training
      2. Have all required field qualifications with the exclusion of their medical certification.
      3. Understand participation is at the discretion of the command staff.
  9. Next SDSDSR All-units training 3/24/18 at Mission Trails Park
    1. Dave Hendron from SDSAR is leading training.
    2. Seeking SDMRT involvement in planning and command staff positions.
    3. More information to come – Hugo Bermundez
  10. Binational training with TJ Fire Department
  11. USAR Training – new appointee from SDSDSAR
  12. Idea for tech rescue FOG (field operating guide) – Bill, Adam, & Hugo interested


Resignations: None

LOAs: None


  1. Probation letters sent and pending – Will P.
    1. All letters sent as of 2/5/18
  2. MultiSAR field training debrief and new applicant selection process (Melissa)– Evening workshop at Ops Comm meeting 2/7/18, agenda submitted by Richard
  3. ITC roles/responsibilities– Richard posted document on website and polled interest of current ITCs; Board to consider granting callout credit for acting as ITC on x number callouts
    1. Board is monitoring situation.
  4. MOU between SDMRT and Cleveland National Forest of USFS – Richard
    1. Draft MOU has been prepared by USFS, reviewed by Richard and is now being reviewed by USFS for final approval.
  5. Proposal to add Medical Plan to each field training (Eitan)
    1. Richard to revise form and present to board.
  6. SDMRT Facebook administrator – John Hatala; Melissa suggests consider Facebook page donations, weather updates/advisories, top line summaries of missions, and additional administrators
    1. Eitan working on private facebook group.
  7. SDMRT private Facebook page – Eitan
  8. HPWren status update (Mark Kenny)
  9. Cal OES out-of-county license for VHF SDMRT radio channel status update (Dennis, TJ)
  10. Fundraising offer from Mitch’s wife- John Hatala
  11. Outstanding returns of Sheriff ID cards: Michael Fisher
  12. Medical certifications for EMTs – under discussion in Training Committee
  13. REI local grants – Melissa to pursue: $5, 10 and 15K each
    1. Local grants are unlikely, but REI has suggested several other options for assistance. Meeting space, gear donations, fund drives, etc.
    2. Melissa to follow up.
  14. Yahoo group emails – Richard


  1. Team med pack revisions proposed by Eitan
    1. No formal requests made.
  2. Acquisition of new team 11 mm ropes.
    1. No formal requests made.
  3. Option of converting the Board email list to a google group (Adam)
    1. Board does not yet see need for group but is continuring to explore.
  4. Do we want the "emergency" sent to all OLs in addition to all ITCs? (Hugo)
    1. Board approves. Hugo to take lead.
  5. SDSDSAR/Reserves annual appreciation dinner 4/21/18, rsvp by 3/15/18
    1. Discussion of awards. Awards to be proposed to board by Hugo within next few weeks.
  6. Sierra Club invited SDMRT to community night of Wilderness Basics Course.
    1. 4/20/18. 6:15-6:45 at Scottish Rights Center in Mission Valley.
    2. Booth.
      1. Marshall & TJ. Seeking other volunteers. Contact TJ.
  7. Prodeal coordinator listing on is still Mark M., needs update to Roland.
  8. Peer support members.
    1. Discussion of adequacy of member numbers. Board concluded numbers are sufficient.
  9. Chula Vista fire station is available for training purposes. Contact Hugo.

Meeting concluded 21:02