Board Meeting – February 2019

SDMRT Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Monday February 4, 2019 1830 Strategic Ops

Present: Kyle A, Tony R, T.J. T, Nick M, Kevin L, Kristen K, Jeff O

Absent: none

Committee Reports

Treasurer: TJ Tischer

Treasurer’s Report January 31, 2019

Checking & PayPal Accounts: $37,031.97

Cash Receipts: $5052.00 A

Cash Disbursements: ($406.61) B

Cash Receipts

Donation: $2,000.00

Donation from Denis Trafecanty and Glenda Kimmerly: $400.00

Donation from VIASAT, Inc Community Outreach: $2,450.00

Donation from anonymous Facebook donors: $110.00

Membership Dues: $70.00

Team Store Receipts: $22.00

Cash Disbursements:

Payment to Verizon: ($50.08)

Reimbursement to Greg Mills for team dues ($35.00)

Reimbursement to Grayson Hough for avalanche beacon calibration ($221.53)

Refund to John Wehbring for pager deposit ($100.00)

2019 dues all paid.

Upcoming expected expenses:

  1. $1000 reimbursement to Kayley Bell for 2019 MRA dues mailed 2/4/2019
  2. $500 deposit check for San Diego, Department of General Services made to Hugo

Donations Discussed

  1. $2000 – has to be used within 12 months (will not be an issue with the expected gear purchases)
  2. $2560 from Network for Good/Viasat
    1. Should we do a message on the facebook page on thank you for anonymous donations?
      1. T.J. mentioned
      2. John or Melissa could put up a thank you – and perhaps direct to our website for donations?
      3. Last board discussed Facebook donations, chose not to mention donation button
    2. Should we do a letter to Viasat?
  3. Does MRA have a grant library?
    1. As a non-public entity it’s a bit more difficult for us to qualify
  4. Still need to look into Walmart ELT Grant
    1. Alex O has friend who is Walmart manager, we need a super-size Walmart
    2. Would get 2 more ELT devices that work with phones
    3. Multiple SAR teams have done this successfully

Insurance, needs renewal, no expected changes

  1. Board discussing

Operations: Tony Rolfe

  1. Met last week at Strategic Ops
  2. Meeting Cadence: Quarterly
  3. Agenda
    1. OLs looking over blue cards, next quarter will review suggestions
    2. OLs decided not to implement target count for OLs, did encourage the direction and controls course for new OLs, do need very good attendance
    3. OLs recommending Richard to the board – to be voted on at the meeting with a 2/3 vote, a couple others are potential
    4. Gear wishlist
      1. Waiting on radios (potential narrow band change upcoming)
        1. New batteries?
          1. $35-40 per. ~$500 total
        2. Radio relays for Baofeng with the increase in personal radios?
          1. ~$150
        3. Tech ropes
          1. 2 spools, 600’, red/blue – Petzl?
        4. Pullys and gear
          1. 8 rock exotica swivel blocks
          2. 2 omniblocks
          3. 30 petzl William carabiners
          4. 3 aztec kitz
          5. 3 helmets
      2. Going to look into lighter 9mm rope for low angle snow?
      3. Upgrading computer license?
        1. Large potential cost range
      4. More capable generator?
        1. ~$860 on Amazon
      5. Will vote via email once price quote is available
    5. ITC Suggestions
      1. In past, ITC got credit
        1. Not an issue now since all the ITC folks are great attendance-wise
        2. Tony mentioned marking i on the attendance sheet, so we know at the end of the year
          1. Jeff seconded
          2. Board unanimously agrees
      2. Some members haven’t done in a while
      3. Will look for a couple more folks, Dennis can teach them
    6. Cajon Mt. Op – report posted
    7. When Sherriff requests response, respond to them and to ours so both can track attendance

Training: Tony Rolfe

  1. Next Committee Meeting: Next month
  2. Meeting Cadence: Every other month
  3. Committee members will sit on a couple new people each
    1. Pack checks are a bit behind
    2. Probationary periods for new people discussed
      1. Discussing gear/prodeals timing vs. probation periods
        1. When do they need the prodeals, etc.
        2. Should it be after the 90 day where the field pack is needed, but then they can get gear for the 6 month tech gear
      2. When does team store access come?
        1. Have them start out with orange shirts?
        2. Give access after 90 days?
      3. Could look at when we have attrition each of the past few years
    3. Upcoming hard snow
      1. Manker flat car camping
    4. Helo postponed – weather
    5. Re-cert
      1. Need to send beacon up in advance
        1. Jeff to do
      2. People to attend?
        1. 10 team members, 1 subject, 2 evaluators (Monty and Kaylee)
          1. 20 RSVP’d yes at the moment
        2. Snowpack eval may be an item
        3. Can people come and not go into Nevada?
          1. DSW may only be necessary for crossing the state line
    6. Personal Rock after Hard Snow


  1. Resignations:
    1. None
  2. LOAs:
    1. None

Old Business

  1. DSW Cards – Hugo Tracking
  2. MOU between SDMRT and Cleveland National Forest of USFS (Richard)
    1. Completed

New Business

  1. Tony spoke to Air Force Lt. Col and directed to Monty and SarTopo creator (Matt Jacobs) and CalOES manager
    1. Class is similar to Direction and Control, but more national information
    2. Duey involved as well
  2. LHD Safety Stand-Down
    1. Asking Marshall, probably not
  3. Awards dinner
    1. Need to give count for tables, etc.
    2. April 6th
    3. Award nominations discussed
  4. Old slide digitization
    1. Tabled for next meeting
    2. Slides and negatives going back to 1967
    3. Would be ~$0.3-$1/image depending on the service, ~750-1000 images
      1. ~$250-$1000 depending on count and service