Board Meeting – February 2020

SDMRT Board of Directors Meeting Notes

5 Feb 2020

Attendance: Mike Winter, Brian Cohen, TJ Tischer, John Hatala, Melissa Rexilious, Nick McGuinness, Alicia Trigeiro, Tony Rolfe, Roland Sosa, Erin Rist

Training Leader Briefs: Mike Winter presented training plan for Hard Snow. Aim for going up on Friday and stay at the hut. 30 have responded to MM and 5 sheriffs have responded as well.

Board Approval of Previous Month Minutes

TJ motions, John 2nds, approved

Recruitment 2020 :

  1. Should recruitment be suspended for 2020?
    1. We are building at net of 5 per year (15 join, 10 leave), when do we need to stop? (Currently at 73)
    2. Trainings with 30+ people are difficult to plan
    3. Has been done before (2006)
    4. What should our team target be?
    5. 1:1 ratio of rescue member to recruits is desirable at trainings
      1. 30 current rescue members including specialists and OLs
    6. Emphasize that trainings are to keep up skills even for rescue members and to keep everyone proficient in rescue member skills, not just for trainees
      1. Also need to keep training content relevant for rescue members
    7. Vote on suspension?
      1. Unanimous
      2. Will need to update on website
    8. Start thinking about 2021 and evaluate based on team distribution
  2. Draft Plan Discussion with Erin Rist and Brian Cohen
    1. Idea of spending more time with people before they are formally on the team
    2. No vote is needed for DSW coverage
    3. Can invite someone to come to meetings, get to know us, do the background check
      1. 1.After background, they are eligible for DSW
      2. 2.Avoids background crunch time and interview crunch for us
      3. 3.Still get invitation to multi-SAR but we get more time
      4. 4.Also makes it so they don’t go out and buy gear, then fail the background and we can’t do anything
    4. After they go to the next trainings after multi-SAR (some time in January) have the vote on new members
      1. Gives us much more time to get us to know them, once they’re on the team with the current process it’s very hard to reverse
    5. Creating a working guideline of the proposed process
    6. Refined application
      1. 1.Much more emphasis on backpacking
      2. 2.Electronic submission goes to training committee, board, OLs for example, then we contact them if interested
      3. 3.People to review applications still in discussion for each of the phases
    7. Should we add a social event before multi-SAR to get to know the new people? Picnic for example
    8. Suspension/Plan introduction 12 Feb Team Meeting: John to give broad strokes summary on improving the process

Treasurer Report (TJ Tischer):

  1. Assets: $33,063.82
  2. Cash Receipts: $1,100
    1. Cash Disbursements: ($583.93)
  3. 12/24 Month Spending Plan Framework
    1. In 4 years, expenses average $7950/year (~$8k)
      1. If we go through expected annual we will be at ~$26,000 (assuming no income)
      2. Do we want to set this as an annual budget?
      3. T.J. to add a summary to the budget report with the current annual spend running total
    2. Income averages $10,500/year (positive ~$2,500)
      1. Not necessarily a problem for a while (tax exempt status but we have a lot of margin)
    3. Minimum reserve amount under discussion
    4. No plan currently for acquisitions but there will be some of course
  4. Notes:
    1. January Viasat check came directly from them
      1. Nick/TJ to send direct thank you to Viasat
    2. Team debit card acquired
    3. Tax filings will be done April/May
    4. Time to renew insurance in June now that trailer access is set
    5. New $2k donation from Viasat
    6. Second donation check given from Tony to T.J.

Operations (Tony Rolfe):

  1. OL Meeting 15 Jan
    1. Risk mitigation plan
      1. 1.Framework for best practices
      2. 2.Richard to present SARGAR
      3. 3.To be published later this month for discussion
  2. How do we qualify Type 1 people
    1. How can we approach this and be comfortable
    2. In the team’s past, every 3 years you had to attend at least 1 of every training
    3. What do the MRA and CalOES look for?
      1. Hard snow, soft snow, search, tech, experience on mountains
        1. Should we focus on these?
        2. Track on MM based on last time each of these was attended?
    4. Work in process but good starting place
    5. Sheriff alpine people go to 3 day San Bernardino course and think they’re “certified type 1”
      1. Not really a thing and skills are perishable
      2. Discussion continuing on how do we collaborate but also be our own team. To be added to the Plan of Action, Chris J to come to future board meeting
  3. Recent Operations: 9 Jan, Spring Valley

Training (Tony Rolfe):

  1. Soft Snow 11-13 Jan After Action
  2. LA Sheriff Dept Helo Training 9 Feb
  3. ME Tour 11 Feb
  4. Search Training 21-23 Feb
  5. Sexual harassment training
    1. Sherriff lawyers determined we need to take their class
    2. 1 hour segment at future team classroom training and can also be completed online


  1. Resignations: Tim Stemple
  2. LOAs
  1. Mitch McKnight 7 May 20
  2. Sean O’Grady 1 May 20

Old Business:

  1. Chase Bank Card – Received
  2. Reimbursement to Adam Completed
  3. Fiesta Island Scouting event 2 Feb

New Business:

  1. New ITC Recruitment
    1. Running low, team webpage doc lists responsibilities, does not have to be rescue member
    2. By 3/1 want to have 3 more
  2. Team jackets style and ordering timeline determination
    1. Other teams seem to have the same jackets year after year with matching mens and womens, how can we get this?
    2. Decision made to push out this year’s ordering
  3. Risk Assessment/Mitigation Plan Complete by 29 Feb 20 [POA&M] (SARGAR Card purchased; Richard will discuss at Team Meeting)
  4. ID Card issue resolution with SD Sheriff estimated 1 Feb 20
  5. Probation: Patrick C, Tim D, Will D, Eila M, Brett S will be getting probation
  6. Sierra Club wilderness basics course booth 2/25, PR and goodwill

Adjourned 2043