Board Meeting – January 2020

SDMRT Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday January 7th, 2019 1830 SOC

Present: Nick M, Alicia T, Roland S, Tony R, John H, T.J. T , Melissa R, Richard Y, Mark K, Alex O

Absent: None

Training Leader Briefs:

  1. Soft Snow (Alex O)
    1. Discussion of training plan and medical plan
    2. At Wednesday, mentioning PLB, snowshoes, shovels

2) Search (Mashall)

  1. Discussion of training plan and medical plan
  2. Same IC structure as Re-cert

Last month’s minutes: T.J. motions, approved

Treasurer: TJ Tischer

Treasurer’s Report December 31, 2019

  1. Checking & PayPal Accounts: $32,847.75
  2. Cash Receipts: $138.00
    1. Donation from Mary Litzenberg: $20.00
    2. Membership Dues: $118.00
  3. Cash Disbursements: ($639.77) B
    1. Payment to Verizon ($50.08)
    2. Reimbursement to Tony ($1693.41)
    3. Payment to MRA for 2020 dues ($1000.00)
  4. The following members paid no 2020 dues
    1. Chris Hill
    2. Jack Syring
  5. Reimbursement to background check refusals: John motioned, T.J seconded, approved
  6. Reimbursement to Christmas Porta John (Adam)
    1. What was the cost?
    2. John motioned, Nick seconded, approved, not to exceed $200
  7. Reimbursement to Dennis for charger: TJ motioned, Alicia seconded, approved
  8. 12/24 month spending plan: Will discuss in Feb Board Meeting

Operations: Tony

  1. 2019/12/9 – Mt Baldy – Report Posted

Training: Tony

  1. SAR Ops/Tech2 After Action
    1. Just under 50 people total for both
    2. SAR Ops had more variety, still sitting so much is tough
    3. Tech2 was good, single day, did what we could
  2. Helitac Training After Action
    1. Good, 14 people
    2. Groups of 3 and 4, practiced drop-offs, pick-ups in hover
    3. May-ish for the next one?
    4. Steve still working with LA county, waiting on airframe maintenance
  3. Soft Snow 11-13 January
    1. Mark going to do more recon
    2. Maybe move to Forsee Creek
    3. SDSDSAR might have someone going, waiver?
  4. Search Training 21-23 February
  5. 27 Feb 2020 Medical Examiner Tour: Sue going to tell Tony how many spaces we get


  1. Resignations: None
  2. LOAs:
  1. Justin Berg– military deployment to 2020/1/31
  2. Mitch McKnight – to 5/7/2020
  3. Sean O’Grady 2020/5/1
  1. Chris Hill and Jack Syring: Reached out, no replies, no dues paid, off the team
  2. New recruit: Melissa motions to allow resubmission of background check, John seconded, approved

Old Business

  1. Debit Card for Chase Account
    1. Ordered, not yet received
    2. Based on the new board, Kyle Albertson is being removed from the Chase account and John Hatala is being added for check signing
  2. Old Slide Digitization – Completed
  3. Team Jackets (Mitch) – Timeline, 2020/2/12?
  4. Weld Trailer Clean Up Complete (Kevin, Melissa, T.J.)

New Business

  1. Tim Staples Memorial Takeaways: Many people and SAR members there, very well done
  2. Peak Rescue Training Scholarships Look to field interest and who could commit 100%, dates are on the website for October
  3. Appreciation/Awards Night – April, should have nominees done March 4th
  4. Risk Assessment/Mitigation Plan Complete by 2020/2/29
    1. SARGAR card, Richard created draft: Nick motions NTE $150 for 250 cards, T.J. seconded, approved
    2. Need to continue looking at risk mitigation and improving how we do it
  5. Recruitment 2020 draft plan of action and milestones
    1. Changing timeline, etc.
    2. Do we need 2020 recruiting given the team count?

Adjourned: 2050