Board Meeting – July 2020

SDMRT Board of Directors Meeting Notes

1 Jul 2020

Present (via Video): John H, Nick M, Tony R, Alicia T, Melissa R, Roland S, T.J. T

Board Approval of Previous Month Minutes: Melissa motioned, Roland seconded, approved

Treasurer Report (TJ Tischer):

  1. Assets: $34,454.74
    1. Cash Receipts: $123.00
    2. Cash Disbursements: $720.24
  2. Notes:
    1. Team tax filings for IRS (990-N) and California Franchise Tax Board (199N e-Postcard) have been completed and filed
    2. Renewal of CA Registry of Charitable Trusts requires an "Account Code" that would have been sent via postcard. Have we received anything in the last 30 days? The most recent postcard I have does not have the "Account Code" on it
    3. The new team insurance policy # is VFNU-TR-0012603-00. Payment was sent on 6/25/20 and I am awaiting a copy of the policy (no changes from last year per our broker)
    4. Post Office box rental will be due July 30th. Expect a notification in our box in the coming weeks

Operations (Tony Rolfe)

  1. Recent Operations: 17 Jun, Stanley Neff
    1. 4 people went (Dylan, Rob B, Kelly S, Jenn M)

Training (Tony Rolfe):

  1. Mountain Climb (Nick)
    1. Combining Training and Medical forms going forward
  2. Desert Training, Anza Borrego SP: Command Post set up? (Melissa)
    1. Superintendent said maybe, check back end of July
    2. Backup location perhaps BLM land?
  3. RRT Training at Ridgehaven Oct 3-4, 6, 8, and 10-11 Oct
    1. Shifted due to inability to train in person
    2. The two weekends before our October training
  4. Med Plan addendum removal
    1. Large overlap with training plan
    2. Combine with training plan with medical to single plan?


  1. Resignations: None
  2. LOA: Sean O’Grady 1 Oct 20
  3. Field Qualified Members

Old Business:

  1. Status of ITC training for Marshall and Steve
  2. MRA Type 1 search guidance for ITC/SDMRT members
  3. Medical
    1. UCSD Med Director position formalization
      1. Zoom meeting with Dr. Coffey and Tony, John
      2. Approvals are looking good so far, now board and medical committee need to align
      3. We do have the Support Member Role for those who add value to the team but not in regular roles
      4. Could leverage med students for presentations on monthly medical topics
      5. Will require the team to make specific attendances on medical trainings and a demonstration of hands on skills (no cost)
      6. We also will allow select students, Dr. Coffey, to attend a few trainings (the low risk trainings on a case by case basis) to give those students more exposure to wilderness practice
      7. Will require a team vote and then familiarization with county protocols
    2. Med Policy V2.0 (Aug 1/Mark)
      1. Under construction

New Business:

  1. Team jackets
    1. Style (Do we like the boundary peak 3L style)
      1. Black/red combo like Magic Mountain
        1. Remove crosses
        2. Remove ID sleeve
        3. Add team logo embroidered over left chest pocket
    2. Stock, should we have extras?
      1. Yes, especially without names and due to longer lead times
    3. Subsidization
      1. Assume $250, cost for shipping, cost for tax, cost for setup
      2. Team pays tax, shipping, setup?
      3. What would the team be willing to spend? (budget)
        1. How many people would buy a new jacket? (send out poll)
  2. Med Director jacket/shirt
  3. Website construction
    1. Dax Ross has done some web dex
    2. Needs to be easy to edit
    3. Can’t underestimate how much someone will have to work with the designer on it
    4. 30 Sept Goal?

Adjourned 2042