Board Meeting | June 2017

SDMRT Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

Monday, 5 June 2017, 1830 at Strategic Operations, Conference Center Board Room

Meeting called to order at 1835

Present board members: TJ, John, Kiana, Sean, Hugo, Richard

Guest members: John M, Ming, Dylan

Minutes approved from May


Treasurer (Lori Rigsbee)

  1. May 2017 report – Submitted during the meeting. Board to subsequently review
  2. Donations and thank-you letters – All thank-you letters are up to date
  3. Charitable trust tax forms missing from 2011 – The missing forms were submitted by Lori
  4. Mt Baldy Cabin refund $200 to Jeff – Previously approved by board through email
  5. Re-permit $50 fee to change trip from Mt Ritter to Mt Dade
    1. Can this be covered by the previous budget limit approved for mtn climb permits? If so, no Board action. Will inquire of Lori.

Operations (Kiana Nakamura)

  1. Reports of operations and non-operations
    1. 2017-10 El Cajon 6/1/17 Madison Hann
  2. Upcoming scheduled callout, 6/10/17, 0700-1600, Green Valley Falls, Nicolas Smedley Search resumed
  3. ESRI on-line reporting of ops stats to MRA – ongoing

Training (Hugo Bermudez)

  1. Training committee updates
  2. Field qualification tracking/extensions 1st year trainees: Mark Cotter to 6/4, Shawn Moore to 6/4, Kevin Litwin to 6/4, Jonathan Wachtel to 7/6 pending course registration confirmation – Kiana will follow-up on the status of these members.
  3. Facilitating long-term trainee advancement to Rescue Member status (Sharon Fields) – Sharon is in contact with several members
  4. Nav field training – debrief and takeaway lessons – Very good training. The Tribal Police at Los Coyotes Indian Reservation was very welcoming and would welcome SDRMT back for future trainings
  5. Upcoming Mountain Climbing field trainings – The Mount Shasta trip is no longer an SDMRT field training. The Mt Ritter trip was changed to Mt Dade because of snow impeding access to trailhead
  6. Possible supplemental helitac training with USCG – Steve Herman is reporting looking at possible dates in July.
  7. Urban and Field Safety Training, 6/13/17, 1800-2100 – Would like to see more SDRMT members sign up
  8. Tech rope course 9/23-10/1/17, Sat/Sun 2 weekends plus Tues and Thur in between
  9. USAR Training – Hugo, someone to take over from Craig Yoles
  10. Tech Tuesdays, 6/6 and 6/20/17, 1800-2100, Ridegehaven Parking Structure
  11. SDSAR All-Units Training 7/8/17 0800-1500 Campus Point Dr, multiple injury scenario/triage f/b scenario


Resignations: Shannon Coates, 5/8/17

LOAs: Brett until 5/31/17, Nazli until 7/24, David Hixon until 10/31/17, New request Amy van Cise 7/1/17 – 9/15/17 was approved by the Board


  1. Policy 301 revision for personal tech gear (Tony) – No update
  2. Weld team trailer inventory/house-cleaning (TJ Tischer) – No update
  3. SMDRT website rebuild by Adam, posting of documents – No update
  4. Policy 201 MOU revision (citizen volunteer vs. associate agency, citizenship), reviewed with Frank Motley, passed to Sgt. Duey 9/15/16, under review with SDSAR – No update
  5. MOU between SDMRT and Cleveland National Forest of USFS – No update
  6. UCSD HPWREN high speed data network, draft MOU sent to Board (Dennis Peck) – TJ to follow up with Dennis
  7. Out-of-county license for VHF SDMRT radio channel (Dennis) – TJ to follow up with Dennis
  8. Outstanding returns of Sheriff ID cards (Aaron Andrews) – Richard to contact Aaron
  9. SDMRT Facebook administrator – John Hatala provided updates to the board
  10. SDSAR Field Operating Guide – The Board decided not to pursue a FOG for SDMRT.
  11. Fundraising offer from Mitch’s wife – The Board has no further info on this.
  12. ITC roles to be defined in writing – Richard will prepare daft document.


  1. Policy for nonmembers on field trainings
    1. ACTION: Board reviewed a first draft of new policy and agreed to take it to the training committee for review
  2. Weld team trailer roof repair (TJ Tischer)
    1. ACTION: Board approved the budget not to exceed $300 to repair the weld team trailer
  3. Boy Scouts request for guest speakers – The board will request follow-up on this from Marshall.
  4. Planning for recruitment Sept/Oct 2017 – Updates from Erin, no Board action.
  5. Consider moving date of next Board meeting from 7/3/17, which falls on holiday weekend
    1. ACTION: Board moved the next board meeting from 7/3/17 to 7/10/17
  6. Other items – None

Meeting adjourned at 2048