Board Meeting – June 2019

SDMRT Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Tuesday June 11th, 2019 1830 Anny’s Burgers

Present: Tony R., Nick M, Jeff O, Kevin L, Kristin K.

Absent: Kyle A, T.J. T.

Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report: TJ Tischer

Treasurer’s Report May 1, 2019

-Checking & PayPal Accounts: $35,303.15

-Cash Receipts: $36.06 A

-Cash Disbursements: ($110.08) B

Cash Receipts

-Donation: $26.06 – Amazon Smile

-Team stores: $10

Cash Disbursements:

-Payment to Verizon ($50.08)

-Reimbursement to TJ for MRA order ($247.00)

-Reimbursement to Hugo for team awards plaques ($60)

Insurance Renewal just arrived.

Operations Committee: Tony Rolfe

  1. OL Meeting (Quarterly)

    a) Last month had meeting: discussed ITC strategies (Support Member possibility?), Blue Card (tabled), RaDEMS risk assessment tools

Board decided to have Hugo chair the ITC group and get together with active members to determine method to increase membership and participation. Tony will talk with Eric Hanigan about callout procedures.

~80% of MRA teams use some method of decision management framework at the start of an operation, most use the NPS app.

2. Operations

  • 09/1 – 04/18/2019 – Vista – Abbey Motzer – Searchers: Richard Yocum, Sukhyung Shin, Hugo Bermudez, Bill McNaul, Alicia Trigeiro, Jesse Ma, Dylan Bodkin, Mark Kenny, Grayson Hough, Kevin Litwin
  • 09/2 – 04/19/2019 – Vista – Abbey Motzer – Searchers: Bill McNaul, Marshall Masser, Michelle Bearmar, John Hatala, Michael Winger, Frank Ortega
  • 10 – 04/22/2019 – Maria – Searchers: Brian White NO REPORT
  • 11 – 05/19/2019 – McCain Valley – Searchers: Dennis Peck Richard Yocum, Pete Jenkins, Marshall Masser, Adam Babin, Dylan Bodkin, David Brandt NO REPORT

Training Committee: Tony Rolfe

  1. Mountain Climbs
  • Completed – Darwin/Mendel (San G), Mt. Agassiz, and Mt. Langley
  • Scheduled – Mt. Morgan, High Sierra Route, Split Mt., Williamson/Tyndall, Alta Peak

2. Search – Cuyamaca School

  • Plan in works
  • Sharon has approval, needs additional insured letter
  • Tony will be leading as Sharon can’t make the weekend

3. Mark Johnson’s medical sessions

  • COC before next meeting, Kelly Sloan on altitude illnesses
  • Follow emails for the location and topics

4. Training Committee – Meeting next month in July before classroom training

5. Medical scope of practice

  • Mark still investigating

6. Sheriff’s Liason

  • Sgt. Duey asked if it would be helpful if a sheriff member came to our board meetings, Tony will reach out to Eric Hanigan about a sheriff rep attending our monthly team meeting.


  1. Resignations: None
  2. LOAs:
  • Justin – military deployment till January 2019
  • Eitan – Request resignation

3. Field Qualified: All new people should be finished this weekend, still awaiting some ID cards.

4. Rescue Member Nominations: The Board recommends the team vote on Kevin Litwin for Rescue Membership.

5. Personnel – Noticed Dennis and Richard not on the Sheriff’s side of Mission Manager…. Command Group appears to have removed them from our view.

Old Business

  1. Old Slide Digitization
  • In process
  • Repository of documents – Training plans and slide shows stored for reference, please send all materials to sdmrtarchives@gmail, or provide thumb drive or other device to Tony

2. Team strategy for technology

  • Tech committee of Jeff, Dennis, Adam
  • We get some Microsoft Azure annual credit ($3500), do we want to look into that for hosting and/or other website updates?

3. General liability policy

  • Unanimous renewal (policy arrived June 11, 2019)
  • Still discussing the trailer insurance
  • T.J to ask for some additional info on policies

New Business

  1. Radio reprogramming
  • Team radios to be reprogrammed in accordance with updated radio plan
  • Adam/Dennis/Bill/Tony will come up with several up to date spreadsheet for personal programming to handle both ham operators and non-ham operators
  • Additionally, Dennis updated a protocol for emergency radio traffic in mission manager.

2. New gear requests

Tech Related: ($3990)

  • (2) Sterling 7/16” SuperStatic2 600’ $700 ea total: $1400
  • (6) OmniBlock 1.5 Single $92/ea. total $552
  • (2) OmniBlock 1.5 Double $135/ea. total $270
  • (3) AztecKit $360/ea total $1080
  • (40) Petzl Williams screw lock carabiners $17/ea total $680

Motion made and approved, not to exceed $4K, Jeff seconded, unanimous support.

Radio related: ($132.64)

  • Qty 3: SUPER STICK II extendable antennas, Smiley #15010 W/SMA male , $24.50 ea
  • Qty 1: 5/8 SLIM DUCK antenna, Smiley #16020 w/SMA male , $23.50 ea
  • Qty 1: MINI RUBBER DUCK antenna, Smiley #15070 w/SMA male , $19.00 ea

Total: $132.64 all antennas tuned for center freq = 155.00 MHz

Motion made not to exceed $150, Jeff seconded, unanimous support.

Miscellaneous Items:

  • Just-Rite brand, model 891200, 12 gal (vol) capacity, 35"H x 18"D x 23 1’4"W, 1 shelf.
    Cost: $383.29, weight: 97 lb, free ground shipping
    source: item #G1038545

The team has six lanterns plus fuel can, and this cabinet will hold just that amount, though it might be tight with the lanterns in the carrying cases. If too tight, then the lanterns can be stored in the cabinet w/o the transit case(s).

Motion made not to exceed $400. Nick seconded, unanimous support.

  • Yamaha model EF2000iSv2, 2Kw, 44 lbs, list: $899, generally available for $795 or less. Or EF2200iS 2200 $1065

Sample seller:

Table this item until printer is acquired, and we can determine our power needs.

On Hold Items:

  • Edge transition tool (Tony) – table for now… brand new not enough info on effectiveness
  • New laser printer (Nick investigating) – table till later date
  • Battery/Solar – Table till later date

3. Instagram:

Kristin is going to start a team Instagram page and will be in charge of managing it.

Adjourned: 1800