Board Meeting – March 2018

SDMRT Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, 7 March 2018, 1830 at Strategic Operations, Board Room

Present: Richard Yocum, TJ Tischer, John Hatala, Francisco Villa, Will Pisarello, Melissa Rexilius

Review, corrections, and approval of prior board meeting minutes from Feb 2018


Treasurer (TJ Tischer)

  1. Feb 2018 reports

Treasurer’s Report

February 28, 2018

2/1/2018 28,642.39

Cash receipts 16.72 A

Cash disbursements (1,550.83) B

2/28/2018 27,108.28

Pager deposits (400.00)

Net Team Cash 26,708.28

Cash receipts

Donation to Team (Amazon Smile Foundation) 16.72

16.72 A

Cash disbursements

Reimbursement to Adam Kimmerly for 2x 11mm MPDs 1,500.75

Verizon 50.08

1,550.83 B

  1. Venmo or other alternative to PayPal
    1. No update.
  2. 501c3 filings due in April, TJ intends to complete early
    1. Not yet completed.

Operations (Will Pisarello)

  1. Reports of operations and non-operations
  • 2018-03 Ramona 2/17/18 – Valerie Nelson
    1. Report published to
  • Nonoperations – none

Training (Hugo Bermudez)

  1. Training Committee reports
    1. No report.
  2. Tracking new recruits to field qualification
    1. No update.
  3. Facilitating long-term trainee advancement to Rescue Member status – (Sharon)
    1. No update.
  4. 2/16-18/18 Tech II field training
    1. 30-35 SDMRT. Very efficient training given early time in the calender of the training. Excellent rehearsal for recert in training scenarios.
  5. MRA Recert 3/3/18, Alabama Hills – debrief
    1. Team passed recertification. Score:17/18.
      1. Proctor concerns:
        1. Medical care: Feeding the subject vs restricting food/liquids. Resolved as a county to county issue.
        2. MPD wear. Proctors noted that in their experience the MPD case can wear due to rope drag.
          1. All SDMRT MPDs should be inspected.
    2. Estimated 400 SAR members in attendance.
    3. 24-25 SDMRT in attendance. Marshall as subject. Kayleigh & Monty as proctors. Tony as IC.
    4. Richard to present information at team meeting following receipt of official results.
  6. Upcoming Soft Snow field training – Brett
    1. Location is TBD. Snow is proving hard to find.
  7. Next SDSDSR All-units training 3/24/18 at Mission Trails Park
    1. No updates
  8. Binational training with TJ Fire Department
    1. No updates.
  9. USAR Training – new appointee from SDSDSAR
    1. No updates.
  10. Idea for tech rescue FOG (field operating guide) – Bill, Adam, & Hugo interested
    1. No updates.


Resignations: Amy van Cise 3/2/18

LOAs: None


  1. MOU between SDMRT and Cleveland National Forest of USFS – Richard
    1. Getting close. Minor edits in progress by USFS.
  2. Medical Plan for field trainings – Richard
    1. Approved by board of directors.
    2. Now mandatory for field training leaders.
    3. Richard to update ‘How to be a Training Leader’ document.
  3. 2/20/18 Sierra Club WBC Community Night – debrief
    1. Tony & TJ attended. Great opportunity for community outreach.
    2. Local girl scout troop requested a speaking engagement. TJ is in contact with Marshall to set it up.
  4. SDMRT Facebook pages – John and Eitan
    1. Surpassed 900 followers this month.
  5. HPWren status update (Mark Kenny)
    1. No update.
  6. Cal OES out-of-county license for VHF SDMRT radio channel status update (Dennis, TJ)
    1. No update.
  7. Fundraising offer from Mitch’s wife- John Hatala
    1. No update.
  8. Outstanding returns of Sheriff ID cards: Michael Fisher (Amy has returned hers)
    1. No update.
  9. Medical certifications for EMTs – under discussion in Training Committee
    1. No update.
  10. REI local grants – Melissa
    1. No update.


  1. Team med pack revisions proposed by Eitan
    1. No update.
  2. Acquisition of new team 11 mm ropes
    1. No purchases made in the previous month.
  3. Do we want the "emergency" sent to all OLs in addition to all ITCs? (Hugo)
    1. No update.
  4. SDSDSAR/Reserves annual appreciation dinner 4/21/18, rsvp by 3/15/18 – SDMRT attendees and award recipients – Hugo
    1. No update.
  5. Sheriff ID card access to gates at COC and Ridgehaven – Hugo
    1. Contact Hugo if your team ID does not open the gates at the COC.
  6. CRMRA scholarship for spring conference in Canada, 6/6-10/2018
    1. Scholarship information emailed to team on 3/1/18.
  7. LE Regional POST-Plan IV class on radio comms, 3/10/18, 0800-1700, La Mesa Police Dept
    1. Great opportunity to learn more about the 800MHz system.
  8. BSA Flag Retirement ceremony, 3/24/18, 1700, Lakeside Rodeo Grounds
    1. Boy Scouts would like to retire a flag in the name of the mountain rescue team.
    2. Seeking SDMRT members to attend.
  9. UCSD Medical School demonstration – 3/7/18
    1. Meeting requested to learn more about SDMRT.
    2. 12 medical students & 2-3 Medical School instructors expected.
    3. SDMRT will demonstrate tracking and low angle litter raise/lower on the UCSD campus.
      1. Interactive with students.
    4. Tony, Richard, Dennis, Patrick, Pete, Marshal, John, Lee, Roland, Brett.
  10. Delivery of method of MRA membership cards is not clear. PO box will be monitored, as well as the personal mail of the three members who’s contact information was submitted to the MRA (Richard, Will, TJ).
  11. Money required for Mt. Baldy hut training. Amount unclear because it is based on attendance.
    1. TJ to bring check.
  12. Melissa contacted by someone seeking to write a book about the Sylvia search.
    1. Board affirmed SDMRT members are not at liberty to discuss operations.
    2. Requests should be directed to the SDSO public affairs office.

Adjourned 1930.