Board Meeting – March 2020

SDMRT Board of Directors Meeting Notes

4 March 2020

Attendance: John H, Kristin K, T.J. T, Alicia T, Nick M, Tony R, Roland S, T. Rex,

Training Leader Briefs:

Kristin K, Personal Rock 17-19 April, New Jack City

Board Approval of Previous Month Minutes: Motioned, seconded, approved

Treasurer Report (TJ Tischer):

  1. Assets: $35,413.74
    1. Cash Receipts: $2,400
    2. Cash Disbursements: ($50.08)
  2. Notes:
    1. $282.00 in Mountain Climb permits to be reimbursed to Nick in March
    2. Dennis mentioned he may be requesting reimbursement for radio headphones based on feedback from Search Training
    3. Tax filings due in May
    4. Insurance policy expires 6/27/2020, needs to be renewed by June
    5. Not to exceed $300 approved for Jeff/Recert CP
    6. For future discussion, should we continue the Verizon hotspot?

Operations (Tony Rolfe):

  1. Recent Operations:
    1. Brian Lee Danielson 2/15
    2. Guillermo Grazilla 2/28
    3. Velma “Val” Haney 3/3
  2. MRA Reaccreditation 3/7

Training (Tony Rolfe):

  1. Search Training After Action
  2. Hard Snow 3/20-3/22
  3. 90 day qualification extensions; certification awareness (MRT-2+)


  1. Resignations: Tim Stemple
  2. LOAs
    1. Mitch McKnight 7 May 20
    2. Sean O’Grady 1 May 20
  3. Mountain Rescue Member candidates
    1. To be looked at during training meeting
      1. Vote on one at next team meeting

Old Business:

  1. Medical Qualification policy proposal complete, pending review by board in May
  2. SARGAR cards and implementation
  3. New Sheriff ID: get them upon expiration of existing, no rush if current one works

New Business:

  1. Risk Assessment/Mitigation Overview (John’s 12 slides, 10 minutes)
  2. New ITC Nominees (Board VOTE): Marshall and Steve; remove unused ITCs
    1. Motioned by Tony, seconded by Melissa, approved
  3. Annual Award (4/25) nominees (Board NOMINATE)
    1. 20 Year Service Award: Sharon and Dennis
    2. Distinguished Team Member: Kevin and Steve
    3. Nominees approved
  4. MRA Type 1 designation and qualification of SDMRT members
    1. Training committee discussing, likely tracking specific training attendance
  5. Photos for Awards dinner
  6. Peak Rescue change to syllabus; now it’s a Train the Trainer education
    1. Not as much what we need
  7. Team VOTE for suspension of 2020 recruitment 3/11
  8. Inland SAR school publicization

Adjourned 2015