Board Meeting – May 2020

SDMRT Board of Directors Meeting Notes

6 May 2020

Present (via Video): John H, Nick M, Tony R, T.J. T, Roland Sosa, Alicia T, Melissa R

Training Leader Brief: N/A, lesson plan still in works for Tech 1

Board Approval of Previous Month Minutes: Melissa motioned, T.J seconded, approved

Treasurer Report (TJ Tischer):

  1. Assets: $35,320.42
    1. Cash Receipts: $0.00
    2. Cash Disbursements: $(530.08)
  2. Notes
    1. Verizon account closure in process (T.J.)
      1. Verizon is difficult in closing accounts of course
    2. Tax filings and CA Charitable Trust renewal due in May
    3. Team insurance will be with a new underwriter but should still be relatively similar when renewed

Operations (Tony Rolfe)

  1. Recent Operations:
    1. 4/4 Betty Welt (posted)
    2. 4/11 Alfred Morris (posted)
    3. 4/24 Edna Publicover (posted)
    4. 4/26 Roberto Camou (posted)
      1. SPOT/Air Force analysis team in FL helped with the cell phone data, far more accurate than Verizon/AT&T, should be used as much as we can
  2. Ops Report Backlog
    1. 3/24 Thomas Freeman – Bugging people about ops periods 2/3
    2. 3/28 Chula Vista – Waiting on Hugo

Training (Tony Rolfe):

  1. Attendance requirement adjustment for training/Ops/Certifications
    1. All callouts for now count as “limited” and are bonus credit only
    2. Board agrees
    3. Meeting attendance still being tracked
  2. Navigation cancellation May
    1. Rescheduling tentatively for December
  3. Tech I Valley of the Moon in June
  4. Mountain Climb Leaders
  5. More online optional streams?


  1. Resignations: None
  2. LOAs
  1. Mitch McKnight 7 May 20
  2. Sean O’Grady 1 Oct 20

Old Business:

  1. Status of ITC training for Marshall and Steve
    1. Did this happen virtually?
  2. New ITC candidates
  3. MRA Type 1 designation and qualification of SDMRT members
    1. Last 3 years, checking specific trainings that factor in to Type 1
    2. Info loaded to MM based on Altitude, All Weather, and Tech
    3. Update twice a year (once in spring after snow, once in fall after techs)
  4. UCSD Medical Director
    1. Still in process, likely slowed down by COVID

New Business:

  1. Med Policy Review
    1. Motioned to vote on at meeting by Nick, seconded by Tony
    2. Will be brought up at the May team meeting, John to send out
  2. Nick Statistics Presentation at Team Meeting

Adjourned 2007