Board Meeting | Nov-2016

call to order at 640pm

Prior meeting minutes review and approval

correction: Team PLB (personal locator beacon) registration


Treasurer’s Report: (L. Rigsbee) (dist’d by email) 24,743. deposit for brewery and the Verison hot spot. Team dues are due december 1st for everyone and Lori will bring the store to the team meeting on the 9th.

SDMRT Treasurer’s Report

October 2016

Checking & PayPal accounts


Cash receipts0.00A

Cash disbursements(600.56)B


Pager funds allocated(300.00)

Net Team Cash

Cash receipts



Cash disbursements

Deposit for Stone Brewery500.00

Verizon (2 months)100.56



(J. Wehbring) one, LA County mutual aid. #12

#12 A mutual aid callout was made at 2115 on 28 October 2016 for an operation to begin 0700 on 29 October to assist Sierra Madre Search & Rescue (SMSR) in locating 63-year-old John Richard King.

#13 A callout was received at 1157, Sunday, August 7th, to search for a missing 70 year old black man, Brian Conway. The CP was to be at the Lakeside Middle School, 11833 Woodside Avenue in Lakeside. The search was cancelled at 1645 with a message that the subject had been located on Woodside Avenue. Responding were Rob Bair, T.J. Tischer, Marshall Masser, Bill McNaul and Pete Jenkins.

#14 A callout was made at 1649 on Monday, August 15th, to search for a black male, David Bratton, in Encinitas. The CP was to be the Encinitas City Hall, 505 South Vulcan Avenue. The search was cancelled at 1848 when the subject was located walking along the Interstate 15 shoulder in Encinitas. It was reported by a citizen and confirmed by a deputy..

#15 A callout was made at 2035, Saturday, August 27th, to search for an 81-year-old male with severe dementia, Andy Cisneros in Santee. The CP was to be Carlton Hills Church at 8735 Halberns Boulevard, Santee. Responding were Marshall Masser, Michael Fisher, Brian White, Mark Kenny and Jesse Ma.

The search was cancelled at 2137 when the subject was located.

Training: (R.Yocum)

Nov: Tracking – Greg Gates is the training leader. Release of liability will be handed out at our next team meeting.

Dec: HeliTac – Steve Herman is training leader. It will take place at ASTREA. There will not be any hot loading.

2017 Training Calendar – Steve is making way with riverside to do some training with them in the future. Would be considered a supplemental training with Steve Herman as training leader. Richard talked with the outgoing and incoming training leader and was told we could join them in april 2018 for helitac. Our current recruits will be good for this year and then we would send members in 2018. dropping helitac and adding. Moving mountain climb from. Dropping ELT training from the search field training. It is no longer going to be part of the search recred. From monty. We will be getting ELT at desert. Erin and Michelle bear mar are going to team up to teach the search training. We are going to do it in 2 parts to split it out because we don’t have the forth tuesday in December. This way we can be more specific for the re cert.

2017 Re-cert accommodations & deposit – There are primitive camp sites.We will also get a Room in barstow with 3 queen beds. The room will be for 6 people at 101$ and will be reserved for operation leaders and team equipment, everyone else will be camping on BLM land.

Blue cards in editable PDF. – Ready for launch. Steve mentioned that some components don’t work with Apple devices and we are going to work on getting that squared away. The blue card is there for the connivance of sign offs. You still need to be face to face, you can now email your digital card to the training leader to get signed off.

Richard Yocum now has access to post on the website.

Sheriff is having an all units training in Anza Borrego. Ken Hodge and Richard have signed up. It will take place on Saturday the 5th at 0800. 55 people total have signed up. Death valley, looking for jets that collided and were never found.


Resignations: Morgan Bailey

LOA Request: Dave Hixon requested a LOA through 5/31/2017 Richard made a motion and Dennis second passed. The motion passed unanimously.

LOA: A.Mann (1/1/16-12/31/16), Corrin H. (10/4/16 – 4/4/17) we are going to reach out to Amy to remind her she is back to active soon.

Field Qualified:

Background check: need to turn-in package: Cheyanne Abolt,


1. Team 50th Anniversary: vol’s, Hugo, Mark K., Marshall Masser. Sites: Liberty Station, Proposed date: April 23 1:00pm, update. Mark has given a deposit. Adam is working on an event for the climbing gym in vertical hold on friday. Sharron was asked about doing a hiking event on saturday. The event is on Facebook. We will ask for hard RSVPs in January. Hopefully we can get some donations from the sheriff or other organizations, the list was given to Hugo and people will start to be contacted looking for donations for the anniversary. New potential donator might be the Whole sale division of A16. After December 9th Vertical Hold will be out of business, or at least have to find a new location. They sent out an Email explaining there situation. We will be trying to reach some lost alumni to invite to the meeting. Mark asked about allowing non members to attend with a donation because there is some extra space. Are we going to allow members to being SO’s and will we extend that to the Sheriff? We are limited to around 200 people now that we have the inside and the outside. We disused asking for a 10$ recommenced donation for all members and non members including SAR. We are going to do a silent auction. Whatever we spend on beer and food will go towards the overall bill. Raffle laws are different from silent auctions. You don’t need a permit for silent auction, but do for raffles. You need a permit before hand in order to hold a raffle. Lori is working on how to handle the silent auction. We can’t make donations mandatory so we will ask for a recommended donation.

2. Recruiting wrap-up, 17 trainees accepted. We are going to require background checks prior to DSW cards starting next year. Our calender needs to be altered. And people should have paper work prior to the multiSAR. Dewy has not yet herd back from his massage to Matt Sharper. Dennis asked Monty and he is supposed to follow up 11/3/16 Fred doesn’t want to have to fill out an insurance claim for someone that doesn’t pass a background check. Due to this, people might clear the background check but still not be asked to come on the team. We will have to ask for recruits to apply for a background check early with the stipulation that it is not sufficient to make the team. Best time to do back ground checks in terms of quickness from the Sheriff’s side is around June 30th and would be good to get recruits ready to submit them then and get them back in July. There needs to be a system in place to let people know that if they pass they aren’t necessary on the team yet, weather that be through the recruitment process or another viable communication pathway.

3. UCSD HPWREN high speed data network – update on contacts with County Fire, MOU draft in process. Dennis is drafting an MOU that will have to be reviewed by the board and with the fire department. Processes was stalled a little but will be picked up again.

4. Policy 201 MOU review: reviewed w/ Frank Motley passed to Sgt Duey 9/15/2016, no response to date. No word back, Dennis will follow up. Dennis will work with passing any open things off to the next board after elections.

5. Holiday Party: December 17th , 2016, Hosted by Nasli & Shaun


1. Field Training Leader training, material review; November mtg

2. DSW for Trainees

3. Medical exams for trainees: Monty has made arrangements with US Healthworks, $80/exam. US healthworks needs the teams email and phone number. If we consider that reasonable then we can go on. Richard asked about docs that do high school team physicals. Richard said he thought they went for around $25 and will look into that option.

4. Facebook proposal from John H. – John wants to be an admin to maintain the website and be the point of contact for posting pictures, comments, reply to comments and forward necessary comments or questions to the board. Reply to simple questions and comments. Approval of photos before posting anything questionable would be forwarded to the board. Dennis will be talking with John about how to operate the website. Mark said there is a recored training through MRA on the website that explains how to handle public relations. We will have John watch and ask the board if he has any questions. A motion passed unanimously to give John Hatala editor access to the team Facebook page.

  1. Mentor Program – new lead needed with Jame’s departure. They last few years have been a lot of work with little return. We are considering letting it go. New people are on mission manager and can see who are operation leaders and rescue members and g to them with questions.
  2. We only have one canopy and it is not in the best of shape. We would like to buy 3 more new ones. If they had vented ones to prevent flipping that would be best. Richard motioned and Tony seconded for $500 to buy 2-3 canopies and that motion passed unanimously. Mark Kenny will be in charge of buying them. He is going to try and have them for tracking training next week.

7. 2017 Board Nominations

◦ Richard -Pres

◦ Hugo – VP

◦ Lori – Treas.

◦ Roland – MAL

◦ Sean – MAL

◦ Marshall – MAL

◦ Possibly Brian Cohen and Sharron. Richard will touch base with them.

Someone needs to get the key for the Meeting at the strategic operation center since John Wehbring is no longer in charge of getting it.

900pm meeting adjourned