Board Meeting – November 2019

SDMRT Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday November 4th, 2019 1830 COC

Present: Nick M, T.J. T, Kyle A, Jeff O, Kristin K, Kevin L, Tony R

Absent: None

Last month’s notes: TJ motions to approve, vote passed

Committee Reports

Treasurer: TJ Tischer

Treasurer’s Report October 31, 2019

Checking & PayPal Accounts: $33,112.21

Cash Receipts: $5112.50 A

Cash Disbursements: ($1966.72) B

Cash Receipts

  • Donation from Bill and Jackie Clark Memorial Foundation: $5,000.00
  • Team Stores: $15.00
  • Donation from Nichole Saqueton (Multi-Sar Candidate): $97.50

Cash Disbursements:

  • Payment to Verizon ($50.08)
  • Reimbursement to Nick for Photo/Slide Digitization ($940.90)
  • Reimbursement to Kevin for Label Maker & Labels ($32.31)
  • Reimbursement to Tony for Trailer Keys ($8.51)
  • Search Gear – Helmets for Litter ($235.81)
  • Solid Signal – 2×6 Battery Charger and 12x Adapter Pods ($699.11)


  • $500 check to county for COC still outstanding
  • Transactions to be processed in November
    • Will Maish (Pager Deposit) $100.00
    • Reimbursement to Tony for Orange Rope ($526.57)
    • Reimbursement to Dennis for Radio Battery ($21.65)

Member dues, T.J. to begin collecting

First years get reduced dues from donation

Operations: Tony

  1. 2019/10//6 – Oceanside – Report Posted
  2. 2019/10/17 – Fresno Mutual Aid – Report Posted
  3. 2019/10/23 – Valley Center – Report pending

Training: Tony

  1. Tracking – November
    • Training plan submitted to Duey
    • Working on permit with the office
  2. SAR Ops – December
  3. Tech II – December option
    • Jeff O to work on training plan
  4. New trainee orientation to be at team meeting on 11/13, 17:30
    • 12 will make it, 2 will be make-ups
    • First thing at the meeting vote, then swear in, etc.
  5. Calendar for 2020 set, to be up soon


  1. Resignations: Adam Babin
  2. LOAs:
    1. Justin – military deployment to Jan’20
    2. Mitch McKnight – to 5/7/2020
  3. Chris H MIA
    1. Has missed 90 days without contact
      1. Multiple attempts to contact (phone and email) have not been returned
      2. Failure to pay dues will lead to removal Jan 1st

Old Business

  1. Debit Card for Chase Account
    1. TJ working on it, no update
  2. Old Slide Digitization
    1. Digitization in process
  3. Training plans and slide shows stored for reference
    1. SDMRTarchive
    2. Repository of documents
    3. Waiting on more docs
  4. Keys for trailer
    1. OLs, Kevin, Mark J, Grayson have keys (~10 people)
    2. Training leads will get copy of the key to prep/gather gear
  5. Xmas party – December
    1. Adam’s graciously hosting
  6. Technology Improvement
    1. 3000 hours of credit
    2. Jeff talked to MS contact, they said it was too many hours to build a website with non-profit time
      1. They will host it though
    3. 3 options
      1. Leave as is but work to improve
      2. Build new website, MS could host on Azure
        1. Either pay or use donation site like volunteer match/Patagonia Action Works to get it built
          1. Paying would be quite expensive…
          2. Reach out to team? New people, friends?
          3. Board is ok with evaluating free options to source web developer
  7. Tony setting up professional Petzl team account
    1. Tony leading, will get estimate from board
  8. Steve working on dialogue with helitac training with LA
    1. No updates
  9. Weld trailer cleanup
    1. Kevin to organize, still TBD
  10. Instagram
    1. The people love us
      1. Especially other SAR teams

New Business

  1. BP Cuffs, Automatic with Pulse Ox
    1. ~$60/bag for BP and Pulse Ox. 5 bags est. $350 max with shipping
    2. Get one BP cuff and check it out?
      1. NTE: $50
      2. Tony motions, board approves
    3. Pulse Ox
      1. $135 total for all 5
        1. Jeff motions, board approves
  2. Mitch reaching out on team jacket purchases to OR
    1. Recommend it be pushed out to Jan 1 since new folks won’t have access
    2. Working on availability with OR
  3. Meeting with new folks next team meeting
    1. Melissa – idea about lack of training manual
      1. She put together 20 page guide
        1. Great to have
        2. Board will take a look before it gets sent out
  4. Policy 105 – Tony
    1. Current policy language says if you start travel it becomes a full operation
    2. Cleaning it up took a lot of work
      1. Broken up into parts for when a call-out counts and when attendance is given
        1. In excess of 1 hour or someone arrives at CP makes it count
    3. Discussing item 4 of the multi-day operations
      1. What is the minimum time for an operational period if a partial?
      2. Language with changes makes sense
    4. Will be sent out to the team this week to review for vote at the meeting
  5. Policy 401 (Blue Card) – Tony
    1. Field Qual
      1. Added dates for certs, quals
      2. Mutli-SAR does not count for first 3 trainings by specifying “following admission to team”
      3. Split up uniform, standard field pack, tech pack
      4. Helitac, MRA basics course is fine
    2. Medical committee
      1. Mark J, Lee, Richard
      2. Rewrote medical policy
        1. Proposed is to require wilderness medicine course no matter line of work
    3. General
      1. Act as training lead for monthly team training required
      2. Added search/desert acronyms
    4. Reorganized tech knowledge sections
      1. Removed single/multi-loop designation
      2. Removed 4:1 anchor
      3. Added I’D operation
    5. Added dead men to snow
    6. Added requiring coming back to multi-SAR
  6. Probationary period discussion
    1. Bylaws and policy are intertwined on the issue, something for next year’s board to discuss
    2. Discussion at training committee about taking applications earlier, rolling interviews, and basic background possible before Multi-SAR which would give DSW
      1. Would also give more time to know folks
      2. Also for next year’s board
  7. Tech callouts – what is Type I
    1. MRA recommends Type I qualify/be current in all classifications within the last 3 years (search, snow, tech)
      1. MRA has a big list of skills
        1. Should create some policy on exactly how members are certified to MRA Type I standards
      2. Should we track 3-year training attendance for qual purposes?
      3. For new board

Adjourned: 2045