Board Meeting | October 2017

SDMRT Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Monday, 2 October 2017, 1830 at Strategic Operations, Board Room

Board members present: TJ Tisher, Sean O’Grady, John Hatala, Kiana Nakamura, Richard Yocum, Hugo Bermudez. Not present, Lori Rigsbee.

Meeting commenced at 1836

Board meeting minutes from September 2017 approved


Treasurer (Lori Rigsbee)

  1. August and September 2017 reports were sent out through email, and approved in the meeting

Operations (Kiana Nakamura)

  1. Reports of operations and non-operations
  • No new operations
  • Convention for numbering operations: follow-up callouts will be recorded as an operational period for the original callout instead of being given a new operation number, even if it’s weeks or months later
  • Nonoperation – none
  1. Access to MRA is renewed and we are up to date on callout reporting

Training (Hugo Bermudez)

  1. Training committee updates – 2018 training calendar, next meeting on Wednesday to review draft calendar
  2. Facilitating long-term trainee advancement to Rescue Member status – Committee plans to nomination of Lee Tomatsu and Sean O’Grady (Sharon Fields)
  3. Tech II field training – debrief, great training with high level of technical skills utilized which helped our advanced team members prepare for the tech recert in 2018. Lots of new members did not attend Tech I to the detriment of all of their training and it slowed down the speed of the entire training.
  4. Tech rope course 9/23-10/1/17 – we had a great turnout from SDMRT. Board to follow up after testing is completed
  5. Upcoming MultiSAR field training – 31 invited to the training, Brian cannot attend, Melissa to take the lead
  6. Upcoming SDSDSAR search/training with Orange Co SDSAR Leonard Duguay, Los Coyotes, 10/28/17, 0700-1700, plus night before camping
  7. Los Coyotes Reservation area videos available for review, thumbdrive from ASTREA, due by 10/15/17 – more eyes on the footage the better
  8. Supplemental helitac training with USCG, to be rescheduled – (Steve Herman, awaiting for Coast Guard to be available again after hurricane season is over)
  9. Binational training with TJ Fire Department – Hugo awaiting responses
  10. USAR Training – Hugo awaiting further update


Resignations: None

LOAs: Nazli O’Grady until 10/24/17, David Hixon until 10/31/17


  1. Recruitment status update – 31 have been invited to MultiSAR
  2. Tony has been made the Nominating Committee chair and is reviewing potential nominations
  3. ITC roles/responsibilities list of mutual aid – Richard & Tony no update
  4. Fundraising offer from Mitch’s wife – John Hatala no update
  5. 2017 SDSAR appreciation awards at upcoming team meeting, and just-announced 2018 SAR/Reserves appreciation dinner 4/21/18, El Cajon Elks Lodge – Hugo
  6. SDGE safety stand down request for presentation, 10/6/17 Marshall to present
  7. MOU between SDMRT and Cleveland National Forest of USFS – Richard awaiting response
  8. HPWren status update – no update
  9. Out-of-county license for VHF SDMRT radio channel status update(Dennis, TJ) awaiting response from CalOES
  10. Outstanding returns of Sheriff ID cards (none)
  11. SDMRT Facebook administrator –John Hatala, no update
  12. Med pack re-organization – TJ and Patrick, plan to reorganize before Muli-SAR
  13. RY reminders to team: Emergency email, responding to callouts, bluecard signoffs, Amazon Smile
  14. Need for “storekeeper”


  1. Request for SDMRT speaker at WFR course in Oct. for REI in IB – Marshall
  2. RMRU (riverside mountain rescue) Winter Workshop on Tech Rescue all-day Saturday, 1/20/18 at Indian Cove Campground, Joshua Tree, surveymonkey interest survey
  3. Recert 2018 Technical Rock – March 3, 2018 Picture is at 0845, Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, hosted by Ventura County SAR (East Valley, teams are minimum of 6 people, no maximum, 1 subject per team. Water and bathrooms are available. 3rd class, raising/lower subject, relocating, anchors. Possibly book accommodations for Friday night for the team. Hugo to look into options and costs in Lone Pine area.
  4. CalOES Search Management class upcoming, 13-17 November, for Rescue Members, awaiting further information
  5. SDMRT operations and technical handbook – Hugo and Bill to gather information and create a proposition to the team
  6. Suk asking about DSW expiration clarification: if it expires you can fill out a renewal form to get a new DSW card, if it’s expired over 30 days you need to re-oath. Cannot respond to callouts if your DSW has expired.

Meeting adjourned at 2003