Board Meeting | Sep-2016


7 September 2016 at 1830 Hours @ Strategic Operations

Meeting brought to order at 18:43 hours.

All Board members present except for Lori and Brett. Other members present Francisco Villa, who departed the meeting at 7:53 pm.

Mark Marchessault joined the meeting at 6:57 pm and departed approximately 7:20 pm.

Previous meeting minutes reviewed, and approved with the following correction: 9 (not 7) of the 10 July mountain climb field trainings were approved by SD SAR Commander.


Treasurer’s Report: (Lori Rigsbee)

Reported submitted by Lori by email, reviewed, and accepted. Question about $300 reserve “pager funds.” 3 members still have county pagers. No charge for service, but SMDT would be responsible for replacement costs if pager does not eventually get returned, $100 per pager

Operations: (John Wehbring absent)

Two operations have occurred since last Board meeting, but no reports available this evening, but will be forwarded by Dennis.

Non-Operation Call-Outs: None.

Training: (Richard Yocum)

Desert field training at Yuha Basin last month was successful, thanks to Brett Stanley for leading.

Tech II field training coming up this month in Joshua Tree, led by Adam Kimmerly.

Multi-SAR field training on October being organized by Brian Cohen.

The Board discussed whether each month the upcoming field training leader should come to the Board to present the training plan prior to the training. The Board affirmed that this is a requirement, but that the VP/training leader has discretion on behalf of the Board to waive that requirement for experienced training leaders.

14-18 Nov is the next Cal OES week-long Direction and Control of Search Function training (40 hours/5 days) to held in Ukiah, Mendocino County, CA. The course is free of charge, but hotel will not be reimbursed. Registration on first come, first served basis.

The only outstanding field qualifications for MRT-1:

· Terra Miller should be completing her WFR on 14 Sept.

· Cheyanne Abolt recovering – Tony will follow up with Cheyanne to discuss her membership options.

· Morgan Bailey has not responded and needs to be contacted.

Equipment: (Tony Rolfe)

SDMRT obtained extremely lightly used 4 Petzl I’Ds for a great price from the Navy, through Michael Fisher.

Sheriff’s Liaison: (Hugo Bermudez)

No report.

MRA Liaison: (Monty Bell)

No report.

Medical: (Patrick Carey)

No report.

Public Relations: (Celeste Pack)

No report.

PERSONNEL (Dennis Peck)

Discussion with Mark Marchessault about his attendance and level in interest in the team. The Board requested that Mark consider his options and submit his request to the board between now and no later than the end of the year.

Resignations: Kat Burke’s resignation was received 10 August 2016.

LOA: Patrick Mackey has returned from deployment and is off LOA as of 1 Sept. Sharon is off LOA as of 5 Sept. Amy Mann LOA continues through 31 Dec. Tony will reach out to Amy for a status update.

Mentors: No updates.

Celeste Pack, on probation for 2015, has not responded to inquiry from the Board regarding attendance and membership. Roland will contact her.


Blue Card e-tracking sheet. Mark Kenny will update the Blue Card using the revised Policy 401 up for a vote in 1 week, on the assumption that no changes will occur.

Proposed revisions to multiple SDMRT policies, including Blue Card. Have been reviewed by Training Committee, membership at large, and will go to general vote at the team meeting on 14 Sept.

Planning for Team Anniversary event. Planning volunteers include Mark K and Hugo (co‑chairs), as well as John and Marshall. Bill McNaul working on video and photos. Site likely to be Stone Brewing in Liberty Station, with $2000 minimum for food/beverages. Proposed for 23 or 30 April 2017. Contract pending, likely presented at next Board meeting. The Board agreed that extending invitation to SDMRT family members and SD SAR is appropriate.

Recruiting: Erin organizing and reports interest received by about 40 people. Prospective new member informational meeting 14 Sept. Interviews the following week will be hosted by Lori, with at 7 or 8 people currently signed up for each of the 3 evenings. The Board approved reimbursement of a total of up to $100 for food/beverages to cover all 3 evenings for the interviewers.

UCSD HPWREN high speed data network for internet access. Meeting has been requested with Fred Duey to coordinate meeting with Sue Willey.

MOU proposed revision. Dennis has requested a meeting with Frank Motley, volunteer SD SAR commander.


The team’s PLB registration was renewed by Dennis, and contact information updated, at no cost.

Next team meeting 1 hour earlier, at 6 pm, in a different room at COC, to be completed before 7 pm new member informational meeting.

The team’s pop-up tents are essentially at the end of life. Mark Kenny will investigate the brand recently purchased by the tri club.

Meeting adjourned at 20:41 hours.