Board Meeting – September 2020

SDMRT Board of Directors Meeting Notes

2 Sept 2020

Present (via Video): John H, Nick M, Alicia T, Melissa R, Roland S, T.J. T, Lee T., Tony R

Board Approval of Previous Month Minutes: Roland S motioned, John H seconded, approved

Tech2 Training Leader Brief (Alicia T)

1) Plan A is Black Mountain yellow post sites 4 and 5

a. Plan B is Jtree group site (max 25 people, 15 cars)

2) Agenda discussion

a. Saturday, stations of low angle and steep angle in morning

b. Saturday, high angle pike pivot/edge in afternoon (2 locations)

c. Sunday, patient assessment scenario followed by high/guiding line

3) Dummies from Strat Ops for litters

4) No patient pickoffs

5) Special use permit submitted for Jtree

6) Still need rendezvous coordinator

7) Up to 5 SDSDSAR

Treasurer Report (TJ Tischer):

1) Assets: $34,202.18

a. Cash Receipts: $42.32

b. Cash Disbursements: $255.98

Operations (Tony Rolfe)

1) Recent Operations: Human Remains Search, Escondido, 9 Aug

2) Outstanding ops reports

a. None

Training (Tony Rolfe):

1) Medical Plan

2) Desert Training After Action (Melissa)

a. Went well despite heat and bee stings

b. Brand new sheriff’s volunteers may not have been the best for a desert training that hot

3) Tech II Training (Alicia)

4) Sep Classroom Training Topic

a. Filling in a blank:

5) RRT Training at Ridgehaven Cancelled until TBD

a. Tech recert is next year

6) Sign-in Sheets

a. DSW coverage asked for sign in sheet, will make them for future trainings in addition to Tcards


1) Resignations: Tim Dahlberg, Erika Bjorkvist

2) Dismissals due to loss of contact (+3 months)

a. Marc Mattern (notification pending)

b. Matt Harris (about to hit 90 days)

3) LOA: Sean O’Grady 1 Oct 20

4) Military Deployment: Justin Wallman Jul-Dec 2020

5) Kevin Litwin return to training request

a. Kevin being tested weekly, numbers falling in San Diego

b. Living with someone who does occasionally treat Covid patients

c. Doctors at desert training are ER attending

d. Given screening with temperature and of symptoms, will allow to attend trainings

Old Business:

1) Medical Director way ahead

a. Create new policy heading for medical

i. Separate into coming on to team, continuing education, authorizations we can do

b. Going to take time to set up the full new format

2) Team Jackets

a. Need to set deadline and bug people

b. 15 sept., bring to tech2

3) Website construction (complete and ready for posting)

a. Set of modifications sent to Dax and then it’s good to go

4) Recruitment Plan of Action & Milestones

a. General draft plan for 2021, aim to check back Nov 1

New Business:

1) Policy 112 Review per involvement with UCSD

a. Non-team participation guidelines

b. Paragraph 4 allows for subject matter experts to teach component w/ board approval, do we need another paragraph for UCSD medical students affiliated with medical director with approval of board?

i. Perhaps change to subject matter expert topic in general?

2) Mercury Award

a. Cohen has them done

3) Gilded Boot Repair (Melissa)

a. Dropped off a week ago for add-on, est. ~$130 to add wood for more space and add for Dennis P

4) New Board Member Recruiting for November Vote

a. Someone to take lead on finding new people interested (Melissa)

Adjourned 2012