SDMRT 2016-17 Los Coyotes | Operation Report

SDMRT responders: John Hatala, Dennis Peck, Bill McNaul, Brian White

The Los Coyotes follow-up search for Mr. Duguay was hosted by the SDSAR and included approximately 40 personnel. Mr. Duguay disappeared from his home in mid-June and his car was located on a remote and rugged, off-road trail on the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation during July. Sgt Duey led the search in the vicinity of the abandoned vehicle during several days in July, with no results. The November search was a follow up to the July search and included previous search sectors wth the additional investigation of newer, more remote sectors. The car still remains at the scene and there were no updates on the status of Mr. Duguay since the July search. Canine teams, ground pounders, and vehicle support began the search at approximately 0830 and concluded at 1430 with no results. The terrain was manageable in most areas, however the vegetation in some areas was especially difficult and sometimes not trafficable.