SDMRT 2017-2 Three Sisters Falls | Operation Report

Date: 21 January 2017

SDMRT Responderes: Will Darymple, Michael Fisher, Steve Herman, Grayson Hough, Jesse Ma, and Kiana Nakamura

On 21 January 2017 at 2152 hours Eric Hanigan issued SDMRT a limited callout request for 5 SDMRT personnel to assist 5-7 SDSAR members in the search for 2 missing hikers in the rope area of 3 Sisters Waterfalls. ASTREA was initially not available. Team members responding to the request for rope rescue technicians preferred were Grayson Hough, Steve Herman, Will Dalrymple, Kiana Nakamura, and Michael Fisher. Access to the CP at the 3 Sisters trailhead was specified to be by way of Oak Grove and then Boulder Creek roads. Weather predicted to be a low of 40 degrees, winds 5 mph, and 30% chance of rain. ASTREA was able to land by 2050 hours, but unknown at that time whether or not missing hikers could be reached. 10-22 was issued at 2307 hours at which time ASTREA had made contact and it was determined that the 2 already onsite SDSAR personnel were sufficient to assist ASTREA in evacuating the missing hikers. The hikers’ names were not available. Jesse Ma also responded and assisted the hikers who were found healthy and able to hike themselves out with SAR assistance. He was on scene until 0040 on 2/22.