SDMRT 2018-03 Ramona, CA

SDMRT 2018-03 Ramona, CA

17 February 2018

SDMRT Responders: Marshall Masser, Kyle Albertson

SDMRT ITC: Jeff Beckman

Other responding organizations: SDSDSAR

Short Summary:

  • Type of callout: Full
  • In-county San Diego
  • Type of search: Dementia
  • Location: CP at 23658 San Vicente Rd, Ramona, CA
  • Residence: 23664 Country Villa Rd, Ramona, CA
  • Earliest time of activity: Initial callout at 1621, 10-22 at 1739
  • Operational periods: 1
  • Information about the subject:
    • Number/names of subjects: 1 subject, Valerie Nelson
    • Age: 76
    • Level of fitness and preparedness: fit, easily walks 6 miles. No known food or water.
    • Mental status: Dementia
    • Injuries, if applicable: None known
    • How were they found: Deputy searched a vacant house next door
  • Any rescuers injured: No
  • Aircraft used: ASTREA (deployed 1600)

Descriptive Report

Elderly white female walked away from her home at 23664 County Villa Rd in Ramona. 5’5”, 110#, short grey hair, dark blue windbreaker, grey pants, blue shoes. No cell, no gps.

Report of husband and wife were not getting along and that she regularly walks away from him and will hide from him. Report was she got out of car and moved away from husband. Neighbors and community are aware of her condition and will report to husband when she is seen out in the community. Strong civilian turnout searching neighborhoods. Part of the program similar to Take Me Home for Ramona. GPS wrist device is provided by the local Rotary Club. They replace the recipients battery on a monthly basis. She doesn’t like wearing it and will remove it.

Albertson did make it to CP and was in process of receiving assignment after arrival. Left CP just after 1815. Unsure if Masser made it CP.