SDMRT 2019-05 Mt Baldy Mutual Aid

SDMRT 2019-05/ Baldy Search

Date: March 3-4 2019

SDMRT Responders: McGuinness, McNaul, Marshall, Jenkins, Villa,

SDMRT ITC: Hugo Bermudez

Other responding organizations: SBSO, Cave Rescue, about 20 searchers

Short Summary:

  • Type of callout: limited to Type 1 and Type 2
  • Mutual aid, local SAR team San Bernardino
  • Type of search: search, stabilize and assist subjects out
  • Environment: state managed forest
  • Location
    • Last Known Point / Point Last (see details below)
    • Command Post: Mt. Baldy Fire Department, 6736 Mount Baldy Road
    • Found: male subject west of Baldy bowl, female subject near creek in canyon west of Baldy bowl
  • Operational periods, if applicable
    • Earliest time of activity 1100 3/3/2019, mutual aid call out 0430 3/4/2019
    • Ending time: SDMRT members were called off 0900
  • Information about the subjects:
    • Number/names of subjects: two unrelated subjects. Sina Tavallai male of Irvine, fell down into a canyon and was injured. Mary Clark female out of Manteca, went to get help, became lost and disoriented (no injuries).
    • Ages, Genders: age unknown, one male one female
    • Level of fitness and experience: Both good fitness. Female was well equipped to spend the night. Male subject was experienced hiker but not well equipped fall apparently resulted from crampon malfunction and subsequent failure to arrest a fall.
    • Mental status: both normal
    • Injuries: male sustained bruising and abrasions and a knee injury but was ambulatory
    • How were they found: Both activated their inReach units.
  • Any rescuers injured: no SDMRT rescuers were injured
  • Aircraft used: SBSO was not able to use aircraft due to low overcast conditions and resources down for maintenance.

Detailed Description:

On 3/3/2019 at 1108 hours there were two separate hikers trying to climb to the top of Mt. Baldy. The male Sina Tavallai of Irvine, fell down into a canyon and was injured. He activated his inReach device and started rescue efforts. The female, Mary Clark out of Manteca, went to get help, became lost and disoriented (no injuries) and activated her inReach device. SBSO was not able to use aircraft due to the weather and sent in 3 teams on foot (with ice gear). They reached the male at 2130 3/3/2019 and were able to bring him out of the canyon and to a ski hut. Initially it was determined that he would need to be carried off of the mountain by hand. A second team(s) knew exactly where the female was, but were not been able to reach her due to terrain and the swollen river that separated them. She was broght out the next day.

On 3/4/2019 The male subject had recovered sufficiently to be able to walk out. Anticipating that he may not be able to make the complete trip out two members of SDMRT and a Cave Rescue member hiked up the Baldy hut trail to intercept the walk out team to provide additional litter team should it be necessary. This turned out to be unnecessary. And all walked the subject out together.

Lessons learned/ suggestions for future operations:

This was an interesting mission in that two separate scenarios merged into a single activity with different teams on separate missions managed by a single Command.