SDMRT 2019-07 Potrero Evidence Search

SDMRT Operations Report 2019-07, Potrero Evidence Search

Date of Search: 03/30/19

Author: Kyle Albertson

SDMRT Responders: Kyle Albertson, Marshall Masser, Pete Jenkins, Brad Hernandez, Francisco Villa, Jeff Oxford

SDMRT ITC: N/A. Sgt Duey on-scene

Other responding organizations (e.g., SDSAR, Border Patrol, other SAR teams, etc.) and approx. number of personnel overall. 22 SAR personnel consisting of 6 SDMRT and 16 Sheriff SAR. 9 Sheriff Dept personnel which includes Sgt Duey. Lead Detective April Gaines, Forensics, other detectives, and 2 for the drone team.

Short Summary:

  • Type of callout: Limited to 20 Searchers.
  • In-county for SDSO SAR and SDMRT
  • Type of search: Evidence
  • Environment: Rural
  • Location: 25700 block of Potrero Valley Road
    • Last Known Point / Point Last Seen. Subject was last seen 03/13/19. Unsure of location whether it was walking or at residence.
    • Command Post. Potrero County Park, 24800 Potrero Park Drive, Potrero, CA 91963.
    • Found. At residence, 25763 Potrero Valley Road, Potrero, CA 91963
  • Operational periods, if applicable
    • 0800 briefing, 03/30/19 (callout time, if planned scheduled search then meeting time, briefing time). Debrief ended approximately 1245.
  • Information about the subjects:
    • Daniel Quiles
    • ~43 y/o Male
    • Level of fitness and experience. N/A
    • Mental status. N/A
    • Injuries. Trauma. Still an active investigation. So, many details are not included since briefing packets were collected after briefing period.
    • How were they found. Concerned neighbor had not seen deceased in several days. On 03/17/19 the neighbor peered through a window and saw subject on the floor. San Diego Sheriff responded along with local fire department and pronounced at the scene. The deceased had signs of trauma to his body. Just over 1.5 miles traveled and searched. Still an active investigation and supporting detective collected information packets due to the confidential information contained within. Unaware if the next of kin has been notified at this time.
  • Any rescuers injured. None
  • Aircraft used. Sheriff’s Department Drone team was utilized for layout and assignment of teams.

Lessons learned/ suggestions for future operations:

  1. Provide search managers with location for search area and known routes that primary suspect would travel in the area during nighttime conditions. They can then apply appropriate tactics for higher probability of detection.