Team Meeting | Apr-2017

Meeting called to order at 1905 by Richard Yocum


Treasurer’s Report (Richard Yocum for Lori Rigsbee)

Nothing new to be reported on this month

Operations Report (Kiana Nakamura)

  1. Operations:
    1. 2017-08: 3/18/17 Green Valley Falls – scheduled full callout for follow up search for missing 31 year-old male. SDMRT Responders included: Ming, Marshall, Kristen, Kyle, Jesse, Bill, Dennis, Brian
    2. 2017-09: 4/10-11/17 Mount Baldy Mutual Aid – Type 1 searchers requested to search for missing Seuk Kim, a 78-year-old, experienced Baldy hiker.
      1. 4/10 SDMRT Responders: Bill, Patrick, Marshall. No signs of subject found. Note that CP SAR member was helo lifted out for believed myocardial infarction.
      2. 4/11 No SDMRT responders. Subject’s body was spotted by helo sweep on the north side of the summit
  2. Non-operations:
    1. 2/15/17 Borrego Springs Slot Canyons – missing 57 y/o Nancy Ishicawa was last seen at 1300. Heads up @ 1630. Callout @ 1847. 10-22 @ 1857. Nancy hiked herself out and contacted rangers. No SDMRT responders.

Training (Hugo Bermudez)

  1. New trainees training to field qualification – reminder only 13 days until final 6 month deadline
    1. Arun John and Kristen Khun have become our first field qualified members of this cohort
  2. Nominees for advancement to Rescue Member
    1. Hugo and Richard have been nominated as rescue members by the trainee committee and nominations have been approved by the board to be put up for a vote
    2. ACTION: Rescue Members voted both Hugo and Richard in as Rescue Members
  3. Debrief of Hard Snow 3/10-12/17 Mount Baldy
    1. Thank you Sean for leading
    2. Tony to debrief incident – Training committee lead a full debrief with all significant members involved
      1. Areas of discussion:
        1. Training overall
        2. Safety resources
        3. Medical resources
        4. Team resources
        5. Communications
      2. Analysis
        1. Accident was caused by a random rock fall
        2. No specific error on part of team led to injury
        3. Team took appropriate measures to alleviate risks by picking less likely rock fall area for training, spotter for rock fall, and avoided hikers coming descending into the valley from the ridge-line above
        4. Decisions made post-accident were reasonable given the resources
      3. Future considerations
        1. Use one or more spotter
        2. Single assigned safety officer for entire training (separate person from team lead)
        3. Hard turnaround times for certain training elements with added risk
        4. Additional training on comms (trouble with establishing) and medical turnovers
        5. Cold challenges are real – ask Richard
  4. Debrief of Personal Rock Training
    1. Thank you Kiana for leading
    2. Small training with a lot of new members present.
    3. Thank you for all members who helped teach
  5. Navigation Training 5/19-21/17 Los Coyotes Reservation – Brian and Bill
    1. Remember it was moved one week earlier to avoid Mother’s Day
  6. Mountain Climbing in June – Marshall


Resignations – Linh Nguyen and Cheyanne Abolt

LOA: David Hixon until 5/31/17, Brett until 5/31/17, no new requests

MRA LIASON (Kayley and Monty)

Search Management Course coming up, contact Monty for further information

MEDICAL (Patrick Carey)

No new information


  1. Team hats and T-shirts are now in – thank you John Hatala
  2. 50th anniversary team celebration
    1. Friday: climbing at Vertical Hold in Old Town
    2. Saturday: hike at Mission Trains Regional Park
    3. Sunday: Stone Brewery, Liberty Station, 1300-1600
  3. Next SDSAR/SDMRT Tech Rope Rescue Course will be 9/23-10/1/17, both weekends plus Tue and Thur evenings in between


  1. PCT Race support (, Buckman Springs Road, Sat 5/13/17 SDSAR 0800-1500 and SDMRT 1500-2000, EMT/WFR preferred
  2. Cedar Creek Medical support by SDSAR each weekend afternoon
  3. SDSAR all units training 4/29/17, 0800-1400, Journey Church, La Mesa, conducted by Monty Bell/Cal OES
  4. USAR training – keep posted
  5. Situational awareness training