Team Meeting – April 2018

SDMRT Team Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Wednesday, 11 April 2018, 1900 at County Operations Center

Treasurer’s Report – TJ
See board meeting minutes.

Operations Committee – Tony

Operations – Will P
Operations – None

Non-Operations – 4/8/18 Three Sisters Falls, 2 missing hikers, 1 with injured knee; cancelled after 30 min when local deputies said they would handle.

Training Committee – Hugo

SDSAR All-Units training, 3/24/18, Mission Trails Park, “small search training”

  • Marshall, jesse, michael and ming attended.

Cancelled soft and hard snow trainings

  • Training Committee will be discussing contingency planning for coming years

Upcoming Nav field training, Laguna, 5/18-20/18 – Brian & Bill (note that this training is a week later, due to Mother’s Day)

  • Same site as last year’s search training: wounded hills along sunrise hwy.
  • Uniforms + field pack, plan to be in the field day, evening and night. Car camping. Close to vehicle.
  • Compass tip! If you still need to purchase a compass, be sure it’s got a declination adjustment.

Pull those permits for mountain climbing in June/early July!

  • 5/25-29, Cotter, Gardiner, Clarence King (Adam), 8 spots, 9 signed up
  • 6/1-5, Onion Valley to Whitney Portal (Marshall), 6 spots, 6 signed up
  • 6/15-17, Langley (Jesse), 6 Spots, 8 signed up
  • 6/16-19, Split Mtn (Kevin), 4 spots, 4 signed up
  • 6/25-27, Middle Palisade (Kristin), 6 Spots, 6 signed up
  • In summary, 5 above trips oversubscribed by 3 people.
  • Please sign up with Kristen to lead a new trip!

New trainee tracking to field qualification – Status Update

  • 4/25/18 6-month deadline now 14 days away
    • Medical certification including healthcare-provider CPR
    • Tech pack check
    • Full uniform, including name tag & patches (SDMRT & med cert)
  • Send certification & pack check information to SDMRT Secretary Will Pisarello
  • Newly Field Qualified: Paul Cassedy, Alicia Trigeiro, Frank Ortega

Personnel – Richard
Resignations: Ken Hodge 3/20/18, Kiana Nakamura 3/27/18

LOAs: None

MRA Liaison – Kayley/Monty

Regional Scholarship for MRA conference

  • Awarded to Richard


  • Search Management course was reorganized last month. Heavily revised different class moving forward.
  • Upcoming classes:
    • June 18 – Fairfield
    • August 20 – Orange County
    • November 5 – Yosemite (Taught by Monty!)

MRA Sharepoint (Website members section)

  • Expect invitation email soon.

Sheriff Liaison – Hugo

See new business.

Medical – Patrick Carey

No update.

Equipment – Grayson Hough
New MPDs have arrived.

MPD Aztec kit rebuilt with new (better) pulleys.

New prusiks made from 7mm cord are complete. Will replace all 8mm prusiks in trailer.

Personal Locator beacon belonging to team has been refurbished. Located with the avalanche beacons in the team room. Feel free to bring it on your mountain climb.

Old Business

Upcoming Annual SAR/Reserve Appreciation Dinner, Sat 4/21/18, El Cajon Elks Lodge

  • SDMRT will have a table, seating 10-12.
  • At least 2 spot remaining. Contact Hugo.

BSA Troop 346 Flag Retirement Ceremony with SDMRT as 1 of proposed recipients, Sat 3/24/18, 5 pm, Lakeside Rodeo Grounds

  • No SDMRT attended

LE Regional POST-Plan IV class on radio comms, 3/10/18, 0800-1700, La Mesa Police Dept

  • Attended by Dennis, Tony & Bill.
  • Very worthwhile course in the 800MHz system in San Diego.
  • Mainly attended by law enforcement.
  • Course is taught periodically, future course dates pending.

New Business

1Q2018 Attendance record distributed and posted to team website

Sheriff’s ID & DSW

  • IDs must be current for easy renewal. If Expired, contact Hugo.
  • DSW cards still slowly arriving from the fall 2017 batch. Stand by!

Discussion of promotion of John Hatala to Rescue Member.

  • Quorum of voting members present voted by majority to advance John to Rescue Member.