Team Meeting – April 2019

SDMRT Team Meeting Minutes

Wednesday April 10th, 2019 1900 County Ops Center

Committee Reports

Treasurer: TJ Tischer

Treasurer’s Report March 31, 2019

-Checking & PayPal Accounts: $35,047.03

-Cash Receipts: $700.00 A

-Cash Disbursements: ($1,961.66) B

Cash Receipts

-Donation: $600 – Viasat Inc. Community Outreach

-Donation: $100 – Anonymous Facebook donation

Cash Disbursements:

-Payment to Verizon ($50.08)

-Reimbursement to Tony for MRA Recertification van and fuel ($684.39)

-Reimbursement to Hugo for lodging ($748.53)

-Payment to Al’s Sportshop (engraving for Wehbring award) ($12.92)

-Reimbursement to T.J. Tischer (Shadowbox for Wehbring award) ($359.89)

-Reimbursement to Adam Kimmerly for domain ($105.85)

Operations: Tony Rolfe

  1. Meeting Cadence: Quarterly
  2. Two operations
    1. 3/19/2019-3/20/2019 Santee – Jose Martinez
      1. Richard, Brian W, Marshall, Brian C, Brett, David B, Will P, Lee, Kelly
      2. Initially thought to be in area, found later in IB
      3. Questions about history and whether we should have been called out
      4. PERT? Course
    2. 3/30/2019 Potrero – Evidence Search
      1. Kyle, Marshall, Pete, Jeff, Brad, Pancho
      2. Mostly line search
      3. Lots of property was closed off
    3. Lessons learned: lead detective dictated where the teams searched, would have been good to have search managers look at clues and make assignments based on search tactics

Training: Tony Rolfe

  • Personal Rock
    • Concerns about who is doing the educating and the match to our methodologies
    • Discussion: should 1st years be teaching at trainings?
      • Then they won’t be able to rotate around the stations
      • Not implement as a rule but a guideline?
      • Should you be signed off on a blue card skill to teach it?
  • Helitac
    • Coast Guard and ASTREA came out
    • Great training organized by Steve
    • Riverside has a great Helitac school that we should look in to
  • Upcoming Nav Training
    • Dos Cabesos wash
    • Very challenging
  • Non-tech rated tech gear like biners on harness?
    • Yes, not an issue since the person using, rigger, safety should all be checking
  • Blue card updates
    • Training committee has gone over it, will send out proposal of changes to be voted on at a team meeting


  1. Resignations: None
  2. LOAs:
    1. Justin Berg military deployment
  3. Field Qualified:
    1. David Brandt field qialified

Sheriff: Hugo

  • Discussion on DSW coverage for heading to training directly vs. meeting at the team trailer, especially for training leaders
    • To be cleared up with Duey
    • For searches, DSW begins when you leave for the search
  • Self-deployment
    • We don’t do this, SAR coordinator needs to be contacted and give ok

MRA: Monty/Kayley

  • Annual conference at Mt. Hood is almost full
  • Only 5 applicatants for scholarship from CA region, spots for 5 more

Public Relations: Marshall

  • Opportunities to share about the team
  • Boy scouts in Poway May 2nd to talk about Safety
  • Poway in August with the Sheriffs

Medical: Mark

  • Second topic review
  • Next month is wounds/wound management

Old Business

  1. Awards dinner
  2. Old Slide Digitization
    1. Per previous meeting
      1. ~$250-$1000
      2. Nick to research more
    2. Bill has more slides too
  3. Training plans and slide shows stored for reference
    1. SDMRTarchives@gmail
    2. Repository of documents
    3. Tony working on it
  4. Team strategy for technology
    1. Jeff working on it

New Business

  • Dennis tested team radios
    • One definitely has low sound issues and will be fixed
    • Some batteries need to be replaced as well

Adjourned: ??