Team Meeting – August 2018

SDMRT Team Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Wednesday, 8 August 2018, 1900 at County Operations Center

Treasurer’s Report – TJ
7/31/2018 total equity $25,416

Cash disbursements in July $783

$684 for liability policy renewal

$102 for PO box rental

$25 for reimbursement mountain climb training

$8 for Verizon

Operations Committee – Tony
No updates.

Operations – Will P
Operations –

  • 2018-08 Vista, 7/22/18, Francisco Larios, limited to those few who were contacted by SDSAR
    • Limited callout to just Jesse for a missing 83 yo in Vista. Callout was suspended after 3 hours due to lack of leads.
      • Interesting note, the teams deployed not in uniform because there was an active shooter situation in a nearby area.
    • Subject found deceased on Lake Calavera hiking trail in Carlsbad on 7/28/18.
  • 2018-09 Spring Valley, 7/22/18, Charles Panerosa
    • Full callout for a missing 75yo in Spring Valley. Found cold & disoriented but OK by an SDSAR team about 300m from the LKP. Lasted 3 hours.
  • 2018-10 Palomar Mtn, 8/2/18, 2 “stranded hikers,” limited to 2 north county SDMRTs per SDSAR request
    • Limited callout to just Bill & Dennis for a 19yo & 12yo who went off trail in the state park and got stuck in the brush. They were long-lined out, so Bill & Dennis did not make it into the field.

Non-Operations –

  • 7/23/18 Ramona, Richard Stewart, 19 min duration
  • 7/29/18 Spring Valley, Donald Carvell, 14 min duration

Training Committee – Hugo

Training Committee meeting 8/8/18, next meeting date TBA

  • Initial draft of training calendar is in progress.

Mountain Climbing field training trips – Trip reports & debriefs

  • Sharon noted excellent discussion of risk which took place on her trip (Langley). The team paused and discussed proceeding when the terrain increased in hazards, eventually deeming the level of risk too high to continue. A reminder to all members on the importance of an open dialog about risk when in the field.

Personal Rock field training (Kevin) – Debrief

  • Successful training with excellent participation.
  • Training plan was not submitted to Sgt. Duey. Event was not covered by DSW.
    • In order to prevent future communication breakdowns of this type, all future training plan correspondence with the Sheriff will copy the board of directors.
    • ‘How to be a training leader’ document has been updated with a note that the it is the training leader’s responsibility to ensure the plan was approved.
      • Plan must be submitted by the training leader to the VP at least 3 weeks prior to the training, and must confirm with the VP that the plan has been approved.

SDSAR all-units training 7/28/18, Harvey Moore Trailhead, Cuyamaca (Smedley search area) – Debrief

  • Subject’s remains (Smedley) not located.
  • Family of subject consulted to select search area.
  • Dense brush and a desired high POD.
  • Teams recalled by 1200.

Upcoming Desert Field training 8/10-11/18 (John Hatala)

  • Ocotillo Wells State Vehicle Recreation Area (OWSVRA) on Hwy 781, several miles East of ranger station, on County Line Road. If you see a welcome sign to Imperial County, you went about 5 meters too far. Look for sign on the left side of road where you need to turn.
  • Start freezing the things you need to freeze
  • You will need to stay under a shade structure that you make, so have a tarp and some way to elevate it
  • This will be a COMMUNICATION intensive exercise, so you will need a signal mirror, night light, and instruction booklet if you have your own radio. Ham operators will be challenged! Non hams will be challenged as well
  • We’re training in the desert during August … It is dangerously hot out there, so please be prepared
  • There will not be water resupply during this exercise so all hydration is on you!
  • Jeff Oxford IC, Kristin Kuhn Ops, Dennis Peck Comms, John Hatala training leader. Everyone else is afoot in the desert.
  • John will be at the CP location by 1730 Friday.

Upcoming Search Field training 9/14-16/18 (Sharon)

  • Please sign up on Mission Manager!
  • Monty will be teaching the classroom portion. Do not miss it!
  • Location TBD. Attempting to get Palomar Mountain State Park location. Backup is a one-day at Mission Trails Park.

Help wanted with Tracking field training 11/16-18/18 (Greg Gates)

  • Contact Greg Gates

Optional Tech rope rescue course for RRT-I & RRT-II will be 8/18-19 (Sat-Sun), 8/21 (Tue), 8/23 (Thu), & 8/25-26 (Sat-Sun)

Optional 9/24/18 Monday SDSAR team business meeting followed by presentation “Managing an Unplanned Encounter of a Suicidal Subject” by Dave Hendron

Optional SDSAR ham radio license training, 11/3/18, Sat, 0815-1915, Vista United Methodist Church

Optional SAREX El Dorado County, 9/7-9/18

Personnel – Richard
Resignations: Terra Miller 7/12/18, Jeff Beckman 8/8/18

LOAs: Suhkyung Shin 4/26 through 10/25/18, Grayson Hough 5/27 through 8/17/18, Eitan Zur 7/10 through 10/1/18

MRA Liaison – Kayley/Monty

No Update.

Sheriff Liaison – Hugo

No Update.

Medical – Patrick Carey

No Update.

Equipment – Grayson Hough
No Update.

Old Business

DSW Cards

  • Reminders
    • No PO Boxes
    • Do not mail applications directly to OES, must be submitted through SDMRT/SDSAR.

New Member Recruitment

  • Stay tuned for email from Erin summarizing recruitment meeting details.
  • Volunteers wanted to speak at presentation & help with directing traffic. Contact Erin.

New Business

Make-A-Wish San Diego Trailblaze Challenge, May-June 2019

  • 28-mile 1-day hike along PCT in Big Bear, CA; hikers train and fundraise for
  • Looking for volunteer hike leaders to help our training hikes and be available to help both hike weekends (May 17-19, 2019 and May 31-June 2, 2019)
  • Must be experienced hikers/endurance athletes with knowledge of local trails, who understand equipment and safety, the importance of hydration and preparation for long hikes, and can motivate and effectively lead hikers ranging in experience, including novice hikers. Highly important is the ability to organize group trainings so everyone is supported and feels like a member of the team. WFR, CPR, other certifications a plus.

1. Lead at least half of the group training hikes beginning February 9 through hike Weekends 1 and 2 : • February 9, 16, & 23 • March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 • April 6, 13, 20, 27 • May 4, 11, 25 • May 18 & June 1– TRAILBLAZE CHALLENGE HIKE DAY

2. Help in the planning of group and meetup hike locations and mileage.

3. Attend both hike weekends (May 18-19 and May 31-June 2) in Big Bear to support hikers on the trail and at aid stations and to act as sweepers throughout.

  • Contact: Amy Weiss, Development Coordinator, Make-A-Wish® San Diego, 2440 Hotel Circle N., Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92108; aweiss, 858-707-9474 ext.107, Direct: 619.279.5207

NTSB letter of appreciation for Volcan Mtn search.

  • Praise for the team’s professionalism & help with the investigation.

Upcoming SDMRT Board elections

  • Please consider running for office. President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer & three member at large positions.
    • New members welcome.

Don’t forget to sign up (yes or no) for field trainings – don’t make your trip leader guess how many people are attending!