Team Meeting – August 2019

SDMRT Team Meeting Minutes

Wednesday August 12th, 2019 1900 County Ops Center

Committee Reports

Treasurer: TJ Tischer

Treasurer’s Report July 31, 2019

Checking & PayPal Accounts: $33,22.65

Cash Receipts: $1000.00A

Cash Disbursements: ($1198.76) B

Notes: more tech gear bought since this report

Operations: Tony Rolfe

  1. Callout for out of county cancelled before people left in the morning

Training: Tony Rolfe

  1. Desert coming up soon
    • Location same as last year
    • Email with itinerary and map coming tonight
    • Wear desert appropriate clothing…
  2. Search went well
  3. Tech-II
    • Valley of the Moon chosen
    • Jeff O. leading
    • Mark K rendezvous coordinator
    • Vortex + sheriff tech folks going to make an appearance
  4. Medical scope of practice
    • No updates
    • County stonewalled, radio silence for now
  5. Training committee meeting
    • Ops manual will be scanned in and OCR
    • Will be uploaded as word doc, then set it up
    • Preliminary 2020 calendar developed
      • Will be done by elections in November
      • Jan – Hard Snow
        • May flip with Search if snow isn’t falling
      • Feb – Search
      • Search recert next year, no location yet
      • Mtn. climb bumped back to July
    • If you want to lead a training, start thinking about it now

Sherriff: Eric/Hugo

  1. Testing for RRT right now
  2. Heads up for search, 10-22
  3. Evidence search in LA paused, may still happen

MRA: Monty/Kayley

  1. Search management course in riverside, 1 from sheriffs
  2. SAR coordinators meeting
    1. Incident support team guidelines being developed (for members who travel to extended/large scale searches to assist)

Public Relations: Marshall

  1. UCSD demo coming up soon 10/16
    1. 4th year med students taking wilderness medical class
    2. Email will go out, anyone welcome to attend
  2. Safety night at Palomar Hospital?
    1. Brian Cohen mentioned

Medical: Mark

  1. Topic review tonight
  2. Next month will be recruitment so no topic review

Recruitment: Erin

  1. Next month, Sept. 11th
  2. Meeting at 6:30 at other building/room
    1. Wear orange uniforms!
  3. Interviews added to Mission Manager
    1. Erin Hosting
    2. Limit of 10 people
      1. Preference to those who can make all 3 nights
  4. Get the word out


  1. Resignations: none
  2. LOAs:
    1. Justin – military deployment to Jan’20
    2. Mitch McKnight – to 5/7/2020

Old Business

  1. Old Slide Digitization
    1. Have folder of pictures, Nick to send out this month
  2. Training plans and slide shows stored for reference
    1. SDMRTarchive
    2. Repository of documents
    3. Waiting on more docs
  3. Team strategy for technology
    1. Nothing new at the moment
    2. Nick been told HP will donate a printer
  4. Radio reprogramming
    1. Nothing new for now, Riverside gone dark
    2. We’ll go forward on our own
  5. Kevin and Tony to inventory team trailer
    1. Looking to estimate replacement cost for inquiry into trailer insurance
      1. Still in process, waiting on new gear to arrive
      2. To get insurance, access will have to be limited
    2. Lots of old medical stuff cleaned out
    3. Some old gear taken to Weld trailer
    4. Kevin to organize Weld trailer at a future date
  6. Fireproof storage
    1. In place, un-locked

New Business

  1. New gear
    1. More radio antennas and batteries to be ordered by Dennis
    2. Tech gear – Kevin
      1. Adult-sized helmets
      2. More carabiners (~56)
        1. Other new ones went to MPD kits
        2. Need more for Super-Munter kits, Aztek kits, pickoff kits
      3. 7mm static line for prussiks to bring up Super-Munter kits
      4. Label-maker
      5. Collection plates from Petzl
      6. More pulleys for Super-Munter kits?
      7. ATC kits for future?
      8. Going to build 9mm snow kit
  2. Instagram up to 140 followers
  3. 2k-9k Facebook reach stats?
    1. Someone gave us a bad review? News media?

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