Team Meeting | December 2017

SDMRT Team Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Wednesday, 13 December 2017, 1900 at County Operations Center

Treasurer’s Report – TJ
– See Board Meeting Minutes for November Report.

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Operations Committee – Tony

– 2013-??, 11/18/17 Ramona HR

Ops report publishing & MRA reporting pending investigation of 2013 op. Limited tech call out, human remains search, nothing found.

– 2017-15 12/3/17 Jose Fernandez, Escondido

Ops report published.

– Nonoperations

28-minute callout on December 4th.

Training Committee – Hugo
– Training Committee membership for 2018. Committee is recruiting. All SDMRT persons welcome.

– Supplemental Helitac with USCG, 12/9/17 – Successful training. Further collaborations are in discussion.

– Upcoming SAR Ops field training, 12/16/17.
Bring something to eat during a “working lunch”.
You are encouraged to bring laptop or tablet.

– Tech I field training, 1/12-14/18 – To be located in Joshua Tree NP. Prior supplemental training available, contact Adam Kimmerly.

– SDSDSAR Alpine Unit hosting all-units field training, Santa Ysabel East Preserve. 1/6/18 0800-2100. All SDMRT encouraged to participate. Field qualification not required.

– Blue Card distributed to trainees.

– New trainee tracking to field qualification – Status Update
1/24/18 90-day deadline fast approaching!
DSW registration
Field pack check
NIMS courses 100b, 200b, and 700a
Register for medical/CPR course

Personnel – Richard
Resignations: None
LOAs: None

Old Business
– SDMRT Holiday Party, 12/16/17, Saturday, following SAR Ops training, Adam hosting in Ramona

– CalMRA So Cal Winter Workshop, 1/20/18, Joshua Tree NP, Indian Cove, tech rope rescue

– Reminder: AmazonSmile for SDMRT
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Select San Diego Mountain Rescue Team as your charitable organization to support

New Business
– Rehab of team radio antennas & batteries, and GPS units complete – thank you, Dennis

– Team trailer fire extinguisher recalled – thank you Dennis

– Medical Plan for field trainings.

Eitan Zur and Board are in discussions for standard medical plan for trainings. Initial version to be debuted at SAROPS training.

– Anyone having problems with your Sheriff ID card accessing facilities, contact Fred Duey directly

– No meeting the 4th Wed of this month!


– Responding to callouts
Callout info line: 760-856-0757
Respond first to SDMRT ITC: 619-663-4820 or SDMRTCoord, whether or not responding directly to Mission Manager (allows 2-way communication, arranging carpools, redundancy to MM useful)
Text preferred, or voice message; include your name, SDMRT, what you are responding to, and your ETA

– Filling out T-Cards, common omissions
Enter Argis number on top of front
Enter your cell phone number under “NOTES”
Last name first

– SDMRT dedicated emergency email
For emergencies affecting a deployed team member or his/her family (family to reach member or team to reach family): emergency

– DSW Renewal
Prohibited from attending field trainings & callouts unless your DSW is current
You are responsible for tracking your own DSW status (and your med certs/CPR)
Obtain current DSW renewal form from the SDSDSAR office, complete, and send to Amanda Patmon (or give to Hugo to deliver)
Don NOT use PO Box for your address
If you are >30 days expired, you need to be sworn in again

– Blue Card Signoff

Only field training leader can sign off respective field training
Electronic and paper versions both require face-to-face direct review and demonstration of the trainee’s competency of skill acquisition

– Mission Manager signups
RSVP Yes or No so leaders can better plan the event
If Yes but then cannot go, remember to change RSVP

– Lister emails
Include your name when using the lister (sdmrt-l)

Meeting adjourned 19:45