Team Meeting – December 2018

SDMRT Team Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Wednesday, 12 December 2018, 1900 at County Operations Center


Treasurer (TJ Tischer)

Treasurer’s Report November 30, 2018
Checking & PayPal accounts 11/30/2018 31,926.66
Cash receipts 2158.22 A

Cash disbursements (299.74) B

11/30/2018 31,926.66 Pager deposits (400.00)
Net Team Cash 31,526.66

Cash receipts

Donation (minus $2.50 PayPal fee) 97.50

Membership dues 1875.72
Team stores receipts 185.00

2158.22 A

Cash disbursements

Payment to Verizon 50.28

Reimbursement to Erin Rist 249.66

Cash disbursements (299.74) B

Operations (Tony Rolfe)

  1. Operations Committee (Tony)
  2. Reports of operations and non-operations
    1. Operations
      1. 2018-13 Mutual Aid Butte Co, limited in size and by gear, Paradise Fire
        1. Report Pending
        2. Question about credit for those who volunteered but were later notified of the limited status
          1. Board discussed

2018-16 Mira Mesa, full callout, 11/17/18, Martha Carrington

  1. Report complete, not yet posted
  2. 2018-17 Mutual Aid Idyllwild, Type II, 11/28/18, David Bradish
    1. Report complete, not yet posted
    2. Type II out of county very unusual
  1. Down to 5 MRT4 Ops Leaders, should add more soon
    1. Ops committee or board will nominate for a full vote

Training (Tony Rolfe)

  1. Training Committee: Next meeting ??
  2. Tracking field training 11/16-18/18 (Greg Gates)
  3. Supplemental Helitac training with USCG 12/1/18 CNF Helispot (Steve Herman)
  4. Upcoming SAR Ops training 12/15/18 (Hugo)
  5. Autism Training 11/28/18 – 1.5hr condensed version of 8hr course
    1. Brian Harriet (Autism Cop) at classroom training
  6. Upcoming Soft Snow field training 1/12/19 (Melissa)
    1. Current 1st choice is Forsee on Gorgonio, Onyx is a potential backup
    2. SDSAR Alpine unit invited
  7. Recert 3/2/2019 Snow & Ice, Douglas County SAR hosting
    1. Heavenly Ski Resort
    2. Limited team size due to CA/NV DSW and Heavenly being open
    3. Team lodging booked
  8. Supplemental Tech trainings
    1. Supplemental tech on 12/18
  9. USAR Training
    1. SDSAR USAR4 classroom 3 hrs Tue 3/5/19 and field training Sat 3/9/19
    2. Open to SDMRT
  10. Idea for tech rescue FOG (field operating guide)
    1. Tabled
  11. Website wiki
    1. Jeff B might have backup
  12. Do we want to encourage team trailer rendezvous before field trainings?
    1. 1st years will be required to go
    2. Other members will be strongly encouraged to attend


Resignations: Andrew Gordon, Monica Graves, David Hixon

LOAs: None


  1. MOU between SDMRT and Cleveland National Forest of USFS (Richard) – Update
    1. MOU with Cleveland Nat’l, didn’t get 5 year, it expires this December
    2. Administration issue, it will be renewed for the full 5 soon
    3. Richard to keep following
  2. SDMRT Facebook pages (John)
    1. Melissa added as curator
  3. HPWren status update (Dennis Peck) – Update
    1. No update
  4. Cal OES out-of-county license for VHF SDMRT radio channel (Dennis, TJ) – Update
    1. We have to call a number for license, Dennis sent out email
  5. Outstanding returns of Sheriff ID cards: Andrew Gordon and Monica Graves


  1. Social media
    1. Don’t post about operations (searches) that we’ve actively participated in
    2. Training posts are ok
  2. Dues for members over 20 years will be free
    1. Board voted yes
  3. After 6 months and 1 year of no search activity Duey will check with Tony/Kyle about standing and if not in good standing, your card could be deactivated and need to be renewed via full application
    1. Will we change good standing criteria to be assessed more than once a year
      1. No, it will still only be done annually
    2. You can still go on operations, it’s just gate access

Adjourned 2102.

SDMRT Secretary

Nick McGuinness