Team Meeting | Feb-2017

SDMRT February Team Meeting on 2/8/17 at the County Operations Center @ 1900

Meeting Called to order by Richard Yocum


Treasurer’s Report (Richard Yocum for Lori Rigsbee)

$26,430.32 in the bank. For full report see board meeting minutes

Operations Committee – Richard announced appointment of Tony Rolfe as chair

  1. Bylaws:
    1. Operations Committee (OC): “Train new and current Operation Leaders, report to the Team on operations, and review and recommend new or revised operational policies and procedures”
    2. Operation Leader (OL):
      1. Rescue Member elected to manage the Team during search & rescue operations, or other operations
      2. A candidate for OL shall have been a Rescue Member for greater than or equal to 1 year immediately prior to admission, completed OL training as certified by the OC*, & participated in team operations & activities as prescribed by official Team policy
        1. *Not defined in SDMRT policy or bylaws but it is recommended that OLS have attended a search management course (e.g., Cal OES or NASAR, etc., NIMS courses) and have sufficient experience; maturity, judgement, responsibility, etc.
      3. Nominated by the Board, OC, or any 5 Rescue Member; reviewed by the Board, which submits the nomination, with its report, to the Team within 90 days for a vote
  2. What is an OL? – Signifies level of competency in search management role, safety & qualification assessments for team deployment & assignments, leadership role for out-of-county/mutual aid

Operations (John Wehbring for Kiana Nakamura)

  1. 2017-02: 1/21/17 2152 Three Sisters Waterfall, limited callout for 5 SDMRT tech level 1 or higher certified personnel to assist in the search for two missing hikers in the rope area of the three sisters waterfalls. ASTREA eventually made contact with the hikers and the SDMRT members who were enroute were instructed to stand down at 2307. Team members responding to the request for rope rescue technicians preferred were Grayson Hough, Steve Herman, Will Dalrymple, Kiana Nakamura, and Michael Fisher. Jesse Ma did arrive on scene prior to the stand down orders and assisted SDSAR in the eventual hike-out of the two hikers.
  2. 2017-03:
    1. 1/22/17 Operational Period 1 – 1943 Rainbow Creek in Fallbrook. Initial callout to search for a reported 2 males, possibly ages 3 and 14 who were were believed to have been swept away in Rainbow Creek swollen by recent and ongoing heavy rains. Michael Fisher, Rob Bair, Pete Jenkins, Eitan Zur, Jesse Ma, Steve Herman, Melissa Rexilius, Marshall Masser, and Terra Miller responded, along with about 30 SDSAR personnel. Stand down orders initiated just over 1 hour later d/t dangerous swift water conditions. Updated reports learned that an older gentleman and 5 year old were out on a drive at approx 1630 when their car was swept downstream. The man’s body was found.
    2. 1/23/17 Operational Period 2: Search for the young boy. Limited callout of motorized SDSAR, Dennis Peck responded. No subject or sign found
    3. 1/25/17 Operation Period 3: Limited callout, 4 SDMRT members, working with swift water rescue teams, inmates, and dog teams with support from ASTREA helos and 2 UAV teams. Jesse Ma, Rob Bair, Richard Yocum and Michael Fisher responded. No sign or subject found.
    4. 1/24/17 Operational Period 4: Bill McNaul and John Hatala responded. Dogs alerted and the boy’s body was found caught in a “strainer” of debri approx 1 mile from the road crossing. 10-22 was issued at 1200 hours.

Non-Operations (Kiana Nakamura)

  1. 1/13/17: 1444-1505 Oceanside. Missing 85 y/o female with Alzheimer’s. Last seen at 1100. Astrea enroute, ground searchers on standby as investigative work ongoing. 10-22 1505 subject located. No members responded.

Training Committee (Hugo Bermudez)

  1. Search 1/13-15/17 – Thank you Erin and Michelle!
    1. Lessons learned in debrief: paper copies of maps in case computers are not up to speed, discovered issues with our antenna that have been resolved prior to search recert
  2. Soft Snow 2/10-2/17 – Terra Miller
    1. San Jacinto Mountain – Round Valley Campground
    2. Team meeting at 0500 at Strategic Ops on 2/11/17, leaving at 0530
    3. Team meeting in the overnight parking lot, those driving up separately will need to email Terra and include their license plate number
    4. Team will be taking the first tram ride up the mountain at 0800
      1. Packs need to be together prior to arrival for quick loading onto tram. Snow/cold equipment can be put on at the lodge at the top of the tram.
      2. Orange team uniforms are required for the ride up the tram
    5. Bring entire field pack, tech pack, and cold weather equipment including snow shoes and shovel. No requirement for crampons/ice axe.
  3. MRA Recert 3/4/17
    1. Remember to send Hugo your payment and information for t-shirts
    2. Primitive car camping provided. Bring in all food and water.
  4. Hard Snow 3/10-12/17 – Sean O’Grady
    1. Planning for Mount Baldy
  5. New trainees tracking to field qualification
    1. Good job everyone at meeting the first six month deadline. Keep up the good work and contact Kiana when you have registered for your medical certification course

Personnel (Richard)

  1. No new Resignations
  2. No new LOAs

MRA Liaison (Kayley/Monty)

  1. No update

Sheriff Liaison (Hugo)

  1. Fallbrook search had complete lack of communication between Sheriff’s team and Swift Water Rescue Team who were using separate radio channels. Searchers and operational leaders were blind to half of the operation and working off of inaccurate information. Sergeant Duey found out that the boy’s body had been found through a media report
  2. Reminder of safety consideration (Tony) – each member has a personal responsibility to their own safety first and foremost before responding to a callout. Our team does not have qualifications to be near swift water

Medical (Patrick Carey)

  1. Members who have expired medical certifications or have not fulfilled this requirement yet should have received an email from Patrick offering assistance in finding an appropriate course for the member’s schedule and budget. Anyone having questions should contact Patrick or Kiana and should forward their course information onwards to both one registered.
  2. Patrick is the only currently active member on the medical committee and is requesting any interested members to please contact him


  1. 50th Anniversary team celebration 4/23/17
    1. Video teaser was released on Facebook
    2. Stone Brewery plans are going well
    3. Sharon is leading a hike and other members are planning a climb
    4. Possible Channel 7 hightlight – anyone with information or connections to previously rescued members of the community please contact Greg
  2. Team jacket order – Mitch
    1. Jackets are enroute and should arrive by Friday afternoon
  3. Weld team trailer inventory – TJ
    1. Inventory list and plan for the equipment was completed and sent to the board and Grayson (unofficial quartermaster) and Tony for review and approval
  4. Team PR representative
    1. Still awaiting handoff from Celeste of responsibilities and team materials
    2. Sierra Club WBC Community Night 2/21/17 1815 to 1900 hours, Scottish Rights Ctr Mission Valley
  5. Report on MRA So Cal SAR Skills Workshop 1/21/17
    1. Topic Selected each year to match upcoming MRA recert
      1. 2016 – Winter – hosted by Ventura SAR
      2. 2017 – Search Operations – hosted by Ojai SAR, Ventura
      3. 2018 – Teach Rope Rescue – seeking SAR team to host (recert to be hosted by Ventura)
    2. Attendance
      1. ~75 persons
      2. 9 SAR teams: China Lake, Fresno, Malibu, Montrose, Riverside, SDMRT, Sierra Madres, Upper Ojai, and Ventura Filmore
      3. SDMRT: Dennis Peck, Richard Yocum, Terra Miller, and Brenda Stevens
    3. Two interactive workshop parallel tracks
      1. MAPSAR Usage
      2. Rotating sessions
        1. Preservation PLS/LKP
        2. Tracking Skills
        3. Lost Person Behavior
        4. CP Technology
    4. Catered dinner followed presentation by Lynn Hill


  1. MRA “Helicopters in Search and Rescue”
    1. 1st installment in the on-line MRA Learning Management System (LMS);
  2. Board approved replacement radio antennas – take care of them
  3. Upcoming Cal OES Search Management Courses: 3/13-17/17
    1. Recommended only Rescue Members (not trainee members) apply
    2. Prefer SDMR applicants have over or equal to 3 years of regular attendance and experience (the course is more meaningful with this background experience)
    3. Should be members in good standing, not on LOA or probation
    4. Applications must be approved by local Sheriff SAR coordinator, so prudent to confer with Ferd Duey in advance of making application
    5. Completion of a Cal OES Direction and Control course does not automatically confer Operations Leader status fur SDMRT members
  4. Annual SD SAR appreciation dinner: 5/13/17, 1730 hours, El Cajon Elks Lodge – if interested, contact Richard
  5. Reminders: sign you name when using the lister (sdmrt-l)
    1. Callout info line: 760-856-0757
    2. Callout respond to SDMRT ITC first: 619-663-4820 or SDMRTCood, whethor or not responding diresctly to Mission Manager; allows 2-way communication, arranging carpools, reducnancy to MM useful
    3. For emergencies affecting a deployed team member or his/her family: www.emergency@sdmrt.or
    4. For DSW application/renewal: Don’t add PO Box

Meeting adjourned at 2050