Team Meeting | Mar-2017

Meeting called to order at 1905 by Richard Yocum


Treasurer’s Report (Richard Yocum for Lori Rigsbee)

Nothing new to be reported on this month

Next month’s report will include detailed reports for both February and March

Operations Report (Kiana Nakamura)

  1. New template will be used for operations reports and will be disseminated to the ITCs
  2. Discussion of ICT closing the loop after a callout. Will designate someone to write the operations report for a callout, review/edit, and then send the completed operations report to Kiana for reporting
  3. Operations
    1. 2017-05: 2/9/17 4S Ranch – search for missing 80 year-old Michael Becker, who had a history of dementia and went missing from his home in Forest Ranch. Found wandering a nearby apartment structure by the apartment manager shortly after assignments begun in good health. Responding was Patrick Carey, Bill McNaul, Mark Kenny.
    2. 2017-06: 2/20/17 Green Valley Falls – scheduled search for 31 year old male with a history of depression with multiple previous suicide attempts. He was known to have purchased both rope and duct tape and the family believed he had an immediate intent to harm himself when he went missing. Responding were Marshall Masser, Lee Tomatsu, Pete Jenkins, Francisco Villa, and Andrew Gordon, Rob Bair and Adam Kimmerly, Will Pisarello. No signs or tracks of the subject were found. Follow up search scheduled for 3/18/17.
    3. 2017-07: 2/25/17 Indianhead Peak – Limited callout for technical rescue members for short recon mission for future larger callout. Subject was a man in his 70s who was known to be traveling the world on his bicycle. His bicycle was reported having been sitting unclaimed at the trailhead for approx 13 days. It was believed the subject had been wanting to find an alternate summit route. Recon party made it their planned route of 3 miles up and back, scouting out possible routes the subject might have attempted to take to the summit of Indianhead Peak. Helo support was able to make one sweep up a route recommended by the scouting party and spotted a group of hikers heading up a potential gully. When the recon team returned to the trailhead they heard that a body was found by the hiking team that was spotted by helo. The body was able to be extracted when the weather allowed the following day. Responding were Steve Herman and Bill McNaul. Lessons learned, our team should have an ITC on board for every callout per policy to ensure safety of the callout.
  4. No new non-operations

Training (Hugo Bermudez)

  1. Annual MRA Reaccreditation – Search and Tracking in Stoddard Valley OHV Area, Barstow, CA 4, March 2017
    1. We represented our team well with the largest showing of any team at reaccreditation
    2. Conditions were dry, dusty, and progressively windy
    3. Scenario – subject was camping out with a friend who stated he was going to be going on a hike and would return in one hour. He did not return. Last scene by a bystander hiker who had a gps location of where he had seen the subject one hour prior to sunset.
    4. Lessons learned:
      1. What we did well: time from reporting party interview to 1st team in the field was 30 minutes return all team gear to trailer asap (missing med pack)
      2. double verification of significant map marking or direction of travel
      3. reminder to update mission manager status to assist with planning for our trips/trainings
      4. power fluctuations and low reliability, especially related to higher quality printer, our team might want to reconsider upgrading our generator capability
      5. radio comms had significantly high traffic with the relay doubling it. re-think of options such as waiting for CP to request coordinates prior to teams in the field provided coordinates at every 30 min check in.
      6. relay team feedback: the longer the message, the more likely it will be passed along incorrectly. gps coordinates could be given secondarily to reason for the call-in. Coordinates given first caused confusion in command
      7. orientation status communication needs to include AVPU and orientation x 1-3 and to what (self, place, time)
    5. Evaluator report:
      1. fantastic job by leadership
      2. it was pretty windy and there could have been some more consideration taken into protection for both command/comms and volunteers from the elements to prevent fatigue
      3. could have improved our line search methodology
      4. use more binoculars
      5. field teams remained patient, calm and showed no signs of fatigue or frustration from the difficult tracking scenario
  2. Hard Snow Field Training (3/10-12/17) – Mnt Baldy, Sean O’Grady
    1. Reminder, any cars left at Strategic Ops need to be parked in the front lot
    2. Adventure Passes are needed at Manker Pass trailhead
    3. Fire permits are needed for stoves
  3. Personal Rock (4/7-9/17) – New Jack City climbing area
    1. Start working on your tech packs
    2. Work on learning your required knots prior to classroom training in 2 weeks
  4. USAR


  1. Resignations: Corrine Hard
  2. LOA: David Hixon until 5/31/17, Brett until 5/31/17, no new requests

MRA LIAISON (Kayley/Monty)

MEDICAL (Patrick Carey)

please return the med pack


  1. Team Jacket order – Thank you Mitch!
  2. 50th Anniversary team celebration 4/23/17
    1. expecting 100-120 attendees at reception
    2. lots of early SDMRT members expected
    3. still need ranger contacts for JTree NP, Cuyamaca SP and San Jacinto SP
    4. still need donor prizes (already have A16, SearchGear, and REI lined up so far)
    5. menu will be finalized Friday, March 17
    6. Bill and Mark will Stone Brewery on March 13th for space viewing
    7. contact Mark Kenny if you would like to assist
  3. Team PR representative – Marshall officially accepted
  4. Annual SD SAR appreciation dinner


  1. Team Apparel – John Hatala: new t-shirt and hat proposal for the team accepted
  2. Next SDSAR/SDMRT Tech rope rescue course with be 9/23/17-10/1/17, both weekends plus Tues and Thur evenings in between
  3. Cal-OES/Cal Nat’l Guard Helicopter Awareness Training. 5/19/17 or 5/20/17, Lake Mendocino; must be Rescue Member in good standing, DSW, no field restrictions, and approved by local agency command, lottery after application; apply by 4/10/17
  4. Scheduled search at Green Valley just received for 3/18/17 at same location for follow up search

Meeting concluded at 2125