Team Meeting – March 2018

SDMRT Team Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Wednesday, 14 March 2018, 1900 at County Operations Center

Treasurer’s Report – TJ
See board meeting minutes.

Operations Committee – Tony

Operations – Will P
2018-03 Ramona 2/17/18 Valerie Nelson

  • Report posted to

2018-04 San Marcos 3/10/18 Vi Fleming

  • Report pending.

Non-Operations – none

Training Committee – Hugo
Tech II Debrief

  • Training leader Steve Herman did an exemplary job organizing.
  • 30-35 SDMRT. 2 SDSAR (Chris & Vance).
  • Very efficient training given early time in the calender of the training. Excellent rehearsal for recert in training scenarios.
  • Guiding line, 3rd class carry, edge transitions, litter rigging.
  • Great turn-out from new recruits.

MRA Recertification

  • 3/3/18 Alabama Hills. 400+ people in attendance.
  • 24-25 SDMRT in attendance. Marshall as subject. Kayleigh & Monty as proctors. Tony as IC.
  • Inyo SAR proctor left after 90’ for Mammoth Mtn Avalanche
  • Remaining proctor scored 17 of 18 points. Scenario completed by 1130.
    • Prusiks rubbing on rock edge
    • Conflicting instructions re off limits area
    • Medical care: Feeding the subject vs restricting food/liquids. Resolved as a county to county issue.
      • Medics Lee & Patrick were extremely competent.
  • Final reports due in May, will be made available. -Richard
  • MPD wear. Proctors noted that in their experience the MPD case can wear due to rope drag.
    • All SDMRT MPDs should be inspected

Upcoming Soft Snow field training – Brett

  • No snow in southern california!
  • One day training, in town. Saturday. 3/17/18.
  • Brett to email by 3/15/18 at noon with details.

Upcoming SDSDSAR All-Units training, 3/24/18,

  • SDSAR would like SDMRT to participate in command
  • Mission Trails Park
  • “Small search training”
  • Sign up on MM

Upcoming Hard Snow field training, Mt. Baldy Bowl, 4/13-15/18 – Sukhyung

  • Ski hut reserved.

Pull those permits for mountain climbing in June!

  • See mission manager for trip details.
  • 5/25-29, Cotter, Gardiner, Clarence King, 8 spots, 10 signed up
  • 6/1-5, Onion Valley to Whitney Portal, Marshall, 8 spots, 2 signed up
  • 6/15-17, Langley, ? Spots, 2 signed up
  • 6/16-19, Split Mtn, Kevin, 4 spots, 2 signed up
  • Two more in the works.

New trainee tracking to field qualification – Status Update

  • 4/25/18 6-month deadline now 6 weeks away
    • Medical certification including healthcare-provider CPR
    • Tech pack check
    • Full uniform, including name tag & patches (SDMRT & med cert)
  • Have you registered for your medical/CPR course?

Personnel – Richard
Resignations: Amy Van Cise 3/2/18

LOAs: None

MRA Liaison – Kayley/Monty

No updates.

Sheriff Liaison – Hugo

If your Sheriff’s ID card doesn’t provide gate access to COC and Ridgehaven parking structure, contact Hugo.

Annual SAR/Reserve Appreciation Dinner, Sat 4/21/18, El Cajon Elks Lodge, RSVP by 3/15/18 (tomorrow!)

Medical – Patrick Carey

No updates.

Equipment – Grayson Hough
Looks for volunteers to reorganize gear in the trailer. Things in disarray after recert.

Old Business

MOU between SDMRT and Cleveland National Forest of USFS – Richard

  • MOU is signed! (to be posted on website)
  • Covers all of CNF: 460,000 acres
  • All requests for field trainings in CNF should be requested under this MOU
  • Your only point of contact at CNF is Lindsey Steinwachs, Descanso Ranger District; also, cc Richard (or current president) on all communications
  • SDMRT: Submit request with training area map ≥ 3 months prior to anticipated date
  • USFS: Plan & finalize with SDMRT ≥ 2 months before anticipated event date
  • May Nav training & supplemental helitac trainings are being processed under MOU

Medical Plan for Field Trainings

  • Supplemental to Lesson Plan, but not submitted to SDSDSAR Coordinator
  • To be carried into field, distributed with field training agenda & logistics
  • Also emailed to sdmrtcoord so accessible to all ITCs and OLs
  • Available on, and integrated into the “How to be a training leader” document.

SDMRT training demonstrationed to UCSD Wilderness Medicine med students & instructors, 3/8/18

  • Lesson on human tracking and a demonstration of low-angle litter raise.
  • 13 Medical students and 3 medical school instructors.
  • 9 SDMRT
  • A lot of positive feedback. Interest in joining, and in further sharing of expertise (SDMRT to them & them to SDMRT)

Radio comms for subject located, per SDSAR radio communications manual:

  • Alive:

An appropriate initial report after locating a subject is:

Team 1: “Station R, Team 1. Subject located. Stand by for details”

Alternatively, the search team or command post may opt to speak directly to each other by cell phone. This can avoid the public transmission of sensitive data.

  • Deceased:

In the event that a search subject is found dead, a special code must be transmitted to Station R to discreetly communicate that information. The exchange between the team and command post would be:

Team 1: “Station R, Team 1.”

Station R: “Team 1, Station R. Go ahead.”

Team 1: “Request 10 Edward Sam 5 report to my location. No code.”

This coded message must be transmitted to Station R by a SDSAR (or SDMRT) search team member whenever a deceased subject is found. It is required regardless of any other communications regarding the deceased subject that may be made by any law enforcement or mutual aid SAR agency personnel who are also present.

Sierra Club WBC Community Night 2/20/18 – Debrief

  • Tony & TJ attended. Great opportunity for community outreach.
  • Local girl scout troop requested a speaking engagement. TJ is in contact with Marshall to set it up.

MRA Spring Conference 6/6-10/18, Nordegg, Canada, open now for scholarship application.

  • Scholarship information emailed to team on 3/1/18.

New Business

LE Regional POST-Plan IV class on radio comms, 3/27/18, 0800-1700, La Mesa Police Dept

  • Great opportunity to learn more about the 800MHz system.

BSA Troop 346 Flag Retirement Ceremony with SDMRT as 1 of proposed recipients, Sat 3/24/18, 5 pm, Lakeside Rodeo Grounds, $7 dinner to follow

  • Seeking SDMRT members to attend. Contact Richard.

Sheriff issued updated Training Bulletin for First Responders re managing a potential crime scene

  • Posted to under policy

Dodgers vs Padres game, 4/16/18

  • SDMRT has access to a private box, FREE!
  • Contact Poncho if you’d like to attend.