Team Meeting – March 2019

SDMRT Team Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Wednesday, 13th March 2019, 1900 at County Operations Center

Committee Reports

Treasurer: TJ Tischer

Treasurer’s Report February 31, 2019

Checking & PayPal Accounts: $36,308.69

Cash Receipts: $614.80 A

Cash Disbursements: ($1,338.08) B

Cash Receipts

Team Store Receipts: $522.00

Donation: Amazon Smile Foundation $92.80

Cash Disbursements:

Payment to Verizon: ($50.08)

Reimbursement to Kaylee Bell for MRA dues ($1,000)

Reimbursement to Patrick Carey for litter straps ($288.00)


  1. $600 – Viasat Inc. Community Outreach
  2. $100 – Anonymous Facebook donation


Check to Hugo for recert lodging given by TJ

Operations: Tony Rolfe

  1. Meeting Cadence: Quarterly
  2. Four operations
    1. 2/9/2019 – Harmony grove limited search with HRD dogs
      1. John Hatala
      2. Nothing found
    2. 2/20/2019 Idyllwild Mutual Aid– Peter Hopper
      1. Richard Yocum
      2. Search with dog team, then search the grocery store back
      3. Found deceased by Richard’s team very close to command post
    3. 2/22/2019 David Ennis Mutual Aid in Chula Vista
      1. Eitan, Michael Winter, TJ, David Lyman
        1. Michael not field qualified but prepared to help at the bus
      2. No assignment given
      3. Cancelled soon after SDMRT people arrived
    4. 3/4/2019 Baldy Mutual Aid
      1. Spot device activated
      2. Two subjects extracted ok
      3. Bill and Nick given short hike, subjects mostly out when they arrived

Training: Tony Rolfe

  1. Meeting Cadence: Monthly
  2. Next meeting: end of the month
  3. New trainees David L and Kelly are field qualified
  4. Personal Rock – Brett
    1. New Jack City
    2. Stations filled
    3. Brett to go up Thursday and get campsites
  5. Nav in April
    1. Dos Cabesos
    2. Will be tough terrain
    3. Brian has submitted plan
  6. Reaccreditation
    1. Passed
    2. Record for anchor strength
    3. Hit >1400lbs
    4. 2 segments with skills stations and scenario
      1. Some teams went to other location and did one long scenario
    5. Scenario
      1. Find injured snowboarder
      2. Then he yelled avalanche and we had to find his friends
      3. Had to triage initial snowboarder and buried friend
      4. Raise, lower, raise then short walk
    6. Will was “IC” basically team lead
  7. Pro-deal and store access?
    1. Extend to 90 days
      1. Will push people to get orange shirts
    2. Team store when field qualified
      1. Exception for patch and hat
    3. Kristin proposed, TJ seconded, vote passed
  8. Supplemental Helo
    1. Same area, same plan as postponed one
    2. Should we get net and practice recovery net loading and pickup?


  1. Cal region scholarships open for applications for June MRA conference in Portland


  1. On T card, put other languages spoken to see who can interview a subject who does not speak English


  1. First topic review was today prior to the meeting (dislocations)


  1. Resignations: None
  2. LOAs:
    1. Justin Berg military deployment

New Business

  1. Some people responding to call-outs with future ETA who don’t make it to callouts
    1. Should it be that unless you will arrive within X time you should not respond
    2. When you respond, make sure ETA is included
  2. John W’s shirt to be mounted and framed
    1. TJ to look into it
  3. Training plans/slide shows to be uploaded so people don’t have to recreate the wheel?
    1. Tony working on it
  4. Mutual aid
    1. Calls go to Tony and Kyle to initiate ITCs
      1. Should there be a backup when one is out of town? (Jeff O)
  5. Brett
    1. 3.3.1 Definition of Trainee member
      1. Discussed
    2. Gear at the trailer such as med packs – No one goes there for callouts
      1. What should we get/what do we need to get?
      2. Great idea, but how could we do that?
      3. Differentiate in county vs. mutual aid?
    3. Get a few FLIR for dementia patients?
      1. Discussed
  6. Brett – RSVP for MM?
    1. Should it be pushed more
    2. Very useful training leaders
  7. Kevin – AIARE certs on MM
    1. Could be in notes?

Adjourned: 1841

Respectfully submitted,

SDMRT Secretary

Nick McGuinness