Team Meeting | May 2017

SDMRT Team Meeting

May 10, 2017 – County Operations Center

Meeting called to order by Richard Yocum at 1905

Thank you to everyone who worked on the 50th Anniversary Weekend

Thank you Bill for the Anniversary Video

Check out the UT Article about our team


Treasurer’s Report (Lori Rigsbee)

No new updates

Operations Committee (Kiana Nakamura)

Operations: None

Non-Operations: three under 1 hour callouts

  1. 4/27/17 Descanso – Standby callout @1717 for missing 50 year old man. Open trailer. Unknown last seen. No sign at jail/hospital/fire department. 11053 State Route 79, Descanso, CP space 8. Gate code 4769.
  2. 5/1/17 @1214, 10-22 @ 1227
  3. 5/7/17 Mnt. Laguna 1903-1929. Subject located by border patrol. Marshall, Pete, Bill (Dennis was ITC)

Training Committee

  1. Congratulations to new field qualified members
  2. Congratulations rope rescue Tech I Certified: Jesse, Will P, and Ming
  3. Training Committee Meeting: Wed 5/24/17
  4. Urban and Field Safety (Situational Awareness) Training: Tue 6/13/17, 1800-2100
  5. Land Navigation 5/19-21/17 Los Coyotes REservation (Remember moved 1 week later d/t Mother’s Day)
    1. 1900 meetup at Strategic Ops
    2. Dry camp, bring all water
    3. Porta Toilets, bring toilet paper
    4. Bring full Tech Pack and all navigation materials
  6. Mountain Climbs: Sign up on Mission MAnager
  7. Tech I 7/14-16/17, Shady Cove Campground, Running Springs
  8. Reminder: per SDMRT Policy 105: Attendance is counted at a field training if a member
    1. Attends greater than or equal of the time devoted to the training subject
    2. Present at greater than or equal to 50% of the total scheduled time

PERSONNEL (Richard Yocum)

Resignations: Adam Little and Shannon Coates

LOA: David Hixon extension until 5/31/17, Ken Hodge for 4 months from today, Brett until 5/31/17, Nazli until 7/24

MRA LIAISON (Kayley/Monty)

  1. National conference in Biose Idaho this next month
  2. OES data base: SDMRT MRA submissions should includ SDSAR volunteer hours to better represent San Diego’s presence
  3. Medical – Patrick Carey
  4. Looking into more advanced medical courses, especially for those who already work in the medical field and want to grow in their wildnerness medical skills
  5. Equipment (Grayson Hough)
  6. Possible Drone Training


  1. PCT race support (, Buckman Springs Road, Sat 5/13/17 SDSAR 0800-1500/?SDMRT 1500-2000, EMT/WFR preferredi
  2. Each weekend afternoon Cedar Creek medical support by SDSAR. Note: Although SDSAR designates these as “operations,” participation does NOT constitue an operation for SDMRT
  3. Reminder: Next SDSAR/SDMRT tech rope rescue course will be 9/23/17 through 10/1/17, both weekends plus Tue & Thur evenings in between


  1. June 24-25 – ARRL (amature radio relay) SDSAR and SDMRT members are thinking of putting something together
  2. Sunday after nav training – Annual Allied Climbers (Matt Seugul will be there from Reel Rock Boys and the Bugs + someone else…) check online for tickets, at Stone Brewery
  3. San Diego 100 Endura race June 10th looking for radio volunteers
  4. Weld Trailer needs roof repair
  5. We raised over $700 at the anniversary dinner in individual donations
  6. 26 tickets for the Padres Game – Next Thur at 1230