Team Meeting – November 2018

SDMRT Team Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Wednesday, 14 November 2018, 1900 at County Operations Center

New Trainees

The team members voted to admit for membership on the team all members put forward:

  • Alex Oleata, Brian Rau, David Brandt, David Lyman, Eila Miller, Erika Bjorkquist, Greg Mills, Jack Syring, Justin Berg, Kelly Sloan, Michael Winter, Paige Topole, Robert Badere, Will Maisch

DSW Swearing-In

  • Present: Alex Oleata, David Brandt, David Lyman, Eila Miller, Greg Mills, Jack Syring, Justin Berg, Kelly Sloan, Michael Winter, Paige Topole, Robert Badere, Will Maisch, Brian Cohen, Michel Bearmar, Mark Kenny, Sukyung Shin, Dave Hixon
  • All submitted paperwork given to Sgt. Duey

Treasurer’s Report – TJ
Oct 2018 report
10/31/2018 total equity $30,070

– Donation $500 from ViaSat Inc. Community Outreach
– Donation $250 anonymous
– AmazonSmile Foundation $28
– Team store receipts $15
– 100 red team training t-shirts $1320
– Reimbursement water containers & batteries for MultiSAR $50
– Verizon $50

Operations Committee – Tony
No update.

Operations – Will P

  • 2018-13 Mutual aid for Alpine County, limited to Type 1 searchers, 11/3/18, Brad Dozier
    • Report posted to
  • 2018-14 Full callout, Poway, 11/4/18, Orlando Lugo
    • Report posted to
  • 2018-15 Mutual aid for Butte Count, limited to 2-3 persons, 11/14/18 ongoing, Camp Fire
    • Currently deployed: Richard Yocum, John Hatala, Dennis Peck, 3 SDSDSAR
  • Follow up: 2018-11 Mutual Aid, Mecca
    • Subjects body located in catch basin pond east of canyon. Report updated on


  • 10/15/18 Fallbrook, Sandra Tetter, 19 minutes

Training Committee – Hugo

Multi-SAR – October, training debrief

  • Discussion of risks involved in this years training, particularly weather related.
    • Situation was monitored throughout by training leader & senior members. Following a predetermined plan.

Upcoming Tracking field training 11/16-18/18 (Greg Gates)

  • Yaqui Wells, Anza Borrego
  • Dry camp. Pack all water need for the weekend.
  • See email or hand-out for details
  • Rendezvous at Strategic Ops. Departing Strategic Ops at 1800.

Classroom training on 11/28/18 devoted to autism training, by Brian Herritt of Autism Risk & Safety Management Agency (

Upcoming Helitac with USCG, Dec 1, Laguna (Steve Herman)

  • Prerequisite: Helitac field training or certificate of completion of MRA online course;
  • Submit course certificates for archiving on MM;
  • New checkbox for Helitac in MM;
  • Uniforms, helmet, goggles, ear protection, & gloves required

Upcoming SAR Ops field training 12/15/18 (Hugo Bermudez)

  • One day training.
  • County Operation Center.

MRA reaccreditation, Snow & Ice, Sat 3/2/19, Heavenly Resort

  • Stay tuned for details.

USAR4 training by SDSDSAR

  • Tuesday 3/5/19, 3 hours classroom, Sat 3/9/19 field training, plus online training

Personnel – Richard
Resignations: None

LOAs: None

MRA Liaison – Kayley/Monty

Registration open for MRA Winter Business Meeting, Salt Lake City, 1-3 Feb 2019 (

CalOES Search Management Class

  • October class in yosemite valley attended by Bill McNaul & Kyle Albertson
  • Next one is the week of March 18 in Orange County
    • Requires board approval to attend. Typically experienced rescue members.

Sheriff Liaison – Hugo

No update

Medical – Patrick Carey

No update

Equipment – Grayson Hough
New trailer location at Strategic Ops. Closer to the front gate, at NorthWest end.

Old Business
Stay tuned for more Tech “Tuesdays,” scheduled on Sheriff’s side Mission Manager.

  • Not always on Tuesdays.
  • Unlikely to be held January through May

New Business

Proposed revision to Policy 100 Membership Requirements, added to list for Trainee requirements: “Must have, within six (6) months of acceptance as a Trainee, completed a course or training in safe operation in and around helicopters that is acceptable to the Board.”

  • Voted to pass by a majority of members. Policy change is adopted.

Proposed revision to Policy 401 (BlueCard skills list), added to Field Qualification requirements: “Completed a Board-approved course or training in safe operation in and around helicopters.”

  • Voted to pass by a majority of members. Policy change is adopted.

Rendezvous at team trailer before field trainings is highly encouraged

  • Carpooling is environmentally beneficially, reduces parking required at training venue, & is a great way to get to know better your teammates & new recruits
  • Know what is in the trailer, how organized, & sign-out procedures
  • If not departing from trailer, travel plans must be approved by field training leader

Having an assistant field training leader is encouraged

Passing of Brad Humphrey, former SDMRT member

Volunteers sought to help John Hatala maintain team Facebook page

SDMRT operations manual being fully reconstructed on team website. Anyone with a copy of the old ops manual binder or interested in helping contact Melissa.


YOU need to keep track of expiration dates of your own medical/CPR certifications, DSW, & Sheriff’s ID cards

Med recertifications:

  • Best to register for course at least several months in advance, know the terms of your certification re grace period/expiration

Pending newly formatted Sheriff cards, won’t get a new card with renewal

  • If your card is expiring, email images front & back of ID card to Fred Duey, and he will update the card in the system; you will not be provided a new card at this time
  • We will be notified when new cards become available

DSW Renewals

  • Prohibited from attending field trainings & callouts unless your DSW is current
  • You are responsible for tracking your own DSW status
  • Obtain current DSW renewal form from the SDSDSAR office, complete, and send to Amanda Patmon at SDSDSAR (amanda.patmon) or give to Hugo to deliver
  • Start renewal process early! Submit your renewal application at least 3 months in advance
  • Do NOT use PO Box for your address
  • If you are >30 days expired, you need to be sworn in again

Responding to callouts

  • Callout info line: 760-856-0757
  • Respond first to SDMRT ITC: 619-663-4820 or SDMRTCoord, whether or not responding directly to Mission Manager; allows ITC 2-way communication & arranging carpools, and redundancy to MM useful
  • Do NOT need to wait for message from ITC before responding
  • Text preferred, or voice message; include your name, SDMRT, what you are responding to, and your ETA at CP

Filing out T-Cards, common omissions:

  • Enter Argis number on top of front Last name first, then first name
  • Round trip mileage needed for callouts
  • Enter your cell phone number in designated place or under “NOTES”

SDMRT dedicated emergency email

  • For emergencies affecting a deployed team member or his/her family (family to reach member or team to reach family): emergency

Blue Card signoffs

  • For Field Trainings, only the field training leader can sign off – take your card to EACH training
  • Requires face-to-face direct review and demonstration of the trainee’s competency of skill acquisition
  • Practice not just until you get it right, but until you can’t get it wrong
  • Checkoff requires skill to the level of being able to teach it
  • It’s not a race!

Mission Manager signups

  • RSVP for events early and update as needed your Yes or No so leaders can better plan the event
  • If Yes but then cannot go, remember to change RSVP

Lister emails Include your name when using the lister (sdmrtl), unless you wish to remain anonymous

SDSDSAR Yahoo group emails – requires “opt in”

MRA on-line courses at

  • Helicopters in SAR
  • Situational Awareness in Mountain Rescue
  • Risks in Mountain Rescue

AmazonSmile for SDMRT

  • Sign in to
  • Go to Your Account and select Change your Charity
  • Select San Diego Mountain Rescue Team as your charitable organization to support ☺

CISM & Stress in SAR – Presentation by Tim Stempel

Peer Supporters (website updated): Ready to listen and help in any way they can. All have taken the Peer Support class offered by The California Peer Support Association.


  • Kyle Albertson Cell 858-722-5101 Work 858-762-5569
  • Erin Rist Cell 619-602-7487 Home 619-602-7487 Work 760-801-4205
  • Tony Rolfe Cell 619-261-8112
  • Roland Sosa Cell 760-585-5758 Work 619-532-3808


  • Cathy Metts SDSD SAR Medical Unit Cell 619-723-1573
  • Debby Gaarde Cell 760-533-4227 DebGaarde.
  • Greg Magnan Cell 619-494-7333

Board Member elections

A quorum of members voted by majority for the 2018-2019 incoming board of directors:

  • President: Kyle Albertson
  • Vice President: Tony Rolfe
  • Secretary: Nick McGuinness
  • Treasurer: TJ Tischer
  • Members at Large: Kristen Kuhn, Jeff Oxford, Kevin Litwin

Adjourned 2100

Respectfully submitted,

Outgoing SDMRT Secretary

Will Pisarello