Team Meeting – October 2019

SDMRT Team Meeting Minutes

Wednesday October 9th, 2019 1900 COC

Committee Reports

Treasurer: TJ Tischer

Treasurer’s Report September 30, 2019

  • Checking & PayPal Accounts: $29,966.43
  • Cash Receipts: $0.00A
  • Cash Disbursements: ($561.95) B

Cash Receipts

  • None

Cash Disbursements:

  • Payment to Verizon ($50.08)
  • Reimbursement to Dennis for batteries ($200.90)
  • Reimbursement to Kevin for yellow webbing ($104.36)
  • Reimbursement to Tony for paint markers ($12.50)
  • Reimbursement to Tony for tables ($161.59)
  • Reimbursement to Tony for trailer keys ($32.52)


  • $500 check to county for COC still outstanding
  • Check #2311 to Tony for $120 reimbursement for markers and additional table has not been cashed yet
  • Transactions to be processed in October
    • Donation from Bill and Jackie Clark Memorial Foundation — $5,000


  1. 2019/9/12 – Idyllwild Mutual Aid – Report Posted
    1. Richard gave description
    2. Brian W brings up notifications
      1. Initial request didn’t necessarily specify tech, some confusion between Cal OES Type I and SD “RRT”
        1. In future, will have to check more on skills required when callout occurs
      2. Change was due to people arriving and discussing with CP what the CP actually needed (tech specialists)
      3. FYI Cal OES Type I specifies type 2 rope rescue skills which reflects our RRT 1
  2. 2019/9/16 – Atom Jorgensen – Report Posted
    1. Sukhyung gave description
  3. 2019/10/6 – Oceanside – Report Pending
    1. Richard gave description
  4. Two others didn’t last more than an hour
    1. Encinitas one – Grayson talked about


  1. Multi-SAR
    • Brian sent training plan
    • 26 new people going, 30 SDMRT
    • Weather looking good
    • Melissa came to front to talk
      • 3 people missed last Multi-SAR classroom training earlier this month
      • There will be water, but bring to Saturday night
  2. Tech-II
    • Rescheduling options were discussed
      • One was to schedule Tech 2 at same time as SAR Ops
        • Would need more support to run 2 trainings at same time, new folks would go to SAR Ops, other members could choose
          • This seems to work best, Jeff to work on it
          • Training credit would be given for either SAR Ops or Tech2
        • Will likely be more of a Tech2 lesson Saturday plan without the Sunday scenario being discussed
  3. New members
    • Melissa received handout from team in Portland, looks very useful for us to work over with our information
      • Mostly MRA teams on the west coast talking with Melissa
      • Working with other teams to improve process
  4. Training committee meeting
    • Ops manual will be scanned and OCR’d – in process
    • Will be uploaded when complete
    • Preliminary 2020 calendar developed
      • Jan – Hard Snow – may flip with search depending on snow levels
      • Feb – Search
      • March – Search Recert – Lake Hemet
      • Mtn. Climb bumped to July
      • Tracking training date adjusted in November
    • If you want to lead a training, speak now

Sherriff: Hugo/Eric H

  1. DSWs, don’t let them expire, start the process 6 months in advance
    1. Hugo to email out application to the team with process
  2. Sherriffs IDs, still doing updates but new cards not being sent out yet
    1. Still working on the new card system
  3. Eric – please use rescue response page when the notification comes out
    1. The system is individualized, bookmark this link and you can go to it as soon as a callout comes out

MRA: Monty/Kayley

Public Relations: Marshall

  1. UCSD Demo 10/16
    1. 4th year med students taking wilderness medical class
    2. Anyone welcome, see Lee
  2. Girl Scout Visit

Medical: Mark J

  1. Topic review tonight

Social Media: Kristin and Melissa

  1. 245 followers on Instagram

Tech: Jeff

  1. Working on website update with Microsoft


  1. Resignations:
    1. Brian Rao and Paul Cassidy
      1. ID return still in process
  2. LOAs:
    1. Justin – military deployment to Jan’20
    2. Mitch McKnight – to 5/7/2020
  3. New trainees
    1. Patch and hat access immediately, red shirt and rest of goods in January
  4. Medical certs
    1. Some members have certs expired
  5. Attendance
    1. Jeff and Kyle to reach out to those falling short or close to it

Old Business

  1. Old Slide Digitization
    1. Nick sent to digitization company – $900
  2. Training plans and slide shows stored for reference
    1. SDMRTarchive
    2. Repository of documents
    3. Waiting on more docs
  3. Kevin and Tony new gear
    1. Setting up team Petzl account on the professional side
      1. Tony to be contact? Initial PO will need to be placed
        1. Tony to create board estimate for vote
  4. Weld to be reorganized by Kevin

New Business

  1. Debit card for Chase account?
    1. TJ to work that out
  2. Radios- Richard
    1. Switching from current 800 system to next gen
      1. New channels and new radios coming
    2. * represents the new next gen channels
      1. If you can’t hear, check which radio/channel you’re set to
  3. Steve working on dialogue with helitac training with LA
  4. Kevin and Tony setting up new purchase for team gear
    1. Professional Petzl team account
      1. Tony leading, will get estimate from board
  5. New helmets
    1. $72 for new, bright red helmets, Petzl Vertex
    2. Vote for 3, one for each litter, Kevin motioned, Kyle seconded, unanimous
    3. Not to exceed $200
  6. Xmas party – December
    1. Adam’s graciously hosting
  7. Blue Card changes – Tony/Richard
    1. Will be sent out by email
    2. Some updates from last year missing
    3. Also updating some areas to be more clear
  8. Policy 105 – Tony
    1. Current policy language says if you start travel it becomes a full operation
    2. Cleaning it up so a member must arrive or it to be >1hr for it to count
    3. Attendance purposes not changing, if you are in transit it counts
  9. Sharon
    1. Trainees with blue card getting close, talk to Sharon (email)
  10. Richard
    1. Sheriff Gore has a new policy doc sent out to SAR groups and law enforcement
      1. Lists what local enforcement should do before notifying SAR teams
    2. Talking about responses
      1. State name, arrival time, and search responding to
      2. Goes over Eric’s response system
        1. Can always update in the future
        2. Really helps with search management planning

Adjourned: 2045