Team Meeting | Sep-2016

Dennis Peck called the meeting to order at 6:06pm

Treasurers Report

(Lori Rigsbee)

August 2016

Checking account



Cash receipts



Cash disbursements





Vanguard MMA


Pager funds included above


Net Team Cash


Cash receipts





Cash disbursements

Tech gear – 4 Petzl IDs


Recruiting posters


PO Box rent






#13. August 15th call out in Encinitas for lost senior, was found along the free way after 2 hours.

#14. August 27th call out in Santee for an 81 year old male with dementia. He was found in a 711 after 1 hour and 2 min.


(Richard Yocum)

Desert was very hot and successful.

Tech 2 in this weekend in Joshua Tree with Adam Kimmerly as training leader. He has sent out information to the Lister.

Multi-SAR is October.

Sheriff and SDMRT finished their tech training and 3 of our members, John Hatala, Richard Yocum and Dennis Peck are now Tech 1 certified. Yay! We now have 3 ways to become tech 1 certified. You can take all three of our tech field trainings (personal rock, tech1 and tech 2) then take the sheriff test. You can do the sheriffs course, or you can do both together.

Tony – Anyone who is going to retest/ re-certify should meet and go over some of the changes of the past few years. Richard said he would help organize.

MRA – Kayley Bell – None.

There will be a SAR conference in Ukiah from November 14th-18th. Mark Kenny is going and looking for others who want to carpool.


Sharon Fields and Patrick Mackey are now off of there LOA. Welcome back!

50th anniversary has a tentative date of April 23rd 2017.

The team has a personal locator beacon for use if someone has to go scout by themselves. It has been re-registered and is read for use when needed. If you do ever use it and have to activate the beacon you should stay in one spot and not wander around.

The teams MOU is being revised with the Sheriff. Dennis is meeting with them on 9/16/16.


(Erin Rist) Interviews will be at Loris house starting Monday 9/19 and will go through Wednesday 9/21. Interviews start at 6:30pm and will go fast. If you have singed up please arrive by 6pm and bring food or drinks to share before starting. Some people bring computers to use and copies of the applications will be handed out. (there might not be enough for everyone, we can share if needed).

Congratulations to Sean and Nazli on their wedding!!! WOOOO!!!

Team elections are coming up and there will be a lot of openings.

A motion was made to approve all of the changes and corrections to the team policies by Mark Kenny and was seconded by Richard Yocum. The motion passed unanimously with 17 voting members. Boom!

John Wehbring – he told the team that he has a fracture in his C6 vertebra and wont be able to do a lot of physical activity for a few months, He has 4 canopies, tracking sticks and some other equipment he is giving away at his house. If you would like to pick any thing up please contact John. you will need to get it from his house.

Tony- Our team pop ups need some fixing and/or replacing.

Adam Kimmerly – Ming Chaung is going to organize the rondayvu at the team trailer Friday evening. There is a park entrance fee, if you have a national parks pass please bring it, if you have one and are not going see if you can lend it to someone who is.

Sheriff liaison (Hugo Bermudez) there is going to be a HAM radio class December 3rd, the first Saturday of the month, in our normal meeting room. you can take the free class or self study and then come for the test. There is a 7$ fee to take the test. Hugo will send an email out to the Lister with details in a few weeks. It will be the same instructor as last year who has a high pass rate. There are apps that can help you pretest and study.

At a recent overnight training there was trouble obtaining a signal, MC5 now has per-downloaded maps and a 4G repeater on board.

Media showed up to a call out and wanted to get the members to pose for a picture and we want to reiterate that we do not pose for or make contact with the media. All media communications should be handled by the sheriffs people.

When arriving at a call out you need to show up in full uniform, no t-shirts or flip flops. If you show up not in full uniform you will be asked to do security for MC5 and wont be put in the field.

Meeting adjourned at 6:40pm

Quick recap of the recruitment meeting – We had just under 40 people show up to the meeting.

Dennis opened the meeting and we had Tony Rolfe, Grayson Hough ,Lee Tomatsu, and Marshall Masser present. Then, Erin Rist took questions and gave information for the next phases of the recruitment process. Everyone did a great job! Thank you to Erin Rist for doing a great job organizing and putting on the meeting. Oh the places we’ll go.