Team Meeting – September 2018

SDMRT Team Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Wednesday, 12 September 2018, 1830 at County Operations Center

Treasurer’s Report – TJ
Aug 2018 reports

8/31/2018 total equity $30,772

$5,000 donation from Clark Family Foundation

Cash disbursements in Aug

$77 for Verizon

Operations Committee – Tony
No updates.

Operations – Will P
Operations –

  • None

Non-Operations –

  • None

If you have questions about SDMRT not getting called out, don’t contact Fred Duey directly; instead, ask a Board member.

Training Committee – Hugo

Training Committee met 8/8/18, next meetings 9/26 and 11/14, at 1800

Desert field training (John Hatala) – Debrief

  • Successful training. 109degree high.
  • Lessons learned:
    • More movement than previous years, pushed members near their limit.
    • Communication exercises successful. Radios, relays, mirrors.

Upcoming Search Field training 9/14-16/18 Palomar Mountain

  • There will be no rendevous before driving up!
  • See email from Sharon.
  • Sharon will distribute parking passes once we arrive.

Help wanted Tracking field training 11/16-18/18 (Greg Gates)

  • Seeking co-leaders, track layers, etc.

Optional tech rope rescue course for RRT-I & RRT-II – Debrief

  • 14 SDMRT between RRT 1 & 2.
  • Testing is on going through september.

Optional SAREX El Dorado County, 9/7-9/18 – Debrief

  • Worthwhile trip. 2.5days.
  • Members who attended hope to intigrate information into SDMRT training.
  • Seminars
    • Search managment
    • Chris Young lecture on witness interview. Co-wrote book with John Wehbring.
    • Tech rescue
    • Breifing / debriefing field teams
    • Tracking (2.5 day course)
    • Presentation by CalOES’s new chief Mark Baldwin (previously the Kern County SAR coordinator).
    • Mutual aid statistics.
    • Dealing with the abundance of SPOT/PLB activations.
    • Push for more data collection (like the MRA’s database, but from the counties).
    • Live helicopter use in presentations.

Optional 9/24/18 Monday SDSAR team business meeting followed by presentation “Managing an Unplanned Encounter of a Suicidal Subject” by Dave Hendron

Optional SDSAR ham radio license training, 11/3/18, Sat, 0815-1915, Vista United Methodist Church

  • Contact Bill Wagner from SDSDSAR

Optional CAL-OES course on search management, 11/5-9/18, location Yosemite

  • Recommend only Rescue Members (not trainee members) apply
  • Prefer SDMRT applicants have ≥ 3 years of regular attendance & experience (the course more meaningful with this background experience)
  • Should be members in good standing, not on LOA or probation
  • Applications must be approved by local Sheriff SAR Coordinator, so prudent to confer with Sgt. Fred Duey in advance of making application
  • Note: Completion of a Cal-OES Direction & Control course does not automatically confer Operation Leader (MRT4) status for SDMRT members

2019 Training calendar approved. Finalized calendar will be emailed to team.

  • Includes a number of alternate weekends for snow trainings.

Personnel – Richard
Resignations: None

LOAs: Suhkyung Shin 4/26 through 10/25/18, Eitan Zur 7/10 through 10/1/18

MRA Liaison – Kayley/Monty

No Update.

Sheriff Liaison – Hugo

No Update.

Medical – Patrick Carey

No Update.

Equipment – Grayson Hough
No Update.

Old Business

New Member Recruitment

  • Tonight’s meeting

Upcoming SDMRT Board elections

  • Nominating Committee:
    • Head: Tony Rolfe
  • Please consider running for office. President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer & three member at large positions.
    • New members welcome.

Make-A-Wish San Diego Trailblaze Challenge, May-June 2019

  • 28-mile 1-day hike along PCT in Big Bear, CA; hikers train and fundraise for
  • Looking for volunteer hike leaders to help our training hikes and be available to help both hike weekends (May 17-19, 2019 and May 31-June 2, 2019)
  • Must be experienced hikers/endurance athletes with knowledge of local trails, who understand equipment and safety, the importance of hydration and preparation for long hikes, and can motivate and effectively lead hikers ranging in experience, including novice hikers. Highly important is the ability to organize group trainings so everyone is supported and feels like a member of the team. WFR, CPR, other certifications a plus.

1. Lead at least half of the group training hikes beginning February 9 through hike Weekends 1 and 2 : • February 9, 16, & 23 • March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 • April 6, 13, 20, 27 • May 4, 11, 25 • May 18 & June 1– TRAILBLAZE CHALLENGE HIKE DAY

2. Help in the planning of group and meetup hike locations and mileage.

3. Attend both hike weekends (May 18-19 and May 31-June 2) in Big Bear to support hikers on the trail and at aid stations and to act as sweepers throughout.

  • Contact: Amy Weiss, Development Coordinator, Make-A-Wish® San Diego, 2440 Hotel Circle N., Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92108; aweiss, 858-707-9474 ext.107, Direct: 619.279.5207

New Business

New process for Sheriff ID card renewals

  • Current cards are outdated and easily hacked
  • New cards are planned but not available for 6-12 months
  • If your card is expiring, email images front & back of ID card to Fred Duey, and he will update the card in the system; you will not be provided a new card at this time
  • We will be notified when new cards become available

Wed 10/10/18: 0800-1200 SDMRT’s 2nd demo presentation to UCSD wilderness med students (Lee), and at 1900 UCSD will talk on wilderness trauma before the SDMRT team meeting

  • Volunteers needed, contact Lee Tomatsu

Info table at Santee Historical Society’s Annual Fire & Safety Fair, Sat, 9/15/18, 1000-1400

  • Volunteers needed. Contact Richard or Marshall.

GRIMP North America, 3/28-30/2019, USS Iowa, Los Angeles

  • Competitive tech rescue / rope access.
  • Applications closed, no SDMRT participation.
  • Interest in attending to watch.

500 triplicate Team Assignment forms ordered, based on BASARC SAR104 form

Adjourned 1853.